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Guest Post: The Road to Madness Is Paved With $100 Bills

discontinue grover clevelands higher bill coins larry kudlow blames foodriots sonofabitch kudlow allies whodathunkit beware misinformation ministers working enemysometimes truth lull complacency kudlow blows latest fad blow pudblow swinging dicks carried grovers doubt carrying kruggers cash cash track transaction charge fee transaction cashless society oppressive bernanke lee harvey bernanke ps throw easier math problems demand linear lalgebra forgot aapl fans purchasing smartphones itso amazing danger fears cashless society overblown middling bureaucrats glorious leaders sell nefarious reasons transaction recorded chip embedded neck ah convenience verichip support central bank endgame zimbabwe albert infinate universe mans stupidity prepare accordingly bout bank troubles walked asking kwhat joke nervous collapse economic following latest gt discontinue grover clevelands higher bill dig nominate modern presidents pushed relentlessly third statusnixon gold reagan busting unions 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worth considering contributing factor rising billion planet swaths crops russia australia wiped weather jimmy rogers supply demand yea coincidence coincides directly monetization trillions dollars ironic ben printing worlds finest cottongrown egypt paradigm poor bastards starve death damn selfish billion supposedly carrying capacity planet billion pushing billion myth overpopulation ruled hell served heavenis tat bens fattest fattest nation toempathizewith statement human calories distributed starves till hope buffets radius thrive mygluttony peace westside holla wasa section posted zh mentioned se asian burma laos considered saudi arabia agriculture region selfsufficient concernsgo experiencing inflation supply dilemma extent genocide ben voluntarily exporting inflation credit consequences influenced riots tunesia egypt intended consequences ben cog intellectually diabolical concentrate global wealth select players obama chosen working kill plays average joe figuring acceptable spark revolt isolated areas middle france risk china andor personally pulling strings playedit staging unannounced inflationdeflation cycles genocide bens card cracks global inflation starting widen ben driving speed kill plays average joe figuring average joe damn average german germany win russia britain colonys average joe german negative nazis incarcerated damn lived experience human nature cultures instinct survive recieving gov business average joe plug asea theaverage joe figures math sink willeither swim die breaking decline cost pervasive risk aggressively government becuase government provide satisfy masses en mass admittedly complacent germany reached weimar republic hitler savior provided illusion stronger germany install ruthlesspolice fokkers ss shoot population conventional recognized germany wayward african nation genocidal regime plenty examples rise occasion overthrow corrupt overlords decade germany youll plently pinochet hi leaders pulling hopeychangey filling illusions recovery complacency fear natives restless leaders complacent joe sixpack fear armed lose controlling gangs peaceful alone unstable futures mutha fukas climbin sum bitch fuck party fraud party fraud party impose tax marginal net worth acquire serving congress tax reduce childrenwhatever talkin bout dis printin besides money upped congress walks held reguard crazy national tv talkin program expose toss softballs dismount crazy crazy fox bought chit tarp greenscum mastubated woodies makin chit sir knee insanity dip fuck points dow futures mutha fuka baby roof roof roof mutha fuka burn burn mutha fuka burn curious developed countries depression dip continued depression conventional wisdom rates engaged monetary policy inappropriate opposed monetary policies developed countries continued currencies devalue disagree evidence reasoningfor outcomes countries depression legdown writes wages terribly downwards adjustments disequilibriums tend painful system flexible currencybecause aversion losses aversion missing potential gain adjust faster equilibrium reached sooner facing percent wage facing inflation adjusted wage decrease nominal wages rising staying stagnant falling slowly adjustment deflationary money environment argue fairness pie distributed suffer economy adjust realities tend zero hedge ben insane diabolical tough choices hyperbole reality accept expected easier cuts consumption income inflation hedonicadjusted nominal income rising staying peculiar nature behavioral finance insane forgivable diabolical treason motherfucker burn irrationalities tendency mental accounting path pain easiest majority suppose devious keynes admitted million detect tds explanation length toot countries comeout depression leg continued depression developed countries argue money insane argument developed nations blown dip government fiscal accelerator governments borrow infinity acknowledge reality limits famous quote fdrs treasury secretary admitting stimulus hadnt accounted hill beansthey unemployment decade fdr schemed americans forced save rationed pent demand accumulated savings blown smithereens setting bull defense


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