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Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia

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arabia flood protests dissent occur inside kingdom spreads cities marker problems administration prior dreamed wahhabbi sect obtains foothold spreads protests turning islamic democracy movement kingdom bets united states lose primary ally region hell break markets saudi clue investors despotism nervous despot stock crash saudi arabia compared egypt protests egyptian protests peaceful extremely protest saudi arabia peaceful protests outlawed sa posted link thread sas supporting mubarak publically blogger contends piss sa enter swan government secretly backed leading figures egyptian uprising planning ldquoregime changerdquo telegraph tyler gulf kingdoms ptb style solutions plying masses infinite soporific monetary cushions poverty helicoptered choppers frigging panic divine monarchys absolute power individual nation usually worry popularity politician minds subjects counted opium hashish natives quiet gotten smaller borders permeable fate ancient kingdoms inextricably linked pro relations british colonialism kings aristocrats oil importers relations reinforced colonialism replaced system neo colonialism geopolitical allegiances favoring occupation proxy puppet autocratic regimes implied threat occupation crack shah iran deposed wake islamic western nations neo colonialism fail stakes steadily culminating occupation iraq appears entering phase whereas youll msm spinning revolutions democratic evolution image favorable revolt economically deprived neo colonialism spot analysis snowball caviar emptor tidbits energy energy energy oil solved energy ksa coal damn natgas production mbpd oil oil oil energy egypts oil production bpd bpd bpd peak domestic consumption oil grown exceeded domestic production curve population cook mostly propane stoves propane oil consumption numbers subtle hugely item bpd refinery capacity gasoline export chunk largest refinery capabilities african continent shut felt immediately oiland gold saudi arabia fear citizens expats worry natives 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forces knit provide active threat maybethis instability wild card region future events comply swan assumptions support receive oil consuming countries support receive oil consuming countries hell allows saud takenno lid steam building blows leaders occupied repress theirrepressible strategic interests beclamoringfor pakistan nuclear weapons playing whack mole meanwhile ranchisnt chance waited distracted spread thin shake shackles rise lions slumber unvanquishable shake chains dew fallen ye freedom ye slavery grown echo tis limbs cell tyrants dwell ye loom plough sword spade bent defence nourishment tis ghost gold toil thousandfold eer substance tyrannies coin forgery title deeds ye worth inheritance shall oppressions thundered doom ringing heart brain rise lions slumber unvanquishable shake chains dew fallen ye excerpt mask anarchy percy bysshe shelley nonsense freedom democracy derivative oil ksa citizens comfortable riot native workforce rising upeither money guns sign msm spin derived oil priced peoples mouths places revolution kingdom trade oil frns gas jug lose purchasing power silver bicycle covered reuters jordanian activists rallied outside government offices saturday campaign prime minister samir rifai afford sugar drink tea drink tea catalyst cafes offer tea walks shop host host shame dishonored revolutions radar fecking saudi fallnone allnon starterforget implying raise price oil revenue shut impact oil protests spreading ksa stereotype middle eastern regimes conditions saud legitimacy eyes population sociological religious reasons african dictators eyes unseating kettle removing western imposed despotthat crossed lol send army collapsing intervention saudi arabia send oil heartbeat phantom recovery tubes blow tbtf banks kuwait shite getha bribe multiple billions gold stashed smart insurance demand bankers bonus cash riot nah shoot ases dead taxes saudi petrodollar regime emperor clothes crash reset economy chinamen bitchez chinaman issue ah ksa downand chinaman violence guaranteedall houses occupied chinese nationals ot sickened carrying yuan photo murdering bstd saudi arabia shudder happnen retard secure oil costs hearing protests solve peaceful grievences addressed proven effective chemistry gatherings empowers participants flock birds moving unison dime mystery unified women dressed freedom fail alll troops conus iraq ans service places planet chinaand russia narcissist weekend cia theirstooges middle saud backed faith credit nuff bin laden saudi arabia chess

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