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Is It Time To Collapse The WTI-Crude Spread?

oil larger lie scope scale multiples compared pms crude bbl bbl dick floor rigs shipped processed shipped refined cheap oil bbl grab bitchin topic rant oil manipulation topic futures overnight riots suez outcome hope posted earlier todaymaybe relevent ps charts copy link julian murdoch brent wti crude oil seemed stark brent crude drilled oil fields serves benchmark european crude oil wti aka texas intermediate crude serves benchmark oil wti sweeter lighter crude gasoline refiners prefer wti brent vacuum wti trade brent blind equality wti tended obey wisdom brent roughly latter switched brent trading premiummdashsometimes onemdashto wti monday mdashthe largest spread gives brent trading games wti surpluses oil expert chris cook former compliance director international petroleum exchange points futures price brent crude cargoes gradually declining assets investor phone interview monday secular decline energy administration production million barrels dropped percent million bpd eia predicts trend tune barrels bpd eias energy outlook jan exploration licenses issued discoveries overall cook slowingmdashnever stoppingmdashthe production decline helped existing rigs mishaps statoil briefly closed fields earlier gas leak discovered combined fieldsmdashsnorre vigdismdashproduce bpd dutch shell closed interconnected rigs original brent hunks falling bpd closed fewer fewer cargos knocking cook easier influence price onmdashtrading games hetco trading arm hess co bought roughly third cargo trading games consenting adults cook terms gone brent widely adopted global benchmark trading plays affect volatility global price crudemdashand brent wti spread games temporarily arbitrage contracts brent financially whereas wti rooted underlying deliverable delivery wti crude occurs cushing okla crude storagedelivery bottleneck accumulates inventory surpluses deficits impact inventories healthy oil storage tends push contango john hyland portfolio manager investment officer united states commodity funds llc eias weekly petroleum inventory reports inventories averages lower supply trading games pushing brent oil surpluses wti brent wti spread trend mattermdashus etf investors easily invest spread investing brent wti spread uscfs introduction united states brent oil fund bno fund percent compared comparable wti fund united states oil fund uso funds contract roll prior expiration uso owns wti bno owns brent guarantee brent outperform wti future curves imply plotted futures curve oil contracts historical cost rolling contract immediately wti fairly contango yearmdasha function aforementioned ample inventories brents curve remains comparatively technically contango conditions persist bno outperform uso roll costmdashalthough drop inventories flatten wti futures curve investor option sell depending spread advantage arbitrage underlying crudes brent tremendous tempting flattening wti curve option pick crude aligns investment strategy centric global approach hyland sees opportunities latter bullish oil bullish india china halfway centric concluded price oil solely dictated disneyland summer logical oil exposure crude pays options exist wti seekingalpha crude vs crude diesel asias fuel choice moves direction annoy capture questions fu capitulates rolls asks gs fu crude mostly gasoline deisel oil lubricants crude mostly deisel oil gear oil grease compounds gradually declining assets investor phone interview monday secular decline keysimple supply demand extraction difficultbut declining supplies price quietly sitting link saved scrolling heads future impacts bakken production rise numbers drillers believed drilling funded rise infrastructure roads railways oil shipments train unpipelined sub arrays credible tertiary growth vehicle caught waving bpd region someday ish expensively texas alaska production decline posting bakken wti discount local supply dmd fundamentals bakken production horizontal drilling oil technique modest changer oil sands coupled 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british stable despite fiscal woes buck battered bullshit itrsquos assembly facts arguments designed persuade investors progressing jpm itrsquos donrsquot crude oil supply transportation system liquid literally financially shift oil supplies anywhere anywhere doesnrsquot cost bbl depending specific jpmrsquos traders bbl arbs worth bonus smoke screen divert peoples attention spread futures manipulative squeeze inclined jpm pump preparation dump brentwti spread futures jpm plans leading corrective charge bank controlled futures banker talks problems pipelines bidirectional deal administrative regulatory gobbledygook pipelines flow imports houston northward flip switch flow wti southward export magically spreads idwtw


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