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Shanghai To Hike Minimum Wage By 10%

ltltlt bad gtgtgt central theme Nah reportlots   suppose  paid  attention corporate EPS  AAPL GOOG GE SLB focus  bad cave
John  crying baby youll  Zerohedge Apple  Google earnings Unicorn Dew enemas Turn  CNBC
crying  moron objectively pointing overwhelmingly negative bias BTW  Dow Jones  rallied  points doomandgloomers pissed baby optimist biased blind claim contrarian dogmatic whose views  oppose FWIW  JLL overwhelmingly negative hyperbolically seasonallyadjusted unemployment numbers NSA Tyler focuses former  vice versa mostly reaction sunshineandrainbows mentality economic problems spectrum pun intended problems mounting timeframe exposed hyperbolic fashion gotten bad mortgage  bubble
Thus value apply  filter

reply packman personally dogmatic  CNBC attempt  offer  contrarian perspective
BTW despite Ben Bernanke evil incarnate improve  strengthen  economy manage monetary policy abolished Conundrum
evil incarnate humanhes goldman
Feel explain board manage monetary policy challenges faced bet Tyler publish sent forward  reading
youll whathis policy helping thestock  inflationor JLL economy regulatory agencies  legislators consolidating historically unique  unhealthy imporpper uniquely
pulled  Iceland wed recovery incapable  giving  banks  middle finger
Overly optimistic bad decisions money

luck  Mad Max dreams Apocalypse
intelligent Shoot  Messenger
intelligent  theme truth MSM truth
John Law Mr Complaining Nancy piss CNBC sunshine  rainbow enemas  doomandgloomer objective complaining piss  doomandgloomer cave economy  growing  bet OH  seenot  sunshine lollipops  doublerainbow enemas herewell media outlet  youll  rammed BS  objective  contrarian objective contrarian  dogmatic Life bad  doomandgloomer lemmings  flock global economy  recovering Stop fighting crushed
Once calling  view  neither gloom nor doom Keynesian experiment humanity flurish fiat system crushed humanity  flurish leaf global economy  recovering States  declare bankupcy U
calling  names pointing observations Objectively speaking obvious negative bias Whoever Tyler Durden heshe jaded FILLED eg Robo  Harry  JUNKED data  appears optimistic clockwork deny bad acknowledge optimistic Ben Bernanke antichrist improve  economy Brainiac abolish detail replace manage monetary policy posting doomandgloom messages cave shining
Bernanke  Bernanke Bildeburger friends shortly thrown perverbial bus  la sacrificed alter friends fiat policy gotten shining super novas super novas  bad Bernie alchemist artist Artists create heavens alchemists toil cave flicker flames
managing monetary policy submit  ideas credit markets  seizing paralysis  rapidly  fundamentals wwwshadowstatscom  otherwise
FYI noone crushed  Bens Helicopter
glad junk lose money truth money  prosper SOB  delight  seeing fail bet essentially  opposition brakes crushed
luck Troll
fairy tales informed MSM  confident worry risk kool aide  kool aideand participate crash sheep
Bernanke  benefit doubt
Btw title ABOVE Reuters sayswhich closer  doubt  benefit  Bernanke
John Law Lives  Tyler UNDER reported contrary assertion overhyped bad
China  fighting inflation inflationary WUJO  TSHF worldwide shortly
China  fighting civil disorder
urbansurvival saved beginning flash pan terra prognostications  reasonably valid dicey benny  fails
planning  State Visit  Parade  Shanghai Landau sos wave myChinese friends

whine negative  whining doomandgloomer objective filled  whiners
filled  whiners filled  winners fixed memo tip  snowglobe  rightside wins optimists history objectivelyreading  Murray Rothbard  doomandgloomer annoyingly repetitive
President Hu Jintao diner bill
buying diners chains  blame  manperhaps knowyou cities ownlook none Obama Put tab
slips  bathroom window

worker wages fraction price tag useless injection moulded WalMart affecting  hunk  junk meal China mostly distributed  middle poor slob breathing toxic fumes shop floor
poor slob breathing toxic fumes shop floor  poor slob eating toxic shop lunch  andthe poor slob forced toxic assets
CEOs forced  sell  trinkets higher offset  margin plunge
luck commodity Wal Mart forced higher
setting screams  wage hikes pigs companies margins drop True assume offset equity weakness money printing  minimum wage  Shanghai  cents Therefore hikebe westerner  comprehend

Shanghai highest min wage  China pirate CDs
Razor thin margins meet government intervention charge Chinese economy Raising  minimum wage price  workers job  encourage  capital investment reduced labor pool  leads unemployment extremely China trump economic principles harbinger  doom government  participates activities scenario laid Tyler  happenit term rise incentive increase mechanization input decrease term
Intellectual diarrhea  spew
coupled  stronger RMB  export inflation bye amazing margins  AAPL Hu minimum wage working  seperated upper slave labour Oh  Wallmart devil margin  destroys  business model business modelslave goods blessing
raising wages  AVOID  warfare dufus doomsday peanut butter hoard
Walmart increase cost  cheap crap EBT customers
Higher wages spark  consumer spending boom  epic proportionsAnd Shanghai  Shenzen markets LOL

Uncharacteristically overdressed posts trouble
chinese  participate boom

Whoever optimist doomandgloomers
Bernanke  raising  minimum wage inclination youd ways increasing  return effect shutting workforce previous testimony earned income tax credit provides extra income working  skills training increased training  increased skills  productivity opinion effective ways  approach EITC WIN
Chinese workers consume moreand pressure consumershopefully
eaten rising inflation rates Second Chinese goods Indeed chinese barbaric relic
Chinese raise  onuseless junkpeople  cantbuy unemployed  virtue overseas wage workers Rembrandt quality economic policies getEarl Scheib
revalue  tighten layoffs consumption  falls dropping positive  term changes focused  exports transition choppy  Hu visited Zeros State Union address Considering  China inflation revolts partly created FedUS govt interested Hu Obama Cut  printing dump fucking treasuries infrastructure imo  takedown process purchase  commodity worthless fiat dump  currency  guessing meaning  central bankswill issue  digital currency system unable credits Bible prophesy   BEYOND bad moment  elucidates global growth cancer treated wincreasingly experimental protocols nations worldexcept  East Timorare desperately ways deal unhinged unhinged charade upon monetary policies inherently destabilizing account concerns growing impoverished  suffering  TD
Increasing wages confirming component inflation UNvirtuous cycle governmentsunionscompanies react inkind

Chinese workers  laid push  rising costs supply chain
optimist definately fucked
totaly optimistic chances  totaly fucked
forgetting China  announce  hike enforce China Underground  Sweatshops  licenses exporters Tyler talks
Everywhere India  banned child labour changed
enforcement ORI

seeing AAPLs cards handle  margin compression   playing catchup Factory wages  minimum wages unfilled  factories  shut  production lines lack  workers Chinas demographics declining population olds  declining YoY workers entry  factory influx migrant workers  Vietnam  Laos  southern China factories  leaving  Vietnam destinations favorable demographics  wage rates

onejunkpunk  thorough retarded
predict  none bad wage hike economy  fuel growth
halt imported inflation WalMart cheap sell thatis Someday parity miles Zerohedge posts  sunshine  lollipop bull trollsthe


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