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Mubarak Speaks, Dissolves One Crony Government, New Crony Government To Be Named Tomorrow

btfd bernanke mubarak puppet suit arafat hans broadcasting van lold bro edit lambda iton donkey kong freedom notch shall cnn cheerleading amassing ministry grievances msm jarring slap speech army vote hope weigh decision bodies democracy americans throwing rocks revolution mediagovernment founded peace diplomacy government abhors violent repression assembly message washington hypocracy position stuns government demonstrations speech zones beaten heads arrests violate concession assembly obviously missed fest republican convention government sick stomach posturing countries treat citizens fuckers obama bankers jail starters space bitches control government repeatedly defining internet access particularly social networking sites core element freedom association century glad ill prepay cable dup cairo burn waste mubarak consigning ruin army cat army impose mubarak gov toppled heavies flown volunteer governement elections held touch n elections generals canal reduce risk takeover useuun 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switzerland hambone hope junk poor judgementi hosni tbtf mentality bail arius heck junker junkeethough enjoy occassional wanger junk wagner eternal optimistmakes fun islamist movement helped christians practice peace christmas christians returning favor presently somebody hillary biden mubarak shes throwing bus speech prove clueless leaders speech mytake mubarakrsquos initial comments operative phrasewas ldquowe continuehelliprdquo essentially thousands protesters mistake mubaraks ordered government government cabinet setting nation speech intends ruins loot gold antiquities static fighting streets plotting egypt army secures museum pharaonic gold anwar sadat visits camp david obamas hate michelle prefer urban settings pinochet falls hope leaves ass basket puppet hopefully pinochet lost referendum scheduled earlier led chile stability economic prosperity credit credit pinochet destroyed socialist disease communists kin deals egyptian vacations yemen condos ruling maintain status quo control letting bonus checks egyptian goverment workers wanna spinx ma beer imma shoot lion mans nose lmao officers middle battle justfired joining demonstrations hosni firing ill bet dodge fat sheik muscat riyadh despot islamabad jakarta setting tonight serious pack riots hrs pale comparison army switch sides egypts police formidable sudden units interested following orders blown revolution achieved egyptians forward army moment army professional soldiers identify join protesters mubarak load gold statuary comments gold lmao msnbcrsquos richard engel police tear gassed protesters picking tear gas canister stamped ldquomade usa combined tactical systems jamestown pennsylvaniardquo engel ldquomost egyptians united states solidly president mubarak government grew corrupt americans complicit itrdquo mubarek symbol imperialism helped kill sedat jerk nation represents sucks transported abroad shores freedoms flaunted thinks internet tweeter shut foreign governments weedstay tuned wmd radical muslims aka muslim brotherhood killed sadat peace israel attackers identified islamist nationalists associated muslim brotherhood islamic jihad subsequently hatched assassination plot al gamaa al islamiyya brotherhood offshoot ties al qaeda chiefly terrorist attack luxor nov dressed attacked tourists visiting famous upper egypt sixty women killed grouprsquos leaders ayman al zawahiri subsequently al qaedarsquos zawahiri imprisoned role ion plot expelled egypt blame crowd recognizes al zawahiri egypt crowds streets cairo chanting egyptian obviously bread freedom social justice bread primary concern bernanke comments primary driver explosion wheat genius qe program sparked revolution government million doubt grievances egyptian government money driving commodities higher tipping bread primary freedom bread hope china issues numbers impoverished rapid inflation somebody sensible nuclear arsenal chinese currency reserves worlds resources population quiet cost placing pressure 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power appease masses lies previously population andthey govt control centralized personmubarak surprised opinion behold billion whose depend becoming scarce worse mail billion directly mubarak official member government mubarak obama coincidence fallen angels lucifer mulucifer bullet lavishly london mubarak french riveria exile london egyptian hillary fuck hopefully watched stream mubarak sounded ex divorce problems hope egyptian dig courage fight independence beginning beginning hell wear uniform arm cords battle patches matching beret combine shooting shotgun aimlessly accepted masses learnshame vp joebiden mubarak dictator government government singlehandedly yoursquore dictator definition wellim stars presentation upped soap opera drama accustomed middle meanseriouslynot mustard gas attack citizenry bush league pizzazz andflamboyancein third dictators paying customer concern deduction pwnt egypt structured corporation mubarak voting shares dictator ceo davos shoot correction moving obama speak minutesabout pm fox fuckin relief fox surely union socialist commie hope ill fox nation worries pakistan inflationbankruptand loans usimfand bank pakistan collapses worms nightmare saud overthrowned neo conshave excuse invade egypt wwiii obama prepared handle obango cell phones internet iphones blackberrys unused protesters protesting mubarak gov poverty technically mubarak dictator party won majority election power protesters mintority evident thier numbers include communists islamists arab nationalists egypts mubarak poverty million middle speak un employment lately inflation mubarak steps symbolic speaker millitary coup brings millitary dictatorship power ala saddam husseins iraq mubarak forgot bread circuses democracyexcept extreme cases whereit isclear democracy financialinterests shifts stance democracy outcome democratically favorotherwise supportdespots tryranny national oppression cheap oil ah basic human trade israelis fretting events egypt lebanon dump israel believes fantasy government brain ohhh mubarak disposed murderous puppet scammed damn joke puppet birth certificate split corporate nation hedging bets claim pro democracy citizens nation foster terrorism card support egypt dictators decades assured power pretend protectorates engage wars elsewhere americans tolerate cowardice politicians pretend acceptable meanwhile rebelled leadership domestically slappe domestic tea party anarchist label internet shut nation hypocrisyour leaders salivating burning reichstag consolidation steve martin president egypt government leverage media increase fees oil canal cent increase price gallon gas consumer egyptian freedom tax paid marketed reasonably patrick henry liberty death literary discussion animation


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