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Interactive Map Of Egypt Riots

predicted containment suggestion egypt history wanted suppose twice doubt pity extremely looters attacked museums clicking nyt thatis link latest updates stayed hotel wo ac lost money damn casinohad hit cousin loan correctlydamn hope paid te send email remembers hide piker compounded figger owe goldmanillion email egypt americans awhile compared camden detroit louis baltimore israel americans awhile crisis egypt distraction elsewhere implying highlight points hope realizes pointed central bank brances burning egyptians central banks americans twiddle content noticed reporting dropped english covering crises worry hardcore gold bugs leading contingent torch bearers nearest tbtf banks fashioned community bonfire chumbawamba burning banks benefit corrupt egyptian compliant trail disappears smoke somewhat evidence financial scandals nation obliterated demolished buildings cnn link bernank turbo tax timmy william banzai touch sociopath characterized deficit social emotions guilt shame remorse university tennessee knoxville sociopath lacks moral responsibility social conscience sociopaths scheme manipulate regard consequences inflicting harm hearted sociopath reacts victims illustrates lack moral compass detachment human beings difficulty moderately challenginginstructions observe assess interactions sociopaths actions calculated manipulate behaviors include scams fraud deception include emotions appeal victims emotions reference indications individual pursues expense austin peay university sociopaths revolves meeting regards reference verify stories provided suspected sociopath sociopaths typically concoct elaborate backgrounds inflate worth experience lie convince lack expression guilt remorse wrongful actions towards lack emotion failure express remorse typically signals sociopathic tendencies sociopaths convicted violent crimes typically expressionless exhibit exterior assess individual mental capability actions sociopaths typically actions socially unacceptable mentally challenged individuals lack cognitive abilities actions arrange psychological testing determine stability individual exhibit sociopathic traits teens stealing violating laws signal onset sociopathic personalities psychological testing rules psychological issues traits sociopath ehowcom profile george soros damn descibes government ex wife drumbeat anarchy cairo museum looted elbaradei member international crisis egypt egypts future bill melinda gates ford foundation george soros fighting streets morals worship gone spurred judgment shotgun sings ill tip hat constitution bow revolution smile grin guitar ill knees pray fooled fooled liberated history changed banners flown ill tip hat constitution bow revolution smile grin guitar ill knees pray fooled fooled ill aside alive ill papers smile sky hypnotized lie slogans replaced bye parting parting beards grown overnight ill tip hat constitution bow revolution smile grin guitar ill knees pray fooled fooled yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah boss boss fooled revolution americanized oops chumbawamba rent bulldozer forklift reuters feed pm egypt witnesses reuters protesters egyptian tax authority building central cairo priorities central bank elections held outsiders transitional governments democracy burn puppets democracy radical islam bank democracy israel radical zionisn bank sociopaths ruin rotate image degrees cairo paris hearing egypt canadian media til thursday assume outlets emails phone calls muslims wondering revolutions televised whitey beside kuwait born syria syria flicking internet killswitch showed zerohedge traditional media obsolete circling drain turned journalism favour pro government propaganda paid advertising turns mouth breathing welfare peasants tv economic model permanently destroyed advertise audience welfare bums incarcerated petty criminals internet media media jon stewart death videodrome flesh internet media media kill switch sellin sds thinkin charlies hookers blow fight corruption hooker breath egypt succeeds spread middle oil shoot price correlation cameras dnc riots chicago cameras chicago hmm ned areas glass askingso tired polishing neutron thingies media joke al jazeera coverage events egypt cnn effort ignore initially internet tv print media outlets irrelevant thx god zh geographic securitization paramount towards necessary isolation required survive apocalypse safety numbers willbecome lessimportant required earliest homo sapiens societies documented validatedby paleontological archeological findings conclusions global collapse establish working relationships minded individuals groups mutual sufficiency nurtured maintained developments egypt remarkable threads police presence withdrawn prisons overwhelmed jail doors opened allowing criminals jailed muslim brotherhood activists escape loot seed mayhem former plot advantage opportunity latter sympathetic protesters matters involves mubarak thrown pakistan musharef islamist ala iran tenuous peace freeze israel occurs mideast powderkeg appears fuse lit


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