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As Egyptian Anger Swells, Will America (And Its Regional Interests) Be Targeted Next: “They Are Attacking Us With American Weapons”

em billions manipulate em hated foreign aid billions advanced weaponry welcomed receiving aid exact gives ballpark breakdown cairo location speech totus totusthe traitor teleprompter tainted twisted tormentor taint fighter jets swoop cairo obama approves jet fighter sale egypt decade proposal egypt receive f block aircraft billion deal middle newsline reported prez obumbles executive lackey bankingcorporatemilitary industrial winner nobel peace prize personally tyrant mubarak saudi arabia obama pitch saudi arms deal congress journal reports officially notify congress billion deal sell saudi arabia dozens fighter jets helicopters roll clown lecture gun control laws hhahahahaaa weapons kill fighter jets butter knife perform job knives clubs weapons kill ammunition increase payrolls unemployed states fighter jets employed govt f dealership jets sell arab bitch false rhetoric meets realpolitik em billions manipulate em hated foreign aid brainwashed youacutere giving aid youacutere giving dictatoroppressor surprised hate brain freedom weapons dictators hell weapons money fungible lost majority foreign aid finds mic farming rising shipping costs broke farmer broke factory worker pumping duplicates satans dental em billions manipulate em hated quantities yoursquore democracy law human rights yoursquore lending support dictator oppress talkers politics related notethe cia recruitment ads local socal station um presently politics talkers hipocarcy finest dictators crushed stink cia heaven son britain jewels madoof err mubarak price crime intelligence service vp cia suppression controlled shot opposition leader un stooge charge negotiate army dumping thirty ally beast loses control control concept leaderless resistance shooting hell tricks workin egyptian leader aid required rank file egyptian soldier mowed weaponry citizens experience egypt accustomed urban warfare dropped egyptian capital weaponry tactics weapons police security forces army police disappeared flail fem dems grab guns unbelievable worlds guns hunger majority third spending fight oil oil support dollar dollar tries fight oil lose bernanke prints riots africa middle occurring leaders gone government tipping aching bellies dollar stamps dollars issued bernanke stamps feed bernanke print bernanke wishes alchemist stands taught alchemists dollar complacency policy americans privileged dollar dollar holding dollar upper finance earn dollars worse countries compare fiat vs dollar dollar unlimited power monopoly imagine playing money slightly print monie fiat ponzi collapses death throes africa middle europes periphery nation states rise system elect congress presidents schedule schedule complacent kick schedule appears dictatorships appears ability system apparition reality diebold threw elections gore kerry fascist dictatorship obamas policies bushes dick cheney guantanamo wars policy ironic share economic policy keynsianism keynesian nixon bush tarp dagger obama cheered sideline obama flew 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rhetoric bound increasingly divisive assist push divide n agenda eloquently liked human compliments velobabe sounded diebold threw elections drivelsheesh wyears faceit lost fucking crybabies losing hegelian dialectic policy makers conform rhetoric subverting policy win vs bankerspoliticains vs andor lateral hierarchical targets mentioned won moot juxtaposing obamas policy v bush mentioning cheney approve chomsky identify false politcs debasement describing liberal conservative policy alex jones puts succinctly describing false paradigm presentation thoughts lh energies thoughts pondering signals recognize successful timing navigation metamorphosis plutocracy manahattan plutocracy manahattan plutocracy manahattan elbaradei strikes asshole politicians populist movement ride tide power tide idiot poltiicians riding tea party express ride wave mostly opportunity gain power elbaradei popular egypt tool fyi mb supports elbaradei posted thread wanted muslim brotherhood muslim brotherhood official english website muslim brotherhood facebook muslim brotherhood twitter account ikhwanwebtube muslim brotherhood ikhwan muslim brotherhood social networking tool westhe nobel laureate selected mubarek obama nobel prize nationstates tool scenes faceless strings installed agovt governed thousands protest corruption india spreading riot garbage instigated organized nations globe region overthrow committed allies decades addition india egypt oil toss pakistan afganistan stretching belt nations atlantic indian ocean international trade routes access points points larger agenda expanded perspective seank em handful poor protesting agencies agitating region decades agenda unfold led choose sides citizens focus scenes amrka india planned demonstration co memorate death british puppet mahatma gandhi protesters bussed paid lunch motivator india india liberates gandhis reduced helm puppets govt remote control unearth congress bow gandhi overlooking sonia gandhi foreign origin rahul inexperienced india tinderbox mode oil won onion shocks masses tv stupor maoist fighting foreign trained supported militancy whose goal de stablization india balkanize original boundaries western collapse trigger booming trickle enabling middle fastened dollareuro teat ori situ ori butglenn beck ghandi ghandis wtf ghandi kick kinds limey ass stealth kung fu confused glenn drink unique enlightened perspective clips outside india experience slot pre conceived notioning contributor truths media muddling ori jerry barama cracked talked mubarak doblah blah blah mubarak beholden barama sees dictator spoken statement obama tough golf bowl throw ball skinny pussy feels tough obama bantu swahili pussy haaretz details potus enormous pussy liev egypt burns revolt egypt organically driven power movement oust dictator restore universal freedoms wrestle clutches industrial positioned government pied piper working globalists ngorsquos autocrat leader hosni mubarak dutifully served mistake regime egypt vassal mubarak receives billion aid united states israel addition egypt pays million annually podesta organization closely tied obama administration ldquoforeign agentsrdquo mubarakrsquos regime mubarakrsquos loyalty empire reciprocated vice president joe biden ludicrously asserted mubarakrsquos unbroken reign represent dictatorship ally ldquoegypt mubarak billions aid detain beat torture dissenters opposition politicians journalists died custodyrdquo writes zepezauer ldquothousands prisoners pro democracy activists held overcrowded disease ridden prisons charges trials restrictions newspaper shutdowns widespreadrdquo whatsoever cia involved contriving series riots destabilize threaten topple regime loyal staged ldquocolor revolutionrdquo wersquove witnessed places georgia ukraine yugoslavia ndash orchestrated events disguised spontaneous uprisings intended remove rogue leaders hostile global elitersquos agenda government grass roots movement carried impoverished egyptians unison regime toadies allows freedoms associated modern prosperous nation doesnrsquot revolution currently unfolding streets alexandria cairo suez co opted globalist forces pulling mubarakrsquos strings decades industrial egypt teetering verge regime outside parties control mubarakrsquos thatrsquos embassy trained rebel leaders infiltrate opposition groups beginning telegraph reveals enter former un official staunch mubarak adversary mohamed elbaradei returned cairo bid protest movement elbaradei serves trustees international crisis issued release protesting decision behalf egyptian authorities elbaradei arrest international crisis shadowy ngo governmental organization enjoys annual budget million bankrolled likes carnegie ford foundation bill melinda gates foundation george sorosrsquo society institute soros himself serves member organizationrsquos executive committee geopolitical steering global elbaradei primed mubarak government alarm bells ringing ears demonstrator protesting wrestle egypt clutches control mubarak himself seemingly catching understanding usefulness global power remarking national address saturday protests ldquopart bigger plot shake stability destroy legitimacyrdquo system ironic globalist sits international crisis zbigniew brzezinski warned international hierarchyof key component threat ldquoglobal awakeningrdquo led radicals third countries accurately predicted wave revolt spreading wildfire globe brzezinski fellow globalists preparing pieces business risked victims monumental deception boss boss egyptians successful toppling mubarak replace elbaradei achieved eventual outcome merely egypt subservient client industrial yup entry scene midst crisis offer leader ploy backed envoy iraq phase farcical hunt wmd resulted occupation surprise wmds transparent offer candidate middle revolution portrays himself moderate revolutionary revolution jeb bush offered himself moderate solution outright rejection cynicism appropriate outlawed egypt mb elbar mb puppet mb pulls strings uk foreign secretary william hague mb eu scrambling smart analysts reform bs meter charts government placate fundamental changes strategy designed decieve reality reform overhaul system replaced fundamentally granted system ultimately grew cancerous tumor choking lifeblood sudden deceiving conniving actors arab average extremely import humans collecive realization government sham designed enslavement reject arbitrary authority notions social contracts exist born plot dawn era elbaradei groomed mubarak al jazeera credit coverage arab outlet orate names active parties egypt mi emirates mb subversive pocket guild proping elbaradei card elbaradei finds interim role elections october legitimacy lifting emergency decrees energize sorts organization releasing sorts figures jails jails created aq army officers mb align islamist poles empathy hamas army elbaradei mb subdue population mubarak problems persist throw china money cia font legitimacy elbaradei accept role muqtada al sadr shia sunni educating masses democracy suspects cnn cfr oil establishment cronies tear gas streets canisters ammunition emergence anti egyptian culture asshat jumping parade pretending threw honor wheres music fun million egyptians happily marching band stylings trombones fear carried families forfeit rage robert preston currently sr vp jpm track looting dumbass amerikans promoted peers primary responsibilities include blythe date unsuccessful polishing oz silver bullion bars manufactured closing eyes wish acknowledge aware caliber disaster indicated presence gold pool community trouble usa label average idiot egypt ak nasser egypt weapons dictators necessarily whose weapons anwar sadat mubaraks predecessor peace israel fighting endless wars unproductive killed soviets france britain compete influence weapons moment imagine china installed puppet ruler birth youd picked weaponry china average idiot suppose response egyptians necessarily idiots egyptian simplistic points streets average simpleton mubarak puppet favor predecessor anwar sadat sadat character rational choices weapons dictators whomever dictator france england belgium russiasoviet union sell weapons middle toyotas moroccan army hate japaneseegypt bought weapons lost wars row withmostlysoviet equipment influence historically speaking amazing wish egyptians countries shot weapons countries worry symbolism egyptians tag problems enemies clarify lingering empathy peoples nationstate proxy prop bankers ruling brethern history egypt plundered rankles hehe peek inner workings neo colonialist empire dictator accepts overlords support weapons armed services controls leeway domestic policy importantly paid oil greased challenging hegemony region tankers suez protecting corporate supporting fundamentalist islamists mubaraks card won award sensitive playing austerity measures cuts ss cuts police cuts teachers cuts infrastructure investment aid illegitimate regime aid populations violence aid oppress hillary clintons department influence politics democrats knees questions oil argument california teachers union argument sells gasoline exceeds bingo sides money weapons manufacturers lobbying skills hope arab mohammed elbaradei repeatedly united states iraq weapons mass destruction advice invaded egypt adopt anti anti irael stance pro palestian stance meaningful adopt pro egyptian stance incidentally pro egyptian government pro interests pro egyptian con egyptian fatigue mob accepts lesser evils catagorically drops ball speak changes mob control streets worked human nature push quit pushing victory push send chopper push wmd casus belli pretext algeria jordan riot sheep destructive constructive vote forgot sarc tag hope sarcasm voting plebs semblance significance answering satans anus led astray bible strangely aspect physiology chaucer covers summoners tale diebold machines bang curious purport satans anus solutions solutions feathers ruffled wings broken eagle flies eagles shes bald hmmm ate monsanto corn laughing sky leads headline feared cops servants reconsider swat team invasions dime bags lose patience cops occupying army police mohamed el baradeiwas sent sorosbrezinzki belong international crisis assured puppet el baradei poses critic united states meddling middle meddling media el baradei berates intervening calls ldquosocial disintegration economic stagnation repressionrdquo egypt working soros extension obama scenes muslims brotherhood majles al chaab commons moubarak extremely muslims brotherhood candidate election implied candidates kinds pressures conditions obama administration smart concerning departure moubarak moubarak leaving windows unite government andone thebrotherhood comming obama anather iran clip essentially comments elections punditry mb won election slick support notwithstanding outlawed status links posted advanced obama utilizing media promote represent hammurabi hillary clinton nerve suggesting thetransition egypt orderly husband janet reno supported firery deaths women waco texas citizens united states burned death woman egypt restraint hypocrisy obamaadministrationiswithout compare inus history displays hubris politicians citizens united states burned death woman egypt restraint waco burned hillary society spared hick inbreds clintons trail dead bodies document linked lists convenient deaths clintons presidency count convenient deaths include couples business dealing presidency leaders convenient deaths arkancidecom incredible fat hick arkansas searching twindrives fascinating link stink george soros glenn upper lip al jazeera screen blank reboot booted freezes seconds fix inflation included thier definition weapon cascading protests middle remind cascading protests eastern europe empire lost control outlying puppet states riddance empire luck egypt hope satrapy gives egypt egypt buys weaponry usa sale hate discontent ldquoyou losing credibility yoursquore democracy law human rights yoursquore lending support dictator oppress peoplerdquo trouble folkeven applies feds nyc banks twin laws unintended consequences careful preachaboutby moralizing dumb f ing politicians governments middle africa beginning changethe nation egypt shown peace middle democracy middle applause champions democracy region democracy path utopia path national success dignity affect price flow apportionment oil fragile eco system supported pro autocratic governments maintained peril maintain empire favorable agreements swans au ag popcorn counting protesters villains contagion bitch hows security daysben irony jamie bitching dumping bankers economy unthinkable collateral damage violence erupts streets tone deaf brain dead jamie shut fuck moment sarkozyisnt terrified truth egyptian reject democratic elections outsiders transitional governments coverage supported mubarak intention helping gives corrupt regime weapons breath democracy egypt tanks nearing vacation centers army stepping smaller towns cities usa allied corrupt dictators explanation saudi princeis asked corruption saudi arabia tanks update kids al jazeera cnn corrupt arab dictators tumbling dominoes revolutions intervention grassroots driven technology media supported rebellion danger obama coward wrote coward defy interests terrified shifts status quo obama chickens influence arab badly labeled hypocrite anger towards strengthen appeal violent reactionary forces return bush cheney cabal al jazeera cnn al jazeera cnn agenda cnn lost credibility admitting saddam husseins propaganda policies access baghdad trusted bah humbug cnn hln jerry springer send bedouin tribesman reportedly control towns sinai peninsula towns closest gaza strip border israel reports bedouin tribes besieged police station suez appears riots spread effectively mubarak dictatorshiprsquos control region reports egyptian stepping disturbing threat tribes mubarak magazinethey attack suez canal mubarak suez canal currently third worldrsquos oil percent products passes seizure canal spike oil despite egypt oil producer britain seize canal necessary stated importance international trade carrier region lincoln waterway planes monitor linkage hillary national dialogue bitch mubarak gtfo burn motherfucker credibility eyes protestors hillary egypt piss determination super villains greatest nightmare egypt rises mess hopefully tool oppress worldi hope egyptians succeed kumbaya acatch pincermovement momentthat fools thereare outcomes crises egypt mubarak steps contagion spreads mubarak resultthe contagion spreads comesthe hft computers communicatein thisafternoons egyptian net net skynet arrived mohamed el baradeiwas sent sorosbrezinzki belong international crisis assured puppet lmaolori key bringing truth egyptian discussion define role israel decades stifling arab interests elbaradei connections itrsquos sympathizer israeli anti arab position transition power egypt power brussels goldman sachs putin soros immediately reviewing connection leadership cairo elbaradei relationships dissolve pushes influence cairo politically astute kinds connections politician negotiate influence enemies published israel april elbaradei israel occupation understands former iaea expresses support palestinian resistance calls gaza lsquoworldrsquos biggest jailrdquo former iaea mohamed elbaradei considering contending egypts presidential elections expressed support palestinian resistance slamming israel published tuesday experienced diplomat palestinian violence path palestinian israeli occupation understands violence hellip elbaradei returned cairo february officially announced elections scenes campaign underway visits mosques churches photo ops figures established national foundation democratic reform egypt upi agency elbaradei ball rolling meeting monday members movement israel relations states elections ndash wins ibrahim nawar senior movement elbaradei peace joke achieving progress former international atomic energy agency leader criticized fence egypts president hosni mubarak gaza strip border fence hurts egypts reputation appears participation siege gaza worlds largest prison logical solution continued tunnels border crossings creating trade zone rafah palestinians trade return gaza elbaradei sent message supporters invested hope presidential elections pressure mubarak democratic reforms opposition parties boycott parliamentary elections amendments constitution ensure transparency participation opposition elections conditions landslide el baradei defended iran muslim brotherhood radical muslim notions human rights un supremacy issues choice democracy human rights pawn chaos brzezinskikissinger powered hate egyptians politician save wrath bernankes printing excercise sooner states economic policy flawed core mysteries henry kissinger confusion pro pro empire pro investment bank pro governmentand pro israel heresy link elbaradei mohamed elbaradei radical radical cairo hardly calls gerald ford dinero supplying materiel weapons peaceful gaza iranians trade israels position constrained commie groups marching ranting marxism hyperventilating prospects co opting instability websites inflation social unrest chance election proved obama vampire charm commies goal imf un global central bank enforcer global fiat currency eg bancor itll bigger knowledge remaining commie groups montreal acknowledge english challenge hippies hung kindergarten notions fairness social justice united states representational government population bs wars afghanistan iraqyet obama reports glee slaughter predator drones population vote obama riot oil wars puppet thief puppet power fails puppets choose immediate selection intelligence omar suleiman vice president freedoms demand egypt freedoms deprive goal transform police steroids ultimate model absolute authoritarian police crap envy dictator control planet murderer hosni mubarak attacking weapons evidence manufacture exports business ripping taxpayers arm enemies cmon egyptians eyes laughed hates israel hate usai blame suggest hate zionists israel criminal reservemilitary usajust particularly discriminating spreads jordan israel screwed israeli lobby demand foreign aid israel saud popular islamic zealots rise sparks region neocons wahhabi islamic bogey intervene americas control mideast slipping saigon moment region loved saigon moment albeit particularly enjoyed hueys carrier decks hueys filled gold sailors shoving viets deck gold storage movement governments mubarak regime saeed arabs grown disgruntled domination oil wealth occupation iraq afghanistan support totalitarian leaders region americans president barack obama losing popular revolt egypt obama woken unseat tyrant leaders remained power backing barry o billarys usa bottoms f americanisraeli sponsored dictatorship trouble tunisia cia negotiating opposition leader preserve interests deal hillary fence sitting posture proclaim highlight hillary obama bernanke et al saysdoes job description whoever occupies appointed role scripted awareness individual roles played focus system changes actors overall plots elbarade darling china united states initially voiced opposition election third interview staff senate foreign relations committee lawrence wilkerson staff former secretary colin powell charged former undersecretary arms control international security john bolton underhanded campaign unseat elbaradei ldquomr bolton overstepped bounds moves gyrations elbaradei reappointed iaea headrdquo wilkerson washington reported bush administration intercepted dozens elbaradeirsquos phone calls iranian diplomats scrutinizing evidence iaea spokesman gwozdecky agency worked assumption entities listening conversations prefer reality hide iran responded washington reports accusing united states violating international law intercepting communications united states oppose elbaradeis reappointment failed win support countries oust elbaradei june meeting secretary condoleezza rice elbaradei united states dropped objections countries supported elbaradei china russia germany france china praised leadership objectivity supported fruitful maintained agencys role credit international proliferation promoted development peaceful nuclear energy universally recognized international community china appreciates el baradeis supports reelection agencys director france germany developing countries support elbaradei russia issued statement favor electing elbaradei unanimously appointed iaea june source spot negotiating china elbaradei deal chaos ensue contingency plans spot negotiators league chinese bolton die mustache hair chance ldquomr bolton neo con extreme supporter israeli interestsoverstepped bounds moves gyrations elbaradei reappointed iaea headrdquo wilkerson opinions elbaradei views associates glowing recommendation elbaradei drop hillary asses baradei khomenei shapes clintons hawk carters iran baradei brotherhood support luck outcome israel staring gates hell israeli mubarak administrations providing itune download tom pettys personnel china russia providing downloads israel egypt printfast assessment premature decade hamas legitimized speak iran brotherhood denominator sunni shia iranian revolution politics stakes spoils notwithstanding idealism mb surrogates dislike israel tempered knowledge israel prevail hesitate nukes directly threatened mb shown suggest kingdom concerned israel reality egypt government infighting rulers nasser egypt receiving lucrative overtures china eu russia israel isolated currently wild card isolation necessity outward aggression chance theybtfd bfe provinces beginning restless cracks empire evident americans bitch crap china complain tools oppression enforcement countries egypt shahs iran usa riot police tactics


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