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Holy SHIBOR Batman, We Have A Snow Problem

weather riots resource wars retards shooting politicians ny kunstler islaughin crying james kunstler neither laughing crying dripping sarcasm holy shibor bernankecaught videodriving truckfull freshly printed dollarsin china shows regards chinese complacency killed fat cats bankers breathing sigh relief swiss grumpy doom online pre ordering italian fusion reactor worth misunderstands underlying causes observing built biases wild analysis falls apart internet peoplez rant peak oil skinny kid hoping fat kid sitting cheeseburger lie football yay meaning deceit powers population endlessly crawling steps maslows hierarchy higher orders entertained chart actualization involves bashing bottom pyramid sucessfully payback transcedence insane speed metal aesthetic consumerism dead achieved transcendence individually genocide sexual drug addicted hookers handle provide funding bashing bottom pyramid sd rely youll handle demise uk economy numbers q propaganda agency western excuse eastern bejing issuing statements theory renaissance spin inflation holy wheat batman blame addition chinese tears crying laughing god bless tyler doom gloom hit china link china leveraged normally support ben pressure china collapse easing peg choice worked china stealing capital intellectual property hope starve frankly deserve loosen peg sending inflation threat temporarily adjustments ipads manufactured vietnam lower cost producer china china position margin squeeze chinaand inflation banks quietly positioning jpm moving kill china chicken crises starting mess fromold bensprinting constantly pumping doe thems fightin lk amp sd battle lines verse haiku flagged junk bens miracle messed boo hoo minus printing worse fuck whos god created barbed wire electric fenses liquidity squeeze sell usts liquid china accumulated plenty reminds blame falling blame stars shining blame fundamentals jus lyrics airtime financial stations china mess eyes edge reset button newsweek article stanley mcchrystal draft electronically tracked dodging stealth fighters supremacy parades india posturing plays showing primed fight ori ori wish thumbs buttons besides junk sd junk button fight club mentality inverse thumbs contrarian indicator zh ori bdi jason holy crap chip rent capesize weekend tie shiborrepo fxichinese equity breakdown brewing equity sell follows china implodes msm blame ice nov march china gots flaw central banksters scheme print trillions yea messed unexpected annual snap february winter probaly loan morgan stanley silver lessons figured thered unforseeable catastrophy silver nasdaq hui fxi transports russell pixie rhyme fxi worldwide fiasco ill bet osama bin laden evil mastermind undisclosable intelligence sources discover james bond style hq giant globe flashing lights mandatory beeping noise iran controlling devious scheme freeze infidel western economies submission weather modifying ray gun government officials earnestly prepare basis aforementioned undisclosable trust fuck promise purge frosty wrongdoer evil followers china conventional assured destructive currency blinks china de peg currency whatmost train brakes biiiiggg train completed loaded physics inertia sht shitbor hit fan miners bloodletting sliver wheaton cream crop monkey hammered pm share turned bearish falling below ma fallen below ma third snowiest winter minnesota mad mad twist zappa lyrics swear god business coast flakes olb clip stock job chinas hyperinflation credit tighter frog ass liquidity credit sensitive cap tech crb related destroyed speculators fun feed bear lol ursus arctos horriblis

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