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Today’s Egyptian Headlines, And Is Albania Next?

german officials urge greek restructuring moldavia yemen algeria siria lebanon senegal mediterranea albania moldavia yugoslavia zone romania bulgaria crash banks till mistakes goldsilver assets currency system nowiexcl dictators middle classes fighteacutem algeria tunisia morocco egypt sudan representative musilm diaspora europethis spread faster twitterfire ori yemen awful gone saud brotherly leader guide revolution muammar al gaddafi ar rahmah yemen entered ring link gookem catch ap viable global harvest ministry dedicated spiritualreligous warfare practiced prayer united states throws firewood extinguisher assistance yemen totaled million civilian aid evenly split combined million aid yemen million alone officials clinton additional development aid europe russia rumble loud noises ponzi scheme indians dull hindu brainwashed politicians americansmaybe organizer bigmacs cokes mass rally g saturated fat tons corn syrup mmmmmmcorny syruppy duff beermmmmm error cardio failure contact local mcdonalds persists albania wondered continent protesting greek race bottom cares currencies baksheesh baby demo tirana hell donkeys unattendedhope donkeys sweating governmental offices figuring strategy placate masses working involes charter flight banana republic gold government corruption bounds hits saudi arabia dollar reserve currency lotta border iraq explanation iraq passes sniff imo unseating dictator nope wmd nope dozens countries anti pov breeding grown terrorists nope created eliminate iraq posturing oil sales euro protection saudi arabia supporting petrodollars enhanced permanent bases middle include largest embassy built oil sold dollars united states collapses regular job roll bio weapons attribute plagues poor conditions widespread disruptions governments falling astute speculation flooding moment egyptians albanians wield influence europe influence california alabama sarajevo christendom ifwhen california belly guarantee alabama states feeling pain archduke ferdinand checking sex slave albania sale decisions tend sign police officers doubt highly signed guardian clip reporter police van amzn attention ottomansi turks interestingly founder modern egypt mohammad ali albanianhis invite local mamluk princes peace talks ottoman fashion kill declare himself sultan egyptstill suffering ottomansi turks invite bullish economies companies quote stock markets benefit sales quarters points dow zog hope former englands imported muslim population burns londonistan albania malta preparations killdozer killdozers equipment society village mandatory cat nw denver co watched local nut granby piss welder passed granby evening gas slightly oddtwilight zonefeeling boarded buildings gas station clerk riots blamed israeli mossad agents mossad flooding streets jeddah researching jewish holocost deniers armenian genocide sides stake weasling genocide records sided issues timewave theory crackpot states approach speed shell following fibionacci reducing patterns circling tighter circles speek reasoned wipe jews race outpropagandize opponent horde justification sympathy sympathy magicians rhetorik slingers race religious hell imf cia haulocausts armenian slaughters trails tears key defending youll invite attack somebody control defense minister tantawi requests backing egyptian army unconfirmed reports police massacre suez arab radio yemen friday usually ksa shitting robes usa aretoo distracted pcln installation td folksi september civilian shortly ill flip signing service luck flip welcome hit orders letting vent salmu alaykum civilians crassus neo con nuts elections iran strangely focused rioting streets africa millions africansarabsmuslims currently europe esp germany netherlands france uk quietly countrymen slaughtered police realizing role bankers playing economic repression demonstrations amp london paris berlin amsterdam


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