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Guest Post: The CIA On Egypt’s Economy, Financial Deregulation And Protest

ongoing demonstrations egypt mass deterioration economic conditions financial deregulation ideology media focused asmark engler postedon alternet dissent notion protests cairo spontaneous uprisings misses eloquently wrote extraordinary moments demonstrations mass character dreamed uprising rush streets protests typically built organizing preparation social movements building egypt mubaraks president specifically decade particular leading economic crisis catalyzed banking system extreme financial deregulation increased influx foreign banks capital investment tends euphemism speculation belies international funds prospects costs local population thecias depiction egypts economy cairo aggressively pursued economic reforms attract foreign investment facilitate gdp growth despite relatively levels economic growth conditions average egyptian poor unemployment egypt hovering below similarly grossly underestimates underemployment quality employment prospects employment growing youth population dismal job future below poverty compared growing population controls household income compared figures accelerating undermine financial security majority population decade egypt decided transform financial system increase appeal magnet foreign investment notably banks estate speculators egypt reduced bureaucracy regulations foreign property investment decree international luxury property firms depicted amecca tax haven variety property speculationa offering capital gains taxes estate transactions stamp duty inheritance tax egypts devastating economic transformation centered decision aggressively sell national banks foreign financial policy banks stoking global sub prime forms leverage oriented crisis opened estate foreign investment equity speculation deregulation countrys banks spurring international bank takeovers bank openings international banks plowing egyptians fees citigroup launched thefirst cards reward program followed banks inexecutive magazine touted competitive bidding acquistion rebranding egyptian banks foreign banks growth foreign mampa biggest bank deal sale largest banks bank alexandria italian bank gruppo sanpaolo imi larger deal acquisition greeks piraeus bank egyptian commercial bank deals blessed central bank egypt ministry investment unleashed sale egypts banking system highest international bidders pace foreign bank influx overs modernize egypts banking system inevitably money poured egypt pieces egypt companies continued purchased foreign conglomerates trickling global financial crisis brewed goldman sachs strategic investments limited ukbought million chunkof palm hills development sae estate developer march shortcomings relinquishes financial system populations pursuit deals fallout citizens protesting streets greece england tunisia egypt anywhere revolting national basis individual leaderships shafted bond revolting besotted benefiting deal makers expense ordinary egypts population grown economy failures mubaraks regime middle sinking prosperity gdp capita ratio numerator declines denominator grows smaller inflation push looting rioting threshold phenomenon stretch imagination external factors french revolution bolsheviks vs mensheviks russia endless riots ancient greece rome judea population grows outpaces gdp crazy die gdp capita ratio yup unlike countries egyptians facility print endless ious giant negative trade balance meal idol suicides egypt parameters compare contrast quality egypt versus usa ratio charlie sheens suez canals metric costs dredge defending policies felt finger pointing inflationary policies rants individuals egyptian revolution usas fault supporting mubarak perspective countries supporting population core middle religious fundamentalism encourages unsustainable population growth depressingly shoot ex leaders irrelevant outcome sqaulid basement uk blair god routine iraq blair blows jesus politician thingw palinquayle dumber fatter jesus amerika dumber fatter jesus amerika slogan potatoe pot caribou hunting licenses playing data supports compare egypts population growth rate uk israel egypts population growing rate unsustainable compare seemingly growing gdp required support population gdp oof uk israel parameter volatility index egypt egypt fluoridate pilot commenced alexandria gdp capita ratio determining civil disobedience wrongly assumes wealth evenly spread population sectors disproportionately deal makers suggests population factor determining driver social unrest inequity ps junk imply factor inequality matters matters egypt gdp capita ratio puts citizens closer poverty reached poor stamps homes subprime lending french revolution inequality peasants revolt versailles revolted desperately poor feed ultimately resentment french revolt french feed comfortably theyd happily versailles cares louis palace harbor resentment clip todays spiegel frankly terms population growing economy usa denninger deconstructed spun reallybad negative growth built army increased defense numbers varieties spectacularly patriot acts renewed incessantly rid posse comitatus troops iraq afghanistan unlikely unemployed speaking bolsheviks hope dzerzhinsky cmon europe louder wake ice truckers kill banks dead bernanke weekend bernies pun distressing tweets suez gov troops shutting electricity hospitals injured streets troops besieged relation protests egypt documentary released speaks problems socioeconomic monetary paradigm governs society teaser highly reccomend zerohedge followers documentary religion nwo marxism propaganda attached zeitgeist moving forward official release lengthy intro human nature max keiser dr john mcmurtyr exposing global ponzi derivative scheme discussing cyclical consumption currently driving markets goldman sachs hft inflation unemployment crysis byworkoutsourcing provoking topics unknown aim film raise awareness solution introducing radically concept resource economy authors predict protests currently egypt dream ticket fix chris whalennomi prins regan embalmed reversible fan nomi democracy infamy hank nancy pushed thru bailout bill failed lobbyists chance congresswhores straightened amy g bill passed nomi p gamblers broke puzzle ty dumbass fron nigeria e mailed floor egyptian national banks scam comments egyptian population growth address percent soylent diet allows immigration cornucopians personally egyptian posterity fucked egypt boss desperate trouble population supposedly plateaus female population higher assumptions stable population leveling versus blow parabolic die highly suspect yall overthinking worshipping altar normalcy egypts oil production barrels barrels yrs billion dollars oil production fell foreign aid sent depleted bigger fields riots politics money production ordered downward corrupt egyptian politicians obeyed orders prevented billion explanation radical drained reservoirs maintain production levels imagine math subtracting production costs legit easycheap oil barrel recd gamal mubarak heir apparent practicing modern oligarch buddies sold pyramids deregulationhence deluge army snot job w gs london smoke clears hotting locusts biblical explains egypt usa lost guts spirit bankers setting toast butter capitalism setting capital subject law supply demand supply leverage demandborrowers sucking value supplying capital finding borrowers thirty explicit supply capitalism overrun liquidity solvency money publicly guaranteed utility contract treated economic medium conceptually system houses businesses roads connecting cries socialism money commons careful value resources relations convert money reduce influence banks governments aspect roads inclination pave necessary applied principle money healthier society stable economy treat money wealth promote money created goods trade system bound collapse money tool god curse god screw tools wallet yours copy holds copyright markets capitalism medium exchange function party provides medium economy domestic party money management function courts cops married email material llybia russia control stage imfs inside interview rings tunisia egypt sa ltsnipgt nations economy individually analyzed stiglitz bank minister exact program ltsnipgt briberization imfworld bank fits rescue economy capital liberalization imf drags gasping nation pricing raising cooking gas leads predictably stiglitz calls imf riot ltsnipgt imf riot painfully predictable nation imf advantage squeezes blood cauldron blows imf eliminated fuel subsidies poor indonesia indonesia exploded riots examples bolivian riots february riots ecuador rise cooking gas imposed bank youd impression riot written ltsnipgt lenihan cowen twin laws unintended consequences careful preachaboutby moralizing dumb f ing politicians governments middle africa beginning changethe nation egypt shown peace middle democracy middle applause champions democracy region democracy path utopia path national success dignity brodix gh


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