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Whispers Of The Inevitable Unwind Of The Fed’s SFP Program And The Ensuing $200 Billion Liquidity Injection Commence

mint gum twice pomo twice fun jolt cola sugar twice caffeine undergraduate finals swill mantra fool jp national financial economic policy thinks seemed pulled system stabilized moves unsustainable inflationary creedence collapse system stated goals employment stable inflation wildly odds actions attempting bubble subsequent crashbut benefit fewand harmed smart malicious accidentally planned desired money massively wealthywhat cluband notin handshake club w money property printing aim firehouse liquidity greatest bubble subsequent crash highway hell rabbit hole aliens landed looked minutes theyd blatantly destroy fastest speed demonstrated allegiance criminal international bankster syndicatenot system collapsed alternative unfathomable cornered globe overextended credit cards maxed holding central banks working breaks ranks deleverages hambone contemplated theory chock conspiracy theory conjecture speculationand intrigue discounted mostall zh smart malicious accidentally planned desired hambone hopelessly locked antiquated policies worked reached strict keynesian fiscal policy worse stubbornly maintaining policies creating realities global economy whereby exporting inflation creating biflation admit policies harmful business discredit careers prophet milton friedman created global scale excess dollars deficits chickens roost dollars reached critical mass economies asia switching saving consumption admit response recessions appropriate context bubble deflation severely limits demand policy flation serving raise cost business lifting demand consumers mired unemployment declining incomes declining anticipated retirement benefits declining estate values admit biflation academic reality policies gone rails applicable economic conditions careers saviors inflation control crude oil controlled bandied signs inflation dow sight oil price gas mins inflation existbe ugly crude oil fareven uglier gold silvereveryone qe programs ben bernank fighting inflation jewellry hunky dory francisco marketwatch mdash crude oil futures settled eight tuesday remarks key saudi arabian energy official stoked tradersrsquo concerns supplies increasing crude march delivery quotescomstocknfclh clh fell barrel york mercantile exchange lowest nov wtf rt printing money falsely boosting stock inflation pms et al uhmor broaden horizons crude sells offas russellk assets amazed central banks speaks treated moses mount reality bankers match actions trichet euro rise inflation ez money china england japanetc initial impression flight quality tlt worse pog oil qe bid print dollars generate additional elephants dancing pin tyler zh synchronized msm zh curtain kiddies peek nipple slip gotten fucked hsa tyler job exposing sausage madeit credible risk turning rambles fear outsiders appreciate government offer punish scenes cairo imagine outrage privation starvation support politically rulers maintaining middle dreams ontothey lose gain digital printarama coupled w foreign policy unwanted guests fing credible masses rise government communities zh fashion occasional suggestion enforcement policy issues propose incite stunt reader conclusions senses leadership community anarchy traditionally disparaging concept ron paul rescued banks unemployment banks solvent government billions profit tarp trillions pomos liar boob tv cnbc lies boob god boobs sarcasm rant provide third republican response union tonight onion onion venue material tonights spectacle save tatas gold killed stocks asses feds raise higher rug higher levels planeveryone onboard plunge kafka painting dali billion ongoing pomo billions poor fight planet pour gasoline painting dali soonwe monet degas van gogh cleverand fatten pds buying virtually unlimited treasuries despite qe officially ended excess reserves depleted announce economy recovering qe qe infinity hft machines tuned human element brings memoriesvery touches gold oil dropping cheaperexactly farce concerned firemen burning building gas cans nah party returned nw territorial mint metro seattle silver gathering mission nwt mint buys sells melts mints silver pan silver biggest mints spot silver silver expected serious disconnect shortage silver price judge apparent excess silver advice buying dip moving confirmation stories dealers silver favorite mint silver hang ride exciting roll loop de loop segment anecdotally dealer dc asking customers sell silver spot price crash scrounging inventory gold silver customer prepaid oz bars refund kangaroos orders supply digging shoeboxes halves quarters whispering repeat buyers hed spot ag ozs phone dealers inventory sell problems upstream wholesalers supplying dealers hedged price movements retail spot inventory hiding sell loss ah money sloshing cascading globe stops bets inflation exported countriescausing fights usa address markets money system volume higher lower volume drop generate volume refund banks citizens tunesian tylers quote berg treasury cuts sfp bills seasonal increase bill offerings wash ultimately wash sfp program static billion offset bill seasonality sfp treasury increase bond issuance bill nominate burnbank clown stock economy wellthats pathetically desperate ivory tower economist unwind occur quicker ability unwind pms sfp inflationary initiated inflationary terminated breathing morpheus bet bernanke safest saddest bet criminal syndicate bankers fund managers presidential speeches blow horn cnbc adami asked prez disappoint lold criminal syndicate bankersyou tax extensions banana ben wild average joe hfts stick saves butbetting president obama speech mentionslol infinite money mars criminal syndicate bankers involved dumb algorithmill selling morons average joe asleep pinkie finger average banker scumbag excuse puke bucket blow horn segmentand wash mouth witha dryvodka martini grief meanare serious banker fckstick bloomberg fedtreasury argues bills sold sfp drained liquidity system proceeds withdrawal handed loan treasury reinjected proceeds mbsgse ut treasury notesbonds billion covered expansion feds balance sheet loan sfp dries dollars golds propping stock economy bernanke greenspan repeatedly primary rescue mechanism americas largest corporations roll capital markets shut cash balance sheet hearing secondary stock offerings junk bond offerings cash deployed capex spending business leaders recognize received gift solvent crisis reality golden parachute c suite perceives djia americas pride mistake pride economy cash proper rightful purpose corporate profits executive bonuses ibs borrowed massively fdics guarantees fundbonuses tarp forbonuses corporate bailouts forbonuses system revolves money pockets gives fuck society jump corporate jet riots swiss accounts frns euros gold wealth goal fortifying balance sheets significantly ability tunisian leadership flee cbs gold stashhow access proper connections seize gettin fear law secretly law connections untouchable created sub baby dictators spew reasons unwind sfp adds liquidity pomo adds liquidityi treasury account liquidity securitygoes treasury primary dealers benefit dealing treasury playingrussianroulette money firm leverage stocks fists correction lifetimes larger dow suggested jim cramer precisely retail investors jim cramer emerging markets correction qe announced additional liquidity decline respectable correction marc faber opinion interview bloomberg silver gold bullion mutual fund mutual funds hewitt brokerage individual stocks etfs funds precious metals funds equity funds bullion ideas stated plans drain liquidity methods issuance cd expected largest portion tri party reverse repos sold money fund managers money funds outlined annual prospectus tiered system cash account balances exceptionally funds reserve treat cash balances unequally tier system customers affected customers bottom access money funds manager pledged funds tri party reverse repo agreement supplants sideline cash sources capital previously flowed offerings effort changes fund managers restrict access cash balances partly response forced liquidations wave selling partly tri party reverse repo liquidity drain equity markets supported qexx repatriation offshore profits reported zh possibly easily replace hundreds billions withdrawn pomo concentrated multi nationals reelection efforts secondly fear preferred money account holders cash swept restricted status deter equity sales liquidity drained qe ending fear inflation desire precious metals subside supporting stocks irsquom missing connection sfp withdrawal securities pump dump schemes ppt sfp liability treasury issued ious behest deposited sales proceeds sfp account creating liability frs gather wanted treasury leaky policy wit mechanism treasury skin bailout deposited sfp funds ordinary bank deposits securities loans ust thinks borrowed funds fiscal spending congress fail lift ceiling timely manner iow withdrawal sfp shrinks fedrsquos balance sheet contractionary bluster ust theyrsquore mathematically immovable key degree easing larger effective diminishing qe numbers believed iswas compared qe range ldquojuicerdquo securities compared bottom theyrsquore fuel runs gravity

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