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Interactive Map Of Recent Food Riots And Price Hikes

hit detroit detroit hedged rent abandoned buildings abandoned buildings termites beat termites yourdesperate damn bear grylls crunch crunch tastes chicken avaatar lowp smiley bindi ori bullet hole stycho somehow doubt bullet holed smiling ori careful chocolate rising chololate covered termintes detroit bus metro transport buses chicago riding bus bus riders unemployed stays walks rides bike clunker bike program china clunker bikes send vehicles detroit shanghai skyscrapers motor tv corner franchise opportunity whos exaggeration detroit bus service metro mover refuse detroit proper fucking zone stadium theatres walking youd plenty driving peoples cars ees fun lost detroit loved gps bazooka hank roughly homes detroit uninhabited crack whore heaven bums delight murders unsolved jack ripper luvs strippas chosen creep input exaggerating regarding downtown dead referred zero gotten stabbed gas station tires luckily squad showed asked officer hell paramedics officer stated hed hospital faster drove ussa sew duct tape stapler medical treatment obama money health aluminum ball bats egypt opinons stomach ofour choice awareness imf global aidstarvation agenda comments whacko plenty awareness parts miniscule percentage population hugely discredited system purposely dumbed population literally chart rise rap rise crap crap peoples ears tragedy design dumb sheeple easier control fault media stream limitless money directive social programmers tide ori comments unencouraging educational system dumbing witness comments cure ignorance supposedly leads exists alone understanding culture alone understanding ignorance criminal politicians idiot religions teaches aloine anyt understanding alternate culture highway usa tv education offer speak english english speaking peoplei axed hime axed leading ill buffoons homeschooled privately include kids subjects compared government wit lived mexico traveling amp forth privately kids education son designing circuit boards schoolchildren misstrial kidsteachable moment makea bribe demonrats league nwo buddies stfu poster msf whom donate regularly guessing countries names damn directly wanna slander asses whomever saved century ungrateful twits twatsyou twitsjust fix snaps suspect usa doohickeys teapartiers writing legislation bonds paid youll plenty doohickies kick topic cbos tax revenues increase increase tax revenue tax revenue stalled tax revenue impact nominal gdp fuckingcredible balls trash insanetheyre expecting revenues jump span invent coldfusion invented university bologna discovered misplaced spending net pulled taxes nominal gdp ohhh paid publicdebt esp rateswill jump currently paying bso economy ohhohh states munis cutting net net remove economy justabout economy pulled circulation fucking fucktacular spook zh labotomy nowlets fit fuckmerica bedtime fucking backlash incredibly reported partisan statement guide government fucking gone edge authorities value fucking reportwe crashing gt otherwiseharry wanger dipshit apologist crashinglike controlled demolitionan inside job shaddup chips dip dancing stars idiot obama payment payment unicorn mail fucking shirt tuscon lol thetelepromptervoice outinnovate educate planet yah stars planet uranus dreaming killing shortly afford dicks hearts pumping college education federally financed modest rates neglecting immediately eligible draft ltcountry peoplegt hangover inventory space removed random fires riots demand tax burden shifted corporatehedgie income financial fraud punishable death gone gamble holics wise conservative bullets dude win future shut innovate reads fucking tv alone utility bill terms outlay concepts percentage dude fucking fucked getcha submitted fear leaves peace brother provides bam bullet expecting gov version myth courtesy nonpartisan cbo emperor prince albert piercing cbo added status quo bernank targeting spy achieve numbers posting enlighten cbos congressional nuff israel blamed outcome events davos dumbasses planning party doubt planet cheaper compared davos dickweeds trillion credit riots loaf bread chose spend storage earlier hope pms buying raising chickens planting fruit trees gold silver paycheck nflx gardens organically saves seeds cost stable glad planet send address ill send mater seeds saved plenty varieties planted sidewheat traders orwe mcdonalds recommendedallowanceof buncant figger humanitarian rocky fend imo ant grass hopper version grasshopper learns lesson andplays musicfor sues ant hiring bugs hasthe antarrested hoarding ant loses fees harassment crack crack crack homebut version crack merely bricks mortar broken windows feces floor crack emotionally dead toothless wasted zombie zh tonight smoke crack salute ants grasshoppers party browsers ass junked planet figuring fromand grocery built chicken coop backyard dozen eggs garden patch willkeepmy eating veggies sprouting fridge seeds effort tv commercials effort isare feed neighborhood desperate ho pms nflx priceless humor laff loud barry nflx kill switch bitchez yeahgo zh occupy spending learning possibly pray price bread sky stamps wtf nation supposedly planet stamps vouchers mcdonalds peons fee garbage pain gain pray tellkind idiot mentality thinks supporting monsanto mcdonalds viable option feed generation crap tin foil hat methinks planned shortages resembles gmo foodis mcdonalds nbot token crap dare monsanto gardenwatch helicopters circle schedule millions millions die posted pic earlier appropriate planned admitted decreased yeild translates stuffs global warming fond climate canada kid lucky halloween lucky xmas serves aquafer profit sharing local farmers capital supply twothree forts fields corn seed soy barley wheat germinate stunted corn worse transvestite corn fucks pollenating seed corn cycle nature disrupted forces xyy creates sterile plants sterile seeds fruit seeds reproduce anycasethe limited space governments fucking reproducing anycasethe chemtrails destroyed plantains crops bats amp birds bees amp bumblebees decimated expecting global hunger amp depopulation plantains bananas holy biting toe nails plantain banana plants wheat human engineered unlike wheat bred dots banana seeds banana plantspardon plantains tranvestite plants exist leader leader checking insorry wars extrudes cuttings survival rate decreases banana plantain lucky guessimate spieces itll gone twenty suggestions leader charge usd plantains banana gone screws hermaphrodite transvestite assumes trappings gender match sex hermaphrodite sets sex organs plantains amp bananas arounddo fear cubas worlds exporter disease resistant clones heading hills reproducing govt tax paying units southern border demographics italy japan populations drop disastrous tax receipt social security programs race edgeend govt truth appreciate farming canada fuck tards reversal child born nuclear return governments import labour tax surprise mentioned job posting farms march zero local replies kids throw hay hiring mexicans crazy pick strawberries throw hay crops pick apples local farmers speak fairly fluent spanish french speak english canada working visas labour usually youll beer eggs steak localdecent cuts cow sent markets feed meat tastes ourselves plug plug agency manpower farms postings april galt eastern ontario xmas zero garlic tonnes garlic net profit grew garlic bulbs april nature window seed feels temperature amazing chain reaction garlics died winter winter national capital region tulip festival transplanted eh limited space core accept loves kids loves grandchildren growthgrowth yummie yummie growth spit babies apple pie growth politician growth climate changenever growth causeoil scaritywater scaritytopsoil depletionrainforest destructionocean fisheries depletionozone holesspecies extinction lines ponzi onsure sinks social consciousness selves connect dots consuming finite resources controls carbon trading somesuch savy banksters frontrun ensure commission crap solved lifes energy sucked salvation attractivebasically involves working harder smarter consuming fewer offspring breath union speech georgia guidestones appeared blasphemy million government statistics average household replicating ourselves alone populating core infinite growth human population drop surplus energy oil coal gas nuclear wed billion infinite growth economic model infinite growth economic model attempting control population growth child policies cure malignant melanoma hello kitty bandaid root collectively behaving yeast finite initially abundant energy source fossil fuels control untill exhausted begins die blame bs politics solution opinion fuck resource net growth economic model relies mainly local renewable resources critical clothing building materials bees monsanto geneticallycompatible starve cake indulge idiot ronald mcdonaldtanned rested amp understanding understanding biting idiocy uneducated delusional vulture entilted elitist throng fail whyis ityour democratic system condones garbage guns ideas prisoners jail demogarphics steals loaf bread texas hang idiots elect crooked elections rape pillage decade collective livesusa exist whacko melting pot occur americans merely reflection finger blame realizing fingers ourselves em ipads iphones ipods divert attention starvation touchscreen doused marinade taste cook circuit baked fried mmmbreaded circuit smell fried circuit morningactually computer giving troubles batter tho fried grains rice farmvile buck error suez power phone internet shut appearently chan reporting police opened rioters welleverything government related itll tommorrow barry soeterro internet shut switch national security internal threats curious timing eh tweets suezcairo link forwarded tptb nervous track downright o canthe shutdown instant enjoy shut share money bought media cornered isps capable shutting conversation snarky o canthe shutdown instant enjoy shut share money bought media cornered isps capable shutting conversation goose bumps worries bernank government technology stamp electronic swipe card maker allows cards wishes cost magic card grocery carts jp morgue processes snap cardsand poor soul vampire talons baltic nose dive lookin shitty oil suez crippled fucking balistic highs ish caring commodities tracked qe disconnect explained ships scrap rates ships bdi movement bulk goods seasonally adjust crap margin money chasing fixed stock valuation distorted rca digitally printed money chasing limited stocks apple shine forever beg beware qe ride hangover biblical proportions bank thailand protests bosnia formenting nationalism russia rosy optimistic usa cuz pomo united states germany wunderbar official unemployment data faked unemployed million sunshine gloria media corp hit lowest mio fineeverything dosage economists managers celebrating records dax climbing climbing birth boom higher lower lowest birth rates europebut cheap propaganda rammsteins amerika bodies piling tweets cell phones afford energy protest system afford juice protestthis boils investment bank mafia buying commodity screwing pricewonder items hit future davoscapitalism consuming itselfthe fools realise destroying system greed sticking tins baked beans ebay interestedpayment silver silver cointake bank patriotic duty sir brain twits deserve sink cash budget bought woo hoo alot riotsprotests leftists coumunists islamists advantage mood countriesin countries poverty population egyptthe riotes expected lebanon jordan protest tone granted gasenergy riots bet yeararound oct guessing grain reserves sold peoples noses backout feed request homeland security requests blankets bodybags mres roughly million americans becoming government hurricanes cpl canada disagree issues canadian governments reserve exists substantive canadian government policy appreciate links disagreements avoid politics subject honest canuck reserves hinkey canadian governments ability pensions capitalized weird freedom hass changed surprised fuck farmersland owners locally sell china china pays silver send rail cars talked conferences canada hit supply failure canada toronto speaking failuretampons figured selling tampons ebay bucks foodbe prepared lack incredible shrinking package flour canada kilo bag flour amazing kilo bag incredible shrinking package flour canada kilo bag flour amazing kilo bag disagree canada rural pop starve sticks canuck cities survive moncton johns charlettetown atlantic region fineexcept halifax hole pile bricks burn ottawa concept company engineering contract canada ability crops population tons waterwe takeover kiss gently target imf schedule fucked countru chancethe premier bc primary broadaster media attendance bilderberg june natural unpolluted resources timehold yankees corps canada decision canuckus border inorder canada infrastructure changes blackoutsbrownouts twice neck woods clock setting digital clocks km ottawa capital capital canada unmarked truck trailers spy wagons power generators buildings working surplus energy sell ny power lights skeptical canadian government plans emergency contingencies media gawd r awesum cuz bankz r canadian hokey bullshit zero discussion doubling rates zero discussion drops crop yields anytime owners farmers agriculture canada official anytime farmer tv canada dumb fuck dairy farmer crying foul milk quota funded taxpayer cows money cost money litre bag milk cost dollars working profit hosed buddy canada mo falling cock somebody ha pun canada decision uscanuck border upper lower canada existed plethora cities towns border maritimes central canada conditions namely predominant trade route lawrence lakes usa decision geography decision business requirements closer markets closer blunt throw cousins ogdensburg border crap fuzzy drunk teenager enjoyed evenings wishing met bud jack blood cousins minutes bridge wish met jack buds ugly twin brothers rye somehow soothed female cousinmaryjane breakfast mentioned canada resource planning resources nerfed population decided km nowwell easier tooth paste tube fund nowhere developing dreams fort middle nowhere hope fruit borne collapse nicely appearent powers planned imf fuck sooner homeland security joke homeland security wh tf protecting lon crowd thieves homeland seurity citizens populous inconvenient bottom theft throughout thread uneducated dumb fuck correlates pegging countries de facto official pegs fuckers ben pegging usd negtaive itmay seemright brings stability currency hurts adam smiths gifts trade subsidies forever peggersstop subsidy capital oil undercut competition bankruptcy competition sold oil jack price currency undervaluation hurts china exporter pegs price cheap goods pun intended junk fight jw junk junked junk shoe salesman cell phone sales ladys stir pot anon junking jesus freaks junked junk usd worthless perpetuate fallacy lose impotance cash lose disagree usd reserve currency changes peg currency stability developing ecomomy yemen reyal pegged capital flight yemeni government mandated minimum twenty deposits local currency value money continued drop instability ethanol fuels die besides ethanol lousy molotov cocktails usd toilet collective madmen women obamas smoke burn policy bets china squeeze obama usts sell offs asia kick usa hole chance sell treasuries china hairs financial riots china usa creditor vs debtorfinance win china afford writedown lose chunk gdp housing usa xs vulnerable evey screwed stocks pomo hft grinds yr yields recession epicentre housing china metaphorically speaking hedge funds allies usts usd yields brutal terrority fight owns printing monetize chinas dump capital markets developed internal demand external demand overleveraged closer edge terms security deflation detriot york chicago liquor bread higher middle folk falling wages deflate price structures swing weather wars rigged financial system systematically destabilizing plundering nation nation average experiencing erosion purchasing power systems mercilessly manipulated fedrsquos policies intentional component insidious trend malthusian catastrophe nations americans myth relative circumstance holders hope hill legacy persists subjugation citizenry chained suborned hope hope donrsquot tracked police sorts governmental control preparations catastrophe natural induced schedule china transition model enforcer ruling oligarchy china susceptible collapse comments stated succession violent disruptive events visited anytime future traitors criminals staged prophecy strikes inside job fell china considred rolling ignore numbers comprising lean underestablishment whom security represents attainment unlike ghetto kid army relocate advancement americans disability morally disabled failure resist security hell poached frogs extraordinary spirit nation founded rose greatness resides national character doubts fear americans reduced counter control ruling submit amendment hope renegade tribes nevertheless count national character smugglers sloughed manipulations lazier english twats backs bite em considering system listening courtesy tax dollar solution leaderless resistance resists abilities conscienceno gurus lenins gandhis directed salvationbetter relient wave future spot essence spot dependence ori user nah leader bestwhen barely existsnot obey acclaim himworst despise himfail honor peoplethey fail honor youbut leader talks littlewhen aim fulfilledthey ourselveslao tzu catching frank contact excluding zh posters relatives business contacts clueless knowing government apathetic recognize degree prospect societal upheaval comfortable preparations majority mass brainwashing control principally tv forms mass media disturbing programs poisoning supplies passage programs intensify protect influence immediate threats vaccines filter municipal sources avoid processed whenever avoid gmos kill poison storage supply program obviously defend threat tv minimize exposure electrical grid installing filtering device remove modulations shouldnrsquot kidding urban rural secure rural immediate handle whatrsquos frank speak relatives alternate reality bled canrsquot unstable g meeting pittsburg army national guard troops rounded randomly beat arrested citizens police drove residential neighborhoods miles cannons harass citizens police dogs shoppers showed army national guard troops rounded randomly beat arrested citizens police drove residential neighborhoods miles cannons harass citizens police dogs shoppers police militarized proof events benb crisis combination geoengineeringchemtrails amp financial policies amp foodsystems manipulation biological component colombian cm cassava plants exhibiting leaf pathology mysteriously appearing african cassava virus plantsare growing expecting hunger riots depopulation heading hills seeds dogs specific places shielded chemtrails finding issue lateparticularly oil oil zero hedge readers acknowledging role weather warfare global crisis compared countries lower capita income te cheapest proof poorest fattest dat local wallyworld taxed rascal scooters flesh sides grabber snacks lbs math whizzes meteor hit capitol building pm comet hit davos shortly thereafter price wheat africa tuesday fiddy cents higher lower lol products usa photographed egypt xd breakfast fodder plow pulling republican mom driving commodity speculators armed cheap money provided central bankers super computers causing havoc population pushing towards poverty afford basic necessities regulators react ages identify measures solve problems ban speculation strictly required relief bust upmonopolistic tbtf corporationsbanks chunks capital manipulate planet offense intended propose fiddy cents hahahahahhahhah forward meltdown nuttin tired totin leech society tired oblivious multitudes tired business spend countless filling increasing forms sent increasing departments bureaus devil definition social security disability physically disability disabled working majority lifes drugs teens twenties disabled helping poor unfortunates heart resent government whomever collapse prepared collapse prefer combination leaders acting leaders refuse japanese seppuku exit approach toss investigationslawsuits penalties imposed guilty shaking cobwebs dreamy excerpt international jew henry ford writing tribe remarkably descriptive lack rhetoric blame dispassionately reminds zoologist describing habit behavior hazard predatory spider fox wish behaved jew shown capacity manufacturing engages grown adjunct merchandising plans manufacturing saves profit decrease cost increase characteristic jewish business methods economies sake business sake commodities inexcusable exorbitant increases lines business frightened lower explanatory lines jews exercise widest control business jewish money successful jew money permits idealistic slush interfere dollar dollar profit clipped voluntary reforms ameliorate condition workers hardness jewish heart hardness jewish business business goods money distress suffering jewish heart sympathy involved entities jew naturally theory business humanize deal manner charge business jewish sweatshops york explained susceptible nation commiserated poor jews york sweatshops inventors operators sweatshop method jews boast race creed persecuted liberty insured investigator noted heartless treatment accorded jew united states overseers masters evidence sweater sweated inhumanity heartless business sweated lived hope roomful sewing endlessly vital business unflagging ambition ladder masters sweatshop enabled slightest oppression injustice sorest poverty jews regard calamity neither regard subordinate positions permanently theirs spend energies lamenting inconveniences improve individually socially harmful lower ranges employment unsupervised higher circles felt necessity devising industrial reforms benefits jews charity noble industrial reforms nil commendable sympathy donate profits rectify human method profits reforming method profits diminished prevented occurred charitable names wealthier 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