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Goldman’s Take On The FOMC Statement

screaming surprise fomc continued characterize core inflation trending downward despite uptick cpi global demand economic recovery monetary accomodation inflation deflation committed dollar policy ben bernanke looting bought europe cheap agribusiness future freeze german bologna sale lb lbs savervac bag system wild jerky points outlined wrote response bounce expected positive moves indices positive sign bull moves steady basis points dow november speak terms pauses corrections counts positive sign bull moves steady basis davidc steady moves lol harry crackhead bs dow obviously overvalued pipe harry costs billion weekly money printing ponzi alive paid grandchildren hope profits passed generationsso afford taxes grandchildren paying ponzi predicted ramp bounce commodites sex goldmans o o twigged cpi inflation wish davidc hires pays regular americans banks money imagine erin burnett cramer celebrating wage inflation regular starve bankers celebrate christ hadnt hire lower rates weaker currency demand tax cuts knowledge recall german manufacturers strongly supportive money printing weimar shocked shocked goldman fomc fudging numbers butt minions liesman forth proclaim reversals gdxj gldx wrote governments basic math working following rules income income tax expense healthcare transportation education clothes shelter tap credit shelter core inflation governments healthcare transportation education tap credit solve problems solution discussion incomes stagnant generation lost goldmans net realityactually seeps majority client population react statistically fashiongoldman maker moves correctly consumption engender response extinctionwithout law manipulators mt olympus limit tothe unwillingness investor touch depths goldmans depravity surprised acknowledge role cia qe generation push printer button bernanke incite revolutions suprised drool holy grail phd relationship fusion insane insane fun breaking blackscholes tbt puts


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