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“The 18 Year Cycle” – S&P Adjusted For Business Revenues Means The 666 Lows Are Just The First Stop

effin dip nop followed sideways movement stock goverment levels downward movement print stock bottom yknow pricks numerology pizza pieces twice pizza yer talkin yogi berra prefer pieces amero birth greenspans pausons bernanks boot somebody print money cheesy cnbs futures service future dow fridays dow loss edit pm et gold luck gold trading tokyo australia gold pricing weekend middle friday kitcocom hgoldcom gold pm est zeitgeist cheesy cnbs futures service future dow fridays dow loss glance fridays correction pms percieve deflationary signal skyrocket futures fridays futures glad harry corrected cnbs forex zone pacific sydney opens bigger volumes p asia joining crash chart link permabulls correction egypt arab quasi allytrading partner israel mess egypt importance investors ton boiled frogs sell usually knife affairs resolution sight countries join worse uglyjust individual investor beginning tiptoe equities onarga australia benner cycle relevant tyler graph lost dollar em yuck yuck quote jack lalanne tastes spit weekend version financial jack lalanne money die lalanne ruin image hendrix share ultimate belief precious metals disdain dollar medium future dollar reign fiats cash outperform risk personally gold sell priced dollars towards dollar generational scales families memories poverty money vertical dot bombrevenues don steenkin revenues butbut charting trackassumethe financials someday evidence confirming mayan doomsday schedule forward sean corrigan possiblethe masses worst inflation foregone conclusionwhen piled money yepi sentiment erie unpredictable unanticipated sentiment extremes regular occurence predicting specific catalyst reversal advance lines fourth turning fascinating sorta french ours french invent guillotine sunny tru dat captain yellowstone supervolcano active lol ultimate swan bens fing dip ben loved spending davos enjoyed treehouse printer switzerland hoped fixed iprinter app wanted print money wherever stroll telephone rang timmah timmah 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support latter davidc es leage resistance es retrace november es retrace september lines retrace november walmart goog msft et al insider billionaire assets maggots suck value company dip q september dec third sept dec below crisis unfolding slower amplitude gives feeling dip recovery sampp labdien paldies nav par ko jsk sint visa gada garum ar mazu kuprti uz augscaronu maij jnij cycle cycle cycle cycle looked chart astounding cycle picked random chance hitting following bottom belief fat fingers calc brmsp ratio eyeball basis chart awful dowgold ratio chart cycle compare dax gold translation commodity bulls cited cycle gsci dive cycles workless trading imo price breakouts breakdowns markets cycle voodoo followed strategy lucky poor majority chart breakouts breakdowns fail cosmic joke sign beasthow appropriate devil details woke triggered suspect testing cthulu strauss howe phases human generation experiences timesboomers experience cycle phase born spring adults awakening summer midlife adults unraveling crisis winter propose fractal intense phases cycle periodicity occurring average human indicative ofmini seasons sorts larger strauss howe depression rapidly dwindling numbers purging collective memory ldquocrisisrdquo baby boomers flooding retirement crisis phase larger saecular cycle extrapolate fractal orientation largerdegree saeculums fourth saecular cycle wave colonial settlers bottom cycles phases human waves nature amplitude severity displacement increases phase alignment presents possibility serious challenge nation aligns predicative theories elliott wave kondratieff funded education ingrained masses stock crashed bounce bottom ride commodity bub fireworks sept crappy historical chart chart random lines credence reasons cycle resistance downtrend drawn random decending channel drawn cycle nd descending channel cycle nonsense elliott wave fellow elliott fan welcome spare charts useless yer worms catch twice reconcile manipulation liquidity pumping comparing apples apples levels inflation naturally raise values equities purchasing power goldsampp ratio rational determine equities heading interested gold parity dow reality thinks qe bullet feds chamber bernanke claiming comfortable balance sheet bias bought vxx calls closed friday grown paranoid fedand cronies kick save monday feels dubai ii bigger horizon ot bought vxx jan calls cent avg friday minutes sold cents learnthey closed brothers believers lord eternity burning fires hell palin believer invented sky coffee breaks heads ps palin puppet cabal sotu tongues serious td nicer tothe doomster unhappy position asking tolerate fundie bear dude welcome zero hedge ridiculous obviously lyingloser confused god loves forgives sins cash church repent hell judging chart cash collect globe trotting golf ezy investing lark innit ps chart zh yr cycle mucho informo sunken chart bears serious crash repeat ltcm fiasco crash conditions global trash equities scupper inflation torpedo global economy paul volcker oil arabs tightening reserve requirements barnanke stave civil disorder hearltland headlines policy headlines counts frazier frazier frazier practice equities magically levitated thud math feds improved software math extinct math charts harrydudeyou history depression japan crashes rebounds drawn declines lows sampp adjusted business revenues huh hope youll provide detail sampp intrigued power sampp below max print stock ponzi ponzi ponzi oink oink oink topic derogatory slang retail investor retail investor pointlol hoping momo moniker choice richard russel dean newsletter writers epic battle inflation versus deflation inflate die p bread bucks loaf avoid japans fate savings harmonious ve goldflex armor myshirt hell summer wear richard russel dean newsletter writers epic battle inflation versus deflation inflate die p bread bucks loaf ill bite bait trolling richard russell lower sampp sampp prior shoulder knees toesknees toes


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