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It’s (Semi) Official: Egyptian President’s Son And Family Have Fled To The UK

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ss parents purchased gadsden flags sharing unbelievable dude whipcream dhs cash wearing blackbooga booga character actors deal suspicious activity wwwyoutubecomwatchvbzkgxbtw money decent belly dancers wwwyoutubecomwatchvabsryqtk algeria tunisia egypt saudi arabia oil inflation sky oil crisis redux donkey kong hindsight bush obama neocons beginning invasion choice iraq assembled greatest unnecessary sending army navy amp marines merchant bankers death brigadier ben bernanke pomo platoon dictator destructors par excellence saddam fallen hordes faster ramp job added benefit ongoing bid london luxury condensation situational awarenessworth gold benbernake turned gordon moron browns aka boom bustselling gold bottom reversed uk gold holdings soar hyperinflation petrol existence taxed undulation withen poltical circles contribution debate provide solutions mess egyptian belly dancing undulation zh investigate uk credit reference agencies surely files extremely detrimental held knowledge 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