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Bank Of America Stops Issuing Notices Of Default In Non-Judicial States

amortgage slave falls bank shiller amortgage slave falls bank shiller prose structureword choicejust fabulous diction candidate zh picturing collapsing deaf dumb ben bernanke wearing trenchcoat sipping latte zh kudos article gem comments nod initial deliquent homeowners leg foreclosure explanation snowing nyc price blame bac restarted california auctions courthouse steps earnest speed banks mortgagees prove recorded title burden congress amp prez weigh crisis papered crisis amerika manipulation statistics printing fiat tactics employed pun intended politicians central bankers speaking employed shows employment americans papering surprised employment matches micro local anecdotal stats household ambac newsplease hurry de fault de fraud de vest de storm damn dimensions grasp dancing stars ice latest dis traction de jour till concept ownership fraud launch united states capitalization purpose admiralty law rules convoluted treaties hundreds thousands ori worse homeowners paying mortgages homes happily iphone ipad mcmansion monkeys hood recovery costs mortgages originated closing rapidly skank sees advantage letting rot limbo access printing friggin dip ipads mortgage aapl sans lubricant forgot apologies brother truth tyler include sans lubricant review anal rape sans lubricant capital banks corrupt sarte anal rape sans lubricant bitchez sans lubricant string nod default nonjudicial foreclosure begs nod judicial states wouldve expected stopped indefinitely reasonsthe foreclose erroneous incomplete fraudlulent documentation foreclosed party punitive damages bank loses foreclosure prove literally thousands thousands situations lawyers theses cases contingency fairly straightforard whiplash victim accident secondly bank liability investor documents prove incomplete erroneous invites lawsuits investors lastly securitization followed following trail endorsements tax liabilities incurred banks choice bite bullet mouths shut fucked dueits begged wanted reply rabbit hole keeps deeper puts entirely perspective mortgage fiasco drop foreclosures doubt paraded july foreclosure numbers break records tila proposed implications tremendous stopped nods injudicial states nod trustee sale nots recorded banks trustee sale begs nots halted nod filed nts filed nod exists bank chose file nts bullish apples apples susbscribe foreclosureradarcom closely following california markets foothills sacto northbay drawn conclusions data auctions notices trustees sales beny meaning banks credit bid reo department subsequent sale reo lower price usually lower auction bid trend postponements existing trustees sale borrowers request bankruptcy borrower filed bk chapter bank permission foreclose bank foreclosed keeps continuing trustees sale owner garage property listed sale listing broker submitted sale offer august bank shadow inventory behavior zombie bank buyers fools stopping notices fighting foreclosures homes july fight foreclosure laws affect changes tila federal reserve changed laws rights july suing banks fraud foreclosures mortgage paid banks smart foreclosures july issue notices foreclosure proceedings homeowner awefully pitchfork lettingit slowly strategy bankers delayed solved strategy nutshell states affected zh reminded geithner extended infinite taxpayer guarantees fanniefreddie liabities loans trillion liabilities potential economic armaggedonin bear cost catastrophe americans faith government politicians solve worlds problems blame laid failed policies tyler article bac stopped sending nod bac stopped nod issued judicial states signed robosigners states judicial foreclosures combination judicial judicial


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