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Egypt Opposition Leader Mohamed ElBaradei Arrives In Cairo To Lead Tomorrow’s Massive Protest

allahu akbar rollover aftermath gold scandal economic collapse egypt boiling videos appears government lost control suez gateway suez canal commodity futures yup surprised discussing regimes destroy remnants bretton woods refusing dollars oil dumping treasuries regimes pliable puppets tidbit booked ski tripto hampshire bretton woods summer wifey financial system collapse def visiting signing prophecy bitchez mubarak kill freakin un scumbag charge enslaved tactic diffuse tension status quo elbaradei smock screen egyptian politicians wild middle egyptian politicians mubarak ndp eliminated extreme prejudice meaningful counter culture successor musharraf william morris frankly worry status quo restless disenfranchised middle classers twitter rabble moderate independent minded accept gaza border status quo understands leadership crazy islamists el baradei neither dealey plaza israel egypt descend lebanon moderate industrialized democracy figuring drag israel embarassing roads holy share embarassment insightful relevant discusson catastrophe israel egypt recipient overall foreign aid insure region wrt relaitions israel anger population protester interview videos genuinely democratic egypt immediatley stance gaza israel bashing politics working forgot jew israel automatically anti semite unemployed egyptian arabs connection israel losing campaign sinai attrition kidoni yom kipper security future egypt israel consideration km frontier border gaza ghetto poster child worldwide islamofacsim suez strategically built transit africa embarrassing replay soviet union empire fell apart feels saud falls askin pimco opposition leader egypt hope handful bodyguards son mohammad egyptian firstmiddle mohammad god speed meb ass revolt ina egypt jump hope torture chambersmuch ofalquedas leadership ofaprevious revolt egyptmembers muslim brotherhood radicalized experience arrest torture flee egypt ended afghanistan bin laden reports brotherhood truthful chet muslim brotherhood involved revolt reached critical mass ifwhen involved mubarek government al queda invented cia al qaeda pronounced aeligl ka al kye aeligl ke al kay arabiclrm al q idah osama bin laden former cia employee george bush bush osama al qaeda afghanistan osama financier infamous ayman al zawahiris failed islamic jihad bush neo con scam precautionary principle benefits osama al qaeda afghanistan vacant sideways stare wahh al qaeda terrorists empire global yemen saudi arabia oman pakistan shtff paki wedo notcare countrythat isuntil hitsus chaos governments fractured resist lure protection building strike irans nuclear facilities government appealing stable nationstate representing populace saudi arabia resists falls apart power vacuum charismatic leader emerge unite middle possibly split sunnishia lines power india china third fiddle rise incidentally egypt saudi arabia kinda doubt saudis balls waaaaay money oil government handouts relativesof handouts spit poor pissed hate association withthe satan vote op ifwhen egypt falls saudi arabia acutal sauds percentage population workforce national cia precarious egypts protesters positive government arab unrest factor whos countries hopefully londonistan amerikwa jews lol oppressed egypt hope numbers mankind instrument capable measuring indifference towards jews fuck fuck jews rightfully accept jews egypt yemen cares lol egyptian governmentis hitlers thejews protesters anti semites secretly deny holocaust plotting jews summary goys die zionists oy hatred fuhrman avatar talmud kid track twitter history member troll liberal sodomy bet jackass giving receiving bah scratch arab regimes excuses limitless corruption sleaze incompetence benefit majority ben ali blame jews neither mubarrak algeria elites alone arab deal problems save tyrants arabe problems nope egypts government israels closest allies sadat mubaraks son sinai grabs government collapses chance logistically israel territory suez frontier desert rat tunnels gaza wars afpak iraq shown protracted commenced financed outsourced indefinitely meu terrorist chaos encroaches israel theater terrorism secure suez control revolution mubarak lieutenant chaos worse msm job coverage sign doom hell torefresh history doubt saudi arabia citizens complain yemen yemen anti government rallies hit yemen tens thousands inspired events tunisia protest sanaa demand president salehs resignation regime yemen egypt implications gwot regimes emerge countries bet plays stance continuing covert support regimes bets assassinated dead pool kevlar jockey shorts hmmm el baradei heads egypt mubaraks defense minister petitions obama manage below saudi arabia oil wti cheap protests met brutality iran iraq prior sadmans neck snapping saudis rotateiraqtrashcanistan saudi response ensure shtf saudi arabia population rises sufficient numbers stopped british india lack brutality saudi security forces shooting protesters provides troops active support count seconds sa oil production curtailed insurgents poo fn ballistic prevent revolts unlike iraqi afgani forcefed militaryas gwbush hate freedoms elbaradei un puppet nwo hans blix weapons inspector bar association hussein wmds stake refuse cooperate inspections stake refuse cooperate inspections secretly syria prior invasion invaded germany uncovered mass graves concentration camps confirm artrocities millions jews ashes russians millions jews billions inflation history texts revision business shoah business wmd aspect iraq wag argument attacked iraq bushmaster saudi arabia prove negative skeptical leader announcing joining movement el baredei co opting movement entrenched tea party movement movement citizens tea party threat likes glenn beck sarah palin withhold judgement plays wish scream tops tea party takeover bullshit beck disrespect ron paul palin theycan overthe movement former tea party member beck palin leaders palin theycan overthe movement fait accompli percentage original tea party members disenchanted bet percentage former tea party disgusted incarnation party jyf jump fckers ftf fck fascists admit yourselves truth nationstate viable party ing populace divided unity blood bet percentage former tea party disgusted incarnation lobby spending hill fake terrorism supports trillion dollar budget original tea party tied himself internalexternal threat groups perpetuate expanding budget linked linked fake terrorism fucking sticks ass god damn risk somehow paid ponzi scheme ohh hope irans muslim brotherhood biding anti slogans showing ciamossad brotherhood confidence option ballots cia agency woke rate areoccurringin accelerating doubt blows habit dragging economy underestimate madness crowds cleverness dragging blow wave sweeping african arab nations kingdoms ehgotta algeria el baradei power pie currency newly liberated african arabian mostly muslim nations accept romes money currency throughout europe northern africa euros expand massively dude initialize parse headline egypt opposition leader mohamed elbaradei arrives cairo tomorrows protest fucking egyptegpt dip endoffile manrsquos quest freedom forever convince evidence max yoursquore heritage belief conversion americans serfdom considerably accomplished lands jr overestimate americans revolution led wish el baradei crosses rubicon backing united states obama egypt plug un drone closer vision government leader chosen chose himself obama backing regime aware fold disappear money obama break government asleep switch regarding egyptian riots potential spread middle egypt priority internet inner sheepdog thinks obamatron communications texting whos sabbatical outskirts cairo visit parents dads connected shed affected hrs txt pix iphone glitch roaming fees scheduled drop aks arsenal slr elbaradei obama nobel prize winners math egyptianoh gold egyptianoh gold gold yella yella sell tons weaponry region bet intentionally billion advanced weaponry mubarak regime toppled wil neve rbe hope muslim brotherhood messyand israel paranoid yemenjordanbaharainthe sunni runs shiite majortiykuwaitoman possibly saudi arabia saudi arabia control islamic zealots petro dollar system doneour govt stupidly invade saudi arabias oilfields fail source income autonomy region representative puppet regimes surronding holy sites worse invasion mideast egypt falls algeriajordanomanyemen nation israel hezbollah control lebanon mubarackisraels outside jordan lose power egyptian citizens storm region withdrw troops middle easteuropeand asia nations handle buisness handle ours bordee christ sakes troops uk middle control problems puppet meb puppet placed meb lonely goatherd marionette movie music yodel ay hee yodel ay ee hoo surprised oil shrugged possibility suez canal closed increasing instability middle growing contagion shiitehezbollah lebanon government movement afoot moderates middle interests growing power iran shiites slowing sweeping markets fascinating illogical precious metals oil markets lock tandem pms crude markets occurred simultaneously influence commodities markets crb index convenient activity markets intentionally precurser attack iran governments operate effectively circumstances typically dissolve tshtf competent leaders fingers asses chinese chinesethey obama missed teleprompter conference usa usa fixed history empire begins collapse parts peripheral colonial andor puppet outposts dominoes government cast dictator mubarak hardly bought paid egyptian relinquish power backed mubarakrsquos security forces committed ldquonumerous serious human rights abusesrdquo abuses include torture arbitrary arrest prolonged pretrial detention extrajudicial executions disappearances dept wersquoll elbaradei considered acceptable implement preferred ldquochange changerdquo program egypt natural gas producer exporter eastern mediterranean claiming share levant basin gas odds israel geological survey reported levant basin stretching jordan eastern mediterranean bank gaza strip lebanon syria trillion cubic natural gas discoveries added hitherto unseen dimension arab israeli conflict observed analyst walid khadduri former editor middle economic survey backed mubarakrsquos security forces committed ldquonumerous serious human rights abusesrdquo abuses include torture arbitrary arrest prolonged pretrial detention extrajudicial executions disappearances dept wondered wrote original draft patriot baffles meto gold silver tanking usd eur possibility egypt downhill choas turmoil middle tunisia template appliedall worldby downtrodden amongst uncertainity gold silver woodshed gives regards pms commentary chart fergusons blog sharp folk community posters buying opportunity imho pm responding shitstorm brewing comex harvey organs blog update moreshopping daysbefore themarch delivery date thesilver contracts notified gold money soldiers switch sides iranian soldier shooting fellow soldiers protestswhen shah thrown forward modern government chaos brotherhood coalition money giving israel camp david billion attack israel cracking islamist skulls money chinese control suez ah china africa egypt financing china compelled sinai obama stones mohamed elbaradei lands cairo gives conference geoff uk figuring drag israel embarassing nameisrael throughout middle translated actions protection financial connections source supply propaganda originate united states iow israel affects taxpayers ofus personnel fighting wars behalf growing conflict egypt israel clash middle eastern israel ingredient israel published following segment involves expected mass protestagainst egypts government elbaradei israel occupation understands former iaea expresses support palestinian resistance calls gaza lsquoworldrsquos biggest jail former iaea mohamed elbaradei considering contending egypts presidential elections expressed support palestinian resistance slamming israel published tuesday experienced diplomat palestinian violence path palestinian israeli occupation understands violence elbaradei returned cairo february officially announced elections scenes campaign underway visits mosques churches photo ops figures established national foundation democratic reform egypt upi agency elbaradei ball rolling meeting monday members movement israel relations states elections ndash wins ibrahim nawar senior movement elbaradei peace joke achieving progress former international atomic energy agency leader criticized fence egypts president hosni mubarak gaza strip border fence hurts egypts reputation appears participation siege gaza worlds largest prison logical solution continued tunnels border crossings creating trade zone rafah palestinians trade return gaza elbaradei sent message supporters invested hope presidential elections pressure mubarak democratic reforms opposition parties boycott parliamentary elections amendments constitution ensure transparency participation opposition elections conditions landslide pharaoh mubarak pharaoh mubarak ii hail pharaoh el baradi financial suez canal shut europe oil egyptian bonds rage root mob fan mubarak shortsighted send retirement recall unpopular named shah thug liked locals mubarak key americas strategy middle jimmy carter threw shah bus gotten lines team obama surprising considering naive foreign policy views mubarak embrace democracy protesters mubarak beguiling diplo speak hope egypt ends turkey iran thatrsquos itrsquos protect israel itrsquos battering ram israel protection money egypt syria tolebanon somewhat israel asks taxpayer pocket israel kills toshut upthe victims government thatrsquos thread woven throughoutthe palestinian papersmdashwe israel incredibly belligerent neighbors israel kid neighborhood breaking windows windows ugly kid sings pretend kowalskis prediction mubarak fortnight army arranges elections honest egypt beginning democracy regime undoubtedly hostile usisraeli interests instability hoard basics amp oil egypts financial system collapse bank runs stock collapse hoarding send price army tolerate serious budget cuts egypts rulers overthrowing corrupt decrepit regime achieving economic growth alleviating reuters protesters gather wednesday dispersed government banning demonstrations damage investor confidenceat million egyptian local bond markets wednesday data investment bank citi tension develops middle africa readily investors choose safety capital gains eschew investments tom dorsey president investment advisers dorsey wright amp assoc cash preferable equities egypt path markets suggest egypt proportion benchmark msci emerging equities index favourite mena africa investors governments readiness embrace financial reforms population growing consumer demand relatively cheap stock valuations features goldman sachs n economies bric economies brazil russia india china investment bank sees rapid growth egypts stock rallied percent foreigners account percent egyptian stock exchanges trading value rising population egypt elsewhere region edged sword population stir unrest update muslim brotherhood egypt ordered armed supporters support protestors mubarak regime badly shaken thursday jan egypts opposition movement muslim brotherhood ordered teeming membership join protest movement raging cairo cities tuesday friday jan prayers hasta vista pharaoh mubarak egypt saudi arabi problems royalty princes princesses count sucking money trust money overseas regime


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