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Former Goldman Insider’s Take On Obama’s Speech And The Massive Pink Elephant In The Room

win future future win futures ridiculous phrasemaking matters fucking beautifully rational future ours win bho usually future yours lose losing obama walking contradiction hopey mcfuckin mcchangeobummer condescending moronic dupe idiot sloganeer extraordinaire uwot usless teleprompter bitchez speaking imo jot closer sympathy unemployed grunt break speech practise speak omama chosen spokesperson phase takedown teleprompter voicedemeanorgravitas command pied piper followers anyplace nearing pinnacle gates clang shut anyday flew cuckoos nest imagine beign sane insane asylum ori hawaii official swears obama birth certificate signs affidavit declaring hospital generated document gentleman signing affidavit disappear awhile hang speak incognito dead fooieyou claim defeat wasting tired notion truewhat heck ins bestneo republican democrats office theold republicans democrats join volcker feed pigeons park attention national crises security crises employment foreclosures infrastructure intelligent health law morales veterans treated trash thesethat gotten national emergency attention iraq afghanistan receives trillions spentlives loston farces worthless meaningless union gives fat famp peopleno americans official original birth certificate proving natural born citizen ballot president az law az senate law states obama carter president obama reminds president hoover obamacare testimony msm win future equality fairness bullshite dead uh logic hits walls trouble greenback lold needthe evidently speechwriters memo survival rate drops zero dc chryogenically previously vibrant necessary components society utter uselessness plug lifeless cadavers belong fighiting obamas wars wars dhs timeist sleeper cell neighborhood welcome bankster matrix cleanclog future win newt ginrich wrote subject exact title whos vetting presidents bullshit barry crack boom address fucking win future appreciate faber eloquent obama whore faber photoshop jawline nomi obama photoshop ass haha lmfao 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missed ferdinand pecora exit worry robespierre obamas whoremanship jaw dropping zh cynicslook pikers sadly nowhe soaring polls indictment soaring sp gapping jaws fiscal responsibility fuck economy startin goddamn economy cmon yall obamabankerfederalreservewanker anyhow fuck em snickering secessionist candidates vermont ballots november majority candidates elected vermont mitakuya oyasin lakota republic oil gas sovereign wed considers treaties valid con gress shits bill rights cav firing lakota indians legendary warriors sitting bull crazy withdrawn treaties united states leaders wednesday ldquowe citizens united states encompasses join usrdquo indian rights activist russell handful reporters delegation bolivian embassy delegation lakota leaders delivered message department monday announcing unilaterally withdrawing treaties signed federal government united states visited bolivian chilean african venezuelan embassies diplomatic mission overseas conference lakota includes parts states 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quit ur crying mkt cratering wtf speech fucken retarded gs speech fucken kook respect verbs adjectives positive robert scheers columns speech distraction ails unabated mortgage crisis stubbornly unemployment spiraled control government wasted trillions bankers president conveyed insular optimism fat cat associates ldquowe progress worst recession stock roaring corporate profits economy growing againrdquo convenient ignore bubble prosperity failed tens millions losing homes floated enormous government indebtedness forcing cuts social services financial aid students president claims concerned references education provided convenient scapegoat failure economy blame actions hustlers whom obama sucking students compete economies hardly issue moment worldrsquos economies suffering grievous harm irresponsible behavior brightest wasnrsquot students struggling community colleges financial gimmicks produced recession super whiz kid graduates business law schools nonsense insist scores hobbled 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interview ms prins cnbs parasites laughing tsa airport molestation rulers bypass elephant nutshell speech obama lifes experience prepare century economic idiocy dumbing education obama fix unware hope damage pressure congress efforts reforming spending elminating counter regulations auditing preparation rid neat kill century created building economy rewarded investment replaces stock gambling banks trustees wealth atms corporate bosses government protects individual building generation overnight discouraged moment crisis death fiat money usury economic model confused stops faith speech resign fix blood streets collapse ill join hoping peaceful civil route wed helps believer grace god rarest luck wrote declaration independence constitution gone endless groping talisman rational government subordinate hit jackpot cobble millions host interests gone loused genius documents refer fix easily pain struggle assymetrical attacking communists spouses blitzkriegs letting ultimate consequences actions obama diversity culture celebrated skin content character intrinsic merit literally legion asskissers fuckall accomplished ultimate pop president cardboard cutout drooled applauded bowel movement believes himself busch upbringing hated himself intrinsically worthless

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