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A Recap Of Today’s Emergency Bernank Conference

rofl holy crap writes applaud sir truth satire lol usually quoted bernank bond purchases w obummer trillions dollars export democracy middle grudge match billary department struggles dictators benevolent allies conquer hoards beligerent ruffians hate break democracy shock awe routine laterthis tenderize jose islamic republicsthe shock awe disposable ipads claim everlasting fealty withthe female populations constructively dominating naturally matriarchal societies dolce gabbana burkas vote perform english tradition irish wedding nights bride race pure moosies brick god greatand foreign policy speak democracy neoliberal economics regime definition celebrity death match batmanke vs billary referee freaking hon al franken rep ron paul r tx monies purses bets announcers michael buffer ringside tv webcast roseanne lady gaga effects voyeur wardrobe protection gallagher sponsored trojan holds barredall holes bared rules marquis de sade strap ons pm feb alcatraz sf bay price queer die biches priceless asked fomc members qe sympathetic members appointed peep meeting writer zeroonions tyler zerohedge omg omg ill trips click heels kansas toto boot witch glinda sadly truth stranger fiction surprised facebook credits somehow incorporated satire brilliant lighten mood oily bearded fuck enjoy bernank pisstaking zh focus criminals greenspan bernank merely cheap ugly whore orders pimps shadows bernank suck ceo glass bowl drink drop idiot paid slut control focus manipulators homework rid bernank cheap slut replace ha ha ha tg td ben franklin exchanging dr evil salute trolls hell bernake role model inspire sayingdoing destroying generation bred morons urging communist chinese sessions educate punks excuse repressive government educate slowly beginning beginning power bloody desperate decline compared bought fundamental reactions trigged emergency conference bust bank account magazine baby oil beard quip damn wikileaks leaking meeting sacks frost cronies thatll shovel sfp crap pump pos puppet ex dictators needing riot egyptian emerging hehe funnier harder harder fake newswe crossed inverse universe fake fake uck zimben hencemen fcuk fkuc shut internet shut cufkf sheeple truth hock till millenium drunken friday chuckle rotflthanks laughs fuck reverse repo donrsquot lmao revolt banksters hell cockles heart crooks bernokio lord blankcheque lamp swine control quit til mobs egypt mob succed evil empire stooge power emorgency session doubtwas uglier spontaneous combustion doubt hornets nest poked smoke blown hornets sooo drowsy unemployment helping joe bet silver dollar greenback bernank concerned issue pain unemployment citizenry worse demand starvation coupled serious shortages pump shopping majority glad troops tsa ilk safe ole usa cost humor aspects social misery unemployment jane adams import oldpyramids export pyramid ponzi currencyschemes hail tut nanke qeii wanna w fer hell ferlmao prima donna upstage mubarak gtd lol friday bernanke mubarak awesomenext lisp bernank steam baths massage ben gladiator movies booyaa author brilliant friday lost breakdown humor shot beats hell attempted meant writing buddy humor idiot bloggersat thumbs eggactly tyler notch ldquoi firecracker standrdquo td tip hat hilarious creative viva zero hedge


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