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The Charts From The FCIC Report

omg data catching knife bought miners futures slwpaasggabxgauy uggggg bought nvida lol omg jizzed pants lol nflx bahaha loud played sir sign aig counterparty status drink alcohol reports alcohol kill challenge accepted alone drink affect pomo pomo clercks subway affect pomo distance subway office building banks directive municaple bonds buys pomo bonds towns broke broke paying plowers cops removal details tthe law fannie bonds packaged cdo mortgages speaking bear stearns lending data loans bear march posted deception potential evidence takeover bear stearns jp morgan billion dollar loan facilitated federal reserve smash silver intro wish irsquod released federal reserve lending data federal reserves mislead lending bear stearns secondly raise billion loan bear orchestrated takeover bear jp morgan contributed march crash silver raquo cares rally sampp bear quiet trolls visualize penalties slap caught bonus promotion underwater mortgages colour gt racist colour neh todays charts dow bet captcha dow speaking charts pms raped bastards oi delivery zh sharpies commentators budget serious bleating meanwhile senior staff jewish chance flamers guesses partisancommittee muchlikethe commission chaired dr henry kissmyassinger torpedoed longtime evil foes similarly partisan committee looked financial fraud simulator trained arabs complexmaneuvers commercial aircraft crash precisely specific storage areas destroy ecvidence decades financialshenanigans thenanythingwas alice wonderland curtain conclusion mensches rally ori penises suspicious circumcised tip banking fraud sec sec bank tax loss bank loss sheeple austerity sheeple higher taxes sec frigging dip wristslapping ha ha finger shaking followed glare forgiven forgotten mischievous banksters mad gosh darn huggable devils mischief adore em stark glad rid glass steagall minority fcic members criticizing whitewash government involvement regs fma fmac wristslap unlikely pat gold fractional reservewe bullshit crazy leveraged toxic laughed push banks borrow liquidyou currency tied asset fucking fractional checkbook entriesof greenspan bernanke rates rising money rates rising savings bullshit marketwas fight monopoliesgovernmentunions namely bankswell bank sostep gmac loan excessive credit expansion andshafting ofthe working rates rise causes cost costs future goods monopoly companiesgovernmentunions hire anyoneto productionthey sell products sectors economy jacked price rates borrow rates borrow rates fuck price everythingon credit courseand receiving benifits capitalism provide namely retirementand expansion productionand job getto save acquireall luxuries society money solid division labor providethey deposit banks banks insurance companies brokersand turned liquidity spicket housing sector outrageous subsidies train wreck happenas central bank foreverclick click click uh liquidity shortageprint print printuh problems faced blah blah blah bank united states bank united states ring bell idiots death alone cost worldround dollar leftand deteriorate fix jefferson ldquoi tremble reflect god justice foreverrdquo direction percentage gse originating mortgages subprime risk sounding naive largely reliable whitewashing job humble engineer defer financial types provide skinny regards advance sum gses freddie fannie crash probability jpmorgan chase morgan stanley goldman sachs shortly crash connected reasons subprime broken numerically thusly third subprime composed outright speculators wealthy individuals fraudsters corporations remaining thirds thirds majority composed flippers individual corporate minority subprime actuality comprised residential homebuyers designed benefit banksters helped fellow fraudsters loan essentially sold hundreds thousands securities forming lengthy chain leveraging criminal referrals hilarious kidding fry scared sacrificial players feed blood lust crowd support illusion justice served


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