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Gold: The King of Currencies

safe deposit safe target junque support junk demonstration safe discount stores maker sold cheaper safes bought designed safes gold safes safe gold safes wudda thunk gold safes wudda thunk irsquove avoid maple leafs trader bullion dealer easily scratched damages gold reduces coinrsquos value crazy shtf environment nitpicking scratched bullion nah cares scratches numismatic value em tubes tubes sell value quality slander reaching lows slander pvc flips protected remove testing maples gold whereas eagles gold copper content harder durable troy ounce gold coin coin flips cheap protection honest supplies dealer pure gold soft maple leafs softer gold rounds gold bar stack silver scratched hardly movement scratch gold bullion coins eagle sa kruggerand mix gold silver copper ounce gold pure gold maple leaf krugs slightly larger diameter allowing metal content pure gold versus eagles discriminating buyers prefer maplewe nine gold vs philharmonics popular leafs outside uscanada gold dollar definition aggregate playing thedollar trade specs serviced margin gonnaget cash marginal player dip gold stash remains commodities cave mindset century serviced defaulted admitted trolls worthless crying jewlery tptb tools pm value sending household metal detector welfare money unemployed projects counting animals dead mass die mapping buried lumps metal metal detectors gps safe deposit nope banks bank reporting lock outs confiscation safe decoy tile kitchen floor gold bars paint neutral starter kits splashes caveman sell todays bada boom veal typical kg gold bar cm kilobars tile meter kitchen floor presently kilobar euros million euros meter compact kitchen meters million euros tile kitchen kilobars weigh kilos metric tonnes youll floor gold bars thinner sensible gram bars fifth thickness kilobars cost million tile kitchen barefoot heels bend deform whyd ruin practical remodel pm safe safes fairly nevertheless hidden stick pms junk jewelery camera safe hidden stash whenif break threaten harm break tearfully safe scene remembering combo wail piteously haul treasure hope kill safe deposit contains location combo safe whoever estate bulk goodies concept truecrypts hidden container feature save money deposit guns simon gold countries safes cameras condos castle cater exceedingly smart millionaires dumb disperse gold jurisdictions zones dimensions guns crappy broken sks rifles russian mosin nagant twenty glass display gun cabinet opened claymore filled broken glass iguana feces iocane powder wired hinges fake safe opened spray shred robbers leaving safe presuming cohesive society police gives jail booby trapping law robbers courts grubby settle suit advice dad raise golden complained chance forgot taxed government hidden government easiest gold rob mubaraks london ben alis jeddah camel brigade cairo ride jeddah mubarak jet london spare key tony blair option visited mubarak cairo recommend websites bullion answered relating prefer silver gold leftys pawn shop 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counterfeits toostick items easily recognizable


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