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Has Joe Cassano Committed Perjury: AIG Took Subordinated Pieces Of CDOs It Insured

joe jail reptiles worse karmic adjustments jail colar perps dreaded community service ifor blankfeins cassanos cleaning schools peeling spuds serving soup victims counseling domestic violence rape victims spend quality eyes whose exploitation fueled lifestyle besides wed jails potheads prison industrial profit misery guppies filling snowing recall bernanke oath monetize bernank monetising investing earned money rate return prime aaa securities held maturity death whichever bernank lied oath joes seat bernank evidence insurance fraud aig bruce baldinger link joes defense myknowledge nixons crooks watergate hearings recollection law damn deal perry mason rally led security lending business aig blame cassano juice riskless returns investing subprime reptiles held accountable ill bombshell goldman sachs billions taxpayers thru aig account crisis panel finds contradicting sworn testimony fromexecs yessssss hangem gthas joe cassano committed perjurylt pope catholic division cfo expected sign preposterous gods quantified constrained mundane accounting principles moral hazard law tired religious discrimination financial leaders ltsarcgt cassanos insured senior tranche parts aig cassano invested junior tranches aig risk management cassano commit perjury distinction practical selling leveraged super senior subordinated protection cash supply upfront discussion perjury practicality tranche sell protection funded unfunded immaterial risk exposure instrument discussion aig riskier exposures super senior posted collateral losses advance additional exposure deals investment portfolio title joe cassano committed perjury discussion committed perjury bound unethical unethical immoral immoral suspect suspect completelypornographic pornographic duplicitous duplicitous tad disingenuous disingenuous innovative innovative derivative ha medal jail fined profits vig ptb cmon zerohedge damn jail banksters dirt banksters average isno average egyptian bankers hiding bars jail deserved tough contenders riddled financial services industry bastard perp walked streets detroit noon snap cards recharged unemployment checks arrived cameras police pointedly crowd al capones perjury mere technicality


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