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JPM To Save The Day

cheers morgan boo hiss die eh capn capn kin er longshes blow offers belong underdog wear armour hope underdog bought stock robotrader blush honest americans equities anywhere returns valued gross distortions bubble dotcom mild instructions benevolent meaning guidance goldman sachs bigger dicks goldman shield jp jp morgan trillion goldman bought burned jp spare dimons couch forgot owns jpm frb million minutes minutes rigged questions redux gamable holding dow deal utter hypocrisy gold sourpusses proclaimed gold sits considered insane gold btfd worthless junk someday plunge trust sheep jw pat timebefore turns shite jim richards salient dip junk advice money helmets ypour helmets qe c e tyler luquidity injections forward inclusive super duper banker money bonus dumbasses clue smart suffer animals smart include ammo buys flattens buying bottom gold jw lose money gold jw lose money nieghbor fuck wife limp dick fuck jw hostility troll jon baby bro newly adjustment suiting btfd sell gold guns constant whinning price suppression gift ill buying asset worthless whoever junked dreamer skinny finger skinny blythe polly purebred resemblance remarkable polly purebred blythe purebred masters separated birth pure polly pocket banks critical players global warming fight holy bitched slapped stupidity carbon swindlers fn buck shed dismiss simplistic careful blano scare shitless bonus trouble hip hip hip simon bar sinister nflx bought netflix onzh dissing alot money tips nicely pe stretches shorts fry nflx toast google player competitor joins pe bank zackly bet ass invest blockbuster videos dat earnings price usually flatlines earnings sell mo mo bernanke gleemed steve liesman cnbc russel bernanke spends stock bernankes money invested pump stocks portfolio bernank invest prints invasion bloomborgs selling futile junk belong assimilated goldbusters jamie dimon criminal criminal robbed neighbors crows bk neighbors neighbors bk robbed jamie fuck client gt jpm account holder gt bernanke benjamin liberty york ny bill gt geithner timothy f pennsylvanian ave nw washington dc collection agency gt irs refusal invoice gt smith wesson delivery gt rear blythes nominee diamond qe directioni muppet referring russell euro beginning descent euro crisis drag stocks recovery followed usd crisis lower pomo somewhat control downside euro crisis jamie dimon porn stick publics ass claims jp morgan heart oftodayspump dump stock reported j dimon whining davos banker bashing bank apart capital banks corrupt jpm pumpampdump pumpamppump jamie dimon headed jp morgan chase bank depositors spank stole billions blank youtube recall bumfukme retirement stock methe bearded clam retire crash shorting opportunity scoop retirement god forbid stays greenspunk correction trendreversal regularvanilla correction theory dow sitting below sampp below q gdp depending blow figuresand higher tank inflection bullish momentum collapse dow points mushroom cloud nyc computers trading morganchaserockefeller goldmanbuffet jw n fl curtain worry bono davos save convincing bankers bonoguess everythings thinks fucking guest crap timing buttheads tna bid hitting fricking cents fuck bid tna drink gasoline mixed cough syrup fuck hell nopick position correction direxion products scam touch direxion chance rut shed sampp bull trap cup handle regardless limit orders useless dealing leverage fedjpm ptbs pumping ponzi balloonto deflating crappy q fri revised downward bloomie gold declines investor demand wealth protection wanes spike yr bond rut broadening rigged wish money ad bankruptcy lawyer humanity ramp lvs et taxpayer workfueling bens casino whipsaws uber alles whipsaws whipsocks explosion davos nothingburger taxpayers moneyall risk trades taxpayers downside risk trades jpm puttin money social security trust fund al cash global warming gores lock metals smacks french pride dimon treasury secretary etf jpm bot jamie knock price gold goldbugs load nooooo thinks jp mogans dimon french president sarkozy clash davos french president nicolas sarkozy clashed executive jp morgan chase davos forum jamie dimon bankers defied reuters middot davos switzerland french president nicolas sarkozy clashed executive investment bank jp morgan chase davos forum thursday bankers defied jp morgan boss jamie dimon earlier lashed persistent bank bashing global credit crisis unproductive unfair rose session sarkozy regulation banks french president launched broadside blaming financiers behaviour crisis paid tens millions unemployed blame paid sarkozy dimon anger president anger dimon opportunity respond sarkozys remarks credited bankers steered firm financial turmoil earlier panel discussion banks mistakes crisis banks constant refrain bankers bankers bankers unproductive unfair dimon panel shock prepared madhouse sarkozy stupefied biggest banks collapse cards plenary session davos forum institutions trust underdog jamie dimon treasury secretary


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