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S&P Downgrades Japan From AA To AA-, Outlook Stable

dollar downgraded yed uss deflation deflation savers encouraged save japanese government price artificially hight levels bubble tokyo cheap sagging economy exorbitant squeezed unemploymentsuicide rate correlation graph japans lost decade worth background retarded suicide economic conditions access sex feministretarded society modern economies predominantly coupled demand supply modern economy economy keynesian experiment nowadays buyers explanation salary peoples desires insatiable basic foundation economics consume money keynesianism inflation deflation inflation rewards borrow money production capacity mainly punishes save mainly ordinary citizens buyers beomce relatively poorer exorbitant items stagflation fewer afford modern economies starting capital producing harmful wish till japan belligerent waritime nation unlike iron fist velvet glove avaatar nations active armies tend serious deficit spending mode rates hair trigger industrial trade unwind outlook stable hardly ori demographics subject taboo japan recover radically demographics immigration laws causes led japans horrible demographics japanese created housing bubble directly increased costs cities postpone marriage fewer methinks heading direction disastrous crucial aspect thousands detroit backup neatly futures bounced stocks driven value driven money cheap money flows dow reality equities commodity playing officials thefinance ministrythought prudent purchase bonds issued efsf auction unbelievable trichet credible delivery price stability zimben certainty clairvoyants ot lbma desperate boys makin mm shorting gold whackload comex pm comex doin shift tungston million nowdays inflation shorting gold london buying gold york implications ramp gold hudathought issues sorted btfd subject intriguing downgrading japan ignore elephant fiscal deficit japn plenty problems markets hopeful japan sampp saved shirakawa billion yen etfs liquidity chf fear wake accept btfd luck rolled stock yearsi trader emotionally involved married theidea economy screwed sampp overvalued jump usdjpy warzone lately offers flooding everytime crosses handle nighters eb overlay riots yemen ap alphabet amp p downgrade japan notch davidc japan aa rating borrow aa rating borrow regular income exceeds expenses assets japan aa topic following translated english following gold shortage china caijing magazine website hopefully zh pm bugs insider china national gold biggest gold producer china reporter interview jan gold supply china extremely domestic foreign demand chinarsquos lunar holiday reporter gold producers reducing supply demand industrial users increasing ldquoon supply gold production usually suspended lunar gold producers winter perform maintenance equipment annual production target seasonal perspective excessive inconvenience transportation besides demand demand gold soaringrdquo interviewee pointed lunar gold production china national gold tonne average tonnes tonnes peak season explained ldquobesides decrease gold production increasing demand gold shortage gold producer industrial user reasonable inventory gold cash balance operating moment companies lend gold canrsquot gold bought borrowedrdquo ldquoanother reflection tightness follows dec jan largest spread domestic spot gold au td shanghai gold exchange rmb gram usd gram usd oz spread lunar normally spread below rmb gram usd gram usd ozrdquo au td shanghai gold exchange gold extended contract reflects trend domestic chinese gold spot influences spot gold price au td gold futures biggest specific delivery delivery business gold trader chinese owned commercial bank insufficient supply leads larger spread mentioned globally china supply circumstances chinese commercial banks gold overseas domestic demand met insider china national gold concluded tightness affect retail supply seasonal shortage expected lunar increasing demand gold ldquoshort termrdquo shortage severe

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