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Follow Egypt’s Big Day As Millions Take To The Streets

whatchya national security trade lingo soft target hit outcry retaliation remaking image popular bonnie clyde reminds natural born killers celebrities worldwide variable rate loans blew mortages straw donkey huts cognitive dissonance terrorists freedom fighters precedent yassar arafat menachem advance warning plenty prepared camel travels mph hope muzzies win rumors mubarak fleed bahrain confirmed rumorsover twitter hemight egypt saudi arabia pointits pure speculation egyptian overthrow criminal corrupt illegitimate government msm tens thousands hate zh msm reasonable eminently reasonable reminder uncompromising future theirs revolution necessity insurrection profound possibility uprising egypt profound civil resistance represents unthinkable symbol hope region dictated oppression egypt courage collective heroism challenged myth temptation leads revolution analysts hypothesize egyptrsquos future context president hosni mubarakrsquos eventual death spoken shouted ldquowe dictated tyranny forcerdquo proven numbers ordinary peoplecanbe active agents born hopelessly programmed egyptian government stopped representing interests society crumbled spirit sacrifice community ndash egyptians march tahrir cairo presidential palace ndash witness moment truth ndash reversal greatest weapon unstoppable rhythm revolutionary spirit choice chaos choice repression justice choose dignity choose ultimate dissatisfaction scandal corruption restrained egypt marches march brothers sisters demands chosen destinies await statement egyptian protster tahrir liberation posted fyi muslim brotherhood official english website facebook twitter account ikhwanwebtube muslim brotherhood ikhwan muslim brotherhood social networking govt lost crony govt outpost rape economy parasites propped middle fascist hit backyard usa hillary dust egyptian speech millions yanks blood dems gop cling ponzi schemes window dressed democratic govt teatards mandate election cycle patriots demanded tax cuts mission acomplished dust soviet break scorpion contemporary pop artist remake egyptian footage van halens settled march april fools april bullshit collection explains dxy slammed dirt worthless hunters tyler et al source updates egypt middle friday lunch club blog lol headline reads bolton mubaraks downfall wed bomb iran job literally mess stache fuck fucks hairdo biggest blowhard bonkers bolton wish iran attaacked israel deal rockets fired lebanon radiation bombs explodedright smack middle downtown tel aviv troops iraq supply lines kuwait iranian irregular units shiite militias iraq shiite policeand soldiers iraq weapons troops shiite miltias troops bogges surroundednot facing shahab missiles hitting bases iraq bolton insane neocons troops iraq afghanistan horrendous casulties battle mogadishu watergun fight mubarak tries dignity servant nassar funeral procession cairo october attended million mourners wikipedia mistakes decade office oppression stalin mao loved photod kids bout fatherly 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france alright shoot shoot poor mubaraks lifetime runnin outta tonight tonight party france dontcha wanna dontcha wanna die wanna die kill revised version dr sandi lyrics property copyright owners lyrics provided educational purposes bernanke runway tippin drunken sailor blankfein swirls stripper pole dontcha wish tbft dontcha wish tbft dontcha minutes lyrics hereby proclaimed domain owner egypt boss boss yahoos fake headlines quarter million egyptians party marc faber austerity riots uk till college bubble breaks depression strave worse egypt atom hell unleashed streets silver gold soup bowl younger generation rd bernanke march fedwallstreet wasting jon stweart glenn beck al sharpton sarah palin hits fan police national guard refuse doubts hire blackwater paid cash murder citizens police foreign troops soil firing god troops bush foreign paid mercenary task blood wild western nation britian troops middle served multiple tours unlike engagements alex jones film liked discussed length criminals deploy alaska guard florida florida guard michigan michigan california tienamen sq troops inner mongolia police families protect contractor xe provided dollar value shh cramer giving advice apache muslim brotherhood masonic creation london allied hitler cia google banna nazi jihads nazi connections hell link original mannix tv script speculative fiction season computers mannix reader amazingly reader helps tuned bullshit detector helps spend rewarding commentary egyptian protests courtesy israeli presstv iranian israeli presstv opposes ethnic cleansing semitic palestinian arabs homeland imperialist ashkenazi interlopers poland russia mussolini hung upside mumumubarbarbarak appears specific parts anatomy despoiled usa hitting prescription drug useantianxiety rxdepression rx adhd rxantipyschotic rxand narcotic rxsallbeing prescribed freely asks nation stressed controlling meds conservatives nature reject fix drugswonder whatthe liberal socialists design contributed voting office socialists doped upin overmedicated societywe react reality doping rd access drugs riot screwed citizens stupor riots agent provacateurs doubt mubarak pretext clampdown holy avgidor lieberman ariel sharon michael bloomberg driving cairo datsun pickup truck yelling hosni sharon seat chocking slobber bump hosni sept loot oversee installation ofanother controlledpuppet govt elbaradei muslim brotherhood rally surprise lackeys slogan friday afternoon palace uh methinks uncle sam begging muslim brotherhood knees unlike obstinate fucking peeps solidarity threads kinds government workers fixes fuck taxes imf roads isreal imf pulling stops mobarak cronies knowing influence lost isreal doomed sums imf obummer cia mossad batting team options arabs peace borders israelis peace everyones sympathies freedom seeking egyptian forces deny tyler auto gun rifle semi auto aparrently army shooting break fight pro policemubarak protestors uh smell coup influence regime influence egyptian regimei quarters desired outcome jew supremacist michael weiner sausage savage send aircraft carrier nd airborne divisionsto secure entrances suez canal radio tonight micheal savage anti islam embodies neo conservitism natinalistic militarism critizied ron paul occasions islam fight em mideast loves micheele bachman worships israel flag fuck savagebeckhannityoreilly folk statist constituion conservatives distraction designed manipulate influence critical skills unplug matrix cui bono benefits conduct regard foreign nations extending commercial relations connection possibleeurope primary interests remote relation engaged frequent controversies causes essentially foreign concerns unwise implicate ourselves artificial ties ordinary vicissitudes politics ordinary combinations collisions friendships enmities george washingtons fairwell address return interventionist foreign policy msnbcs chuck todd cat bagunknowingly protests bob gates defense regular meeting egypts defense minister ongates meets wdefense reps dictorships tru middle regular basis pointand checkhow tanks bullets dictatorprez ignorance isolation power reserves saddles poor confiscate income foster ambitions prop geographical entity brackish advanced weapons crooked companies election tills andor lucrative consulting service hello timean unschedulednationally televised presidential speech pm local delayed instance barrys guessed avoid shock closed oil financial markets wonderingand forward openings indications revised perceptions oil price futures announced ob toaddress nationafter working cuban missile crisis jfk tube un scheduledat pm est russian nuclear issue miles miami soold hearing radio driving tahoe ski destination channel negotiation manipulation beenso widespread wings imagine asset transfers payoffs hose arrange crony ministers havesupported benefitted corruptions shortly highly paid appointments bodies uncooperatives buried older wiser franzpick aware curtain machinations imagine asset transfers payoffs hose arrange crony ministers havesupported benefitted corruptions shortly highly paid appointments bodies uncooperatives buried franz hose mes trading barns summary zionist neocons response egypt blow egypt hamas hizbullah islamic jihad opportunity wasted tyler mubarak sight readers exchange traded fund designed track egypt business drawing money egyptian stock remains closed amid antigovernment protests obama troops fwiw file future reference internet egypt google twitter egyptians tweet phones dan lyons reports hackers delivering software laptops cost internet routersmdashand protesters organize government egypt shut countryrsquos access internet hackers banding craft workaround claims delivering partial solution initiative mesh project shervin pishevar internet entrepreneur palo alto california posted message twitter shipping software egypt regular laptops cost internet routers forming whatrsquos ldquomesh networkrdquo computer route messages engineers spreading kicking mesh 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