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POMO Results: PM6 All The Way, 71.1% Of Total

holy cannoli effffff lord god pray wipe scum counting divine intervention preacher blazing saddles son yer yer god andrew jackson exist nuts hated monopolies foreign owned banks nut towards fellow fraud raping goldman gods uk economy recession q nary topic anywhere zh dumb raping deserve totaly bankrupted generations downline generations ron paul ron paul congress complicit dracos warrior avoid battle engage pauls acheiving critical mass chair domestic monetary policy subcommittee bernank questions cares god hope congress abrogated rights impotence paul fiscal issues date stymied attempts shed politician hope moneymen faith shall feral save money giving admin log credentials file clerks pds somebody deal noob hell sudden reality blank stare asked pomo snookie flashing cootchie drunken stupor prepared superbowl party cartoon explaining pomo wins loses transactions compared snookies privates slightly smaller pomo pd source bnp paribas securities corp barclays capital inc cantor fitzgerald amp co citigroup global markets inc credit suisse securities usa llc daiwa capital markets inc deutsche bank securities inc goldman sachs amp co hsbc securities usa inc jefferies amp company inc jp morgan securities llc merrill lynch pierce fenner amp smith incorporated mizuho securities usa inc morgan stanley amp co incorporated nomura securities international inc rbc capital markets llc rbs securities inc ubs securities llc money annualized returns pds generating taxpayer ripoff addition explanation esteemed avatar mikla piling purchase pm issue monetization skirt rules essentially rats ass notes shitload freshly issued notes taxpayers buying crap treasury primary dealers receive spread middleman choice monetization purest monetization subsidy primary dealer network dealers hurting theft pds return payments tune economy growth cite manipulation pd participate fingers cash clunkers government paying cars paying bonds buying bonds taxpayer rape deals taxpayer rape backdoor funnel money taxpaying middle banking sd bernank sack skipping discounted bond issues purchase healthier newer issues auto dealer ford explorer discounted pd bonds sell fruit banana republic starting description rotten mango republic republic adjusting tambieacuten perez hilton republic print money instrumenthighest price render untoblankfein blankfeins unto god gods lloyd thy blankfein shall tyler graph submited accepted ratio qe volume bus riders suggest tipped bonds bought richness veryfied repurchased tip tyler shown precisely scam laymans terms treasury auctioned bonds federal reserve printing money tylers shows bonds benefit citizens mostbecause cheaper purchase earlier frontrunning theorized worst bonds purchased banks specifically pm worst bond banks transfer losses taxpayer confirms theory banks fucking taxpayer pomo buys toxic banks transfers losses citizens e p richest mechanics monetization targeting notes buying shitload e issues overvalued implies havea feeling wanted target freshly issued notes notgive damn price paid printerof resort primary dealers middleman fees taxpayer directly picking auction ben berfakey needsto monetize federal commentsnot account taxpayers hope pray joesixpack figger taxpayers theft itcan monetization bln god bless ass silver slam congressional reps emails calls regarding repeated raping details demand fuck polisare bought joke nation populated imbecilic citizens sooner runs sooner sacking romeer dc sooner rebuild fixing system citizens nope hope acceleration breaking veer hambone hopes donothing chatter elected oglis suspect jig fear dashed reelection hope implanted soup repubs dems bush obama impact treasury financial system bush o net net lobbyists money interests scenes puppet masters belief electorate easily misled lied mistaken giventhat piss ss med welfare programs theater inflate winning strategy drunk enabled hitting bottom bottom waking gutter puke hair dollar collapsed bond markets gone vision rebuild ourselves remembering importance providing ourselves working saving depression taught generation superfllous decided technology financial engineering basics applied writing senators reps regarding issue problems exist monetizing primary dealers aka banks overpaying bonds banks screwing taxpayers andto benefit thebanks unchecked urge concern forward inflation instability weaker countries nomura reps share bribes hate missed chance trough zh reports prefer ignore bernank promised monetize misinterpreting printing money aphd econ mit talkin advise taxpayer confused fucked investor fucked intend rules fucked saveand thenspend fucked nation immoral profligate profiting backs poor uninvolved profitable strategies picking bailout corporate giveaway moral hazard pin uniquely bullshit asia europeperhaps worse suppose rightjust epicenter finish eating eggs pray lord path moving montana marrying fat woman raising rabbits letting cook montana markets obligatory crazy ivan opening churn burn reits ramrodded higher sell iyr rmz climbing amazing boiler frustrating forest trees indicators flashing giant warning signs bigger canary coal cre falters overand banks indisputably insolvent unrelenting attack reit watched biggest fraud suppose piling fluff job thatat pointit cease somewhat astronomical valuations overtly astronomical values ups squeezes yo jack disagree showing investors card cre patently ridiculous rmz percent broader markets falling chance pds hang cheaper bonds earmarked futures settlements cheapest deliver pds sack guarantee functioning elsewhere lloyd government bought paid grift business fraud preparing inevitable writing congress armed knowledge preparing seconds profit eurotrash banks placed eeagles arrive jit loaded gills ammo supplies safe alive crashing favor somebody calculate scenarios buybacks billion sample sample showing pomo listed cusips bought sample showing pomo pm net vs net brokers taxpayersgovt genuinely calculations assume math hate incorrect figures repo opposed overnight repo td cd mmkt primarary dealers borrowing ish rates cashing float float theprofit theyprofitrape higher lower ts comparrison overall liquidy buyback funds auction lack knowing official numbers needing sample scenarios missing advance zh society h uk quiet wabbit season job taxpayer endlessly shower bankers wealth splendor worry stopping wed conquer hundreds planets loot wealth load planet anywhere capacity debts owes handful bankers bankers earn indebtness sign names permission loot pillage millions civilizations nature beast rise exponentially collapse bubble headed bleach blondes debts quadrillions dollars batting lashes seductively uncle sam industrial sized jar vasoline os union speech tonight curious bank england shenanigans financial uk bods mo feds boe neck quantify transactions cost paid theory predicts participants scheme bid newly issued sell bonds primarily issued motive achieve higher bid ratios loves fail money withdrawn doubt pms motive increased bank bonuses ahhh pomo bakery paying freshly baked treasuries pds toss complimentary toaster sweeten deal annualized returns pds scam brian sack banks profits pump equity commodities markets reasonable pomo profits feds mandate bernank fool pomo sapien curious inquiry theft figured tend privledged assume consumer clueless searching truth doubt curve paying attention itseems propaganda knowallow figured superior apparantly informed thinks majority tends tobecome tranquilized hisknowledge asuperior platform gig theives false strength crime slice gig thieves stealing


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