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NYT Reports States Looking For Ways To File Bankruptcy, Muni Bondholders To Be GMed

states   access   capital markets
Truly          pain  obliterated andfresh money     credit Sorry GM bondholders
defaults    break   muni    steps
FRB Bernake   publically   states  fuggitaboutit     bald faced lie    trough  bad cop playact   Shitown SEIU
default    bond  term  faith  credit           faith  credit   Govt   FRB   Treasury dept      Benny
umm  faith  credit   UNITED STATES ie  federal government  individual states arkansas defaulted
bearish bent  salivate   prospects   defaults  la bankruptcy  aint    hell           stake
engaged Read  Times article         yourposition
dollar denominated      newsnext  fannie  freddie      everyones mortgages

Peter schiff circa           owe  foreigners
uncle ben     Muni bond   functioning normally
Lol   paragraph  brilliant
Oh   alone    pension  k     loaf  bread  jug  wine  thou
Hard   safe investments nowadays
Best      silver
annuity provider   escaped  net   Cats  aint
Please        silver
fairly raging  bull      verge     purchases    Ag Pt  Pd  bought awhile     reached    wealth      PMs
diversified    stocks bonds  cash FRN   mattress  myself   investment   company  Peru     variety   assets
unwise      chunk   assets    wealth protection investment
respectfully disagree   suggestion    silver  safe IMO    safe investments   bet    flexible  aware     PMs  safe Oh    count  ways
safest bet     news  ZH
Seems    losses    selling   assets   Gold  Silver   immune
PMs   investments    money
Santa      chimney
silver key

wish    dollar       money   oxymoron Money      perception

Gold  rally
average investor  holding      PMs
DOLLAR denominated government bonds default   investment  investor     sell   precious metals
Hed   fool
doubt  median investor    consider PMs
corner    shaking     sign    seeing cars  shrinkwrapping    Gold Goldline   TVBroad categorywebsites dripping  ads
average Joe    selling          tries   FAIL
feed  trolls  logic  backward
tick tocktick tock
Alfred Hitchcock  Mastering Cinematic Tension

Mastering  Sex  fucking corrupt midgets

NYT Unlike cities  states  barred  seeking protection  federal bankruptcy court
fuck   law       meeting       states rights sovereignty     sector unions lobby  provision  existence    Times       prohibition   Constitution  government employees  losing  promised dime         statement  charges Congress   bankruptcy laws
clip  toenails  involving  federal government via  Commerce Clause  states   considered sovereign   regard Unbelievable
barred   immune
knowledge   case law  ancient practically nonexistent        lawyers  chime

buried     Amendments  Constitutional text  deals  bankruptcy law amounts
Article  Sec
Central Virginia Community College v Katz   Ct

sovereignimmunity mon frere google sovereign immunity  bankruptcy       hours  fun     issue    settled   thebankruptcyclause    issue  commerce  section    bankruptcy code
Gosh bankruptcy precedent  law       stumbling block  Chrysler bondholders  stiffed        motions  magic  shared sacrifice  uttered
chrysler        shocked    barely  ZHers  paying attention   granting states outs  contractual obligations serves primarily  enhance federal power
States Attornies General  asserting   Amendment Rights      path   involve  Declaration  Seccession   Federal law enforcement action   State
closer  civil
bankruptcy    restructure   allout default
GM   corporation  turned   Liquidation Motors essentially tearing       plants  selling     scrappers      Lansing Michigan  torn   scrapped   copper plumbing  rusty ibeams
Shitting    pensioners      bad   states  positioned    unpayable     DEFAULT   obligations
Bernank  Timmah  throw federal coupons    Lucky     lucky
Careful  terminology Default refers    paying   bonds  returning  par value  maturity
Failing    pension   Default   contract cancellation    cancellation fees buit    default
breach   terminology          complicated  cancelling  cell phone contract
Breach  contract    term
default  D    focus cuz  swap triggers
Shitting  pensioners    option  cutting  services  teachers  cops    tax money    cushy retirement   benefits   working   community   sucks       stake
Harrys dildourinal cake business    Q
news  equities
money diverted  municipal bonds  flow  stocks   economy
confidence built  stocks        stimulate spending   creation
Harry   sell vacuums Cause    hell            bullish  equities
Life  sucks   vacuum
avacuumon Momma Wanger    insert  harry  born
rickrolled  Hamy
turning   chances    harry wanger abortion joke
Hamy blasted  hilarious     rolled uplmao
Imposter alert
ZH   Harry nonsense gotta  Ban     copycats       topics
fleecing   retail investor Feels      manufactured crisis
Kujo  owns  issued bonds
Far     overwhelming    retail investors  pension funds  cater  unions     institutional funds   expose relatively  portions   retail investors portfolios   bond holdings
prudent  bond investors             buying return   modicum   diligence     bare minimum  research  discover   information   indebted partys   financial health  buying       hedge  bond exposure  portfolio insurance   type
mess              diligence         bailed
Ben Bernanke despite    reaffirms  negative behavior     actions  parties    halfassed decisions  investments
moral hazard  bail   bank    stops Thre   risk    bailed
harrywanger  robottrader  hamywanger
Awesome    flag
Iceland defaulted      working

Central Banks
meredith rocks
states   catch  break    managed states     redistribution  wealth
throw   towel         spent  California  Illinois

taxpayers  states    trouble  afforded default relief       taxpayers   states  rendered unto Caesar       flesh  tribute   Bernank  TBTF monstrosities TARP TALF Stimulus  QEPOMO
stating    implying  taxpayers        doorstop    convoluted FUBAR Cluster
taxpayers  tapped         TBTFs   Morgans  Squids     hits
Fuck Wall Street banks bond holders amp  Federal Reserve     fuckers controlled  mere    GDP        swelled   nowand    gotten
inscribe   law  TARP  QE     monetizing  deficit spending   Central Bank     push  case   owe     cartelsbanks    period
Americas middle  economy  strength peaked    manufacturing represented   GDP   Squid   ilk
THOUGHT   reality bonds    instruments   risk  default
pie  smaller    pie  bigger   human nature     bigger slice   forever
Government budgets    money      relinquish  slice   fight tooth  nail     preparing  arrangements  decades  ensure    slice  tax increases fund  slice
rebuttal      declare bankruptcy       raise taxes     argument  rebut legally     ability  raise revenue        declare bankruptcy
raise taxes     taxpayers   additionalremaining income  consumption  nongovernment compelled
businesses   community   macroeconomy
banana republicanism      income     local   federal
auto dealer  restaurant owner     sales dropped     tax hikes       doors
Oh   tax   oblivion   courts  require     pensions
OTOH    baby boom bulge     lack  police     pensioners crimemurder targets  presto  solved
local    raise taxes   taxes   dollars     teachers pensions     Raise taxes     staying
states   catch  break    managed states
USG starts  bail          issuing rampage
Finally  austerity measures  takenThe firefighters  police   Los Angeles  paid    overtime Additionally    contracting businesses    station    sitting aroundThose       shaftLast     opening    firemen positions    applied    rent  Rose Bowl  process   applicantsAnd     outrageous pension benefits health    etcAbout   gravy train ended

Damned shame LAPD      thugs
rode    cruiser
dispell  keystone cops imagenow        perfect model  forward
LA PDthugs  beat  Okies     mobsters   East Coast    invited   local mobsters plus  screwed starlet wannabe hookers  hate Hollywoods crap  LA Confidential     Russell Crowe played    thugs
shitty  pensions  became drunken  watchmen  PIs     yacht   vineyard  Nor Cal
reads   James Ellroy
Bus drivers  Torrance  Kto   buswhile  cracksometimes   objects
link   application sounds
frigtening   Meredith Whitneys    municipalities   bankrupt   amount  instant vituperative hate  generated    redux Meredith         generally agreed   premise         bad   predicts    suits   hating    events unfold    predicted    breath      posthate preeventsunfolding     breath
frigtening   Meredith Whitneys    municipalities   bankrupt   amount  instant vituperative hate  generated
Bushhating pot smoking kook killed    AZand  immediately blamed Palin  O held  funeral rally  bused  thugs wearing tshirts    instant hate
states   bail  IL CA NY  MI
CA   offshore oil  gas     debts IL   coal  coal diesel  Saudi Arabia  oil

arduous   changing  rules
load   MUNItions
pensioners    quietly  suspect strongly    unions    clout      obstructed
States          tools    fulfill  contractual obligations
tax increases    court deny
Beyond  politically      hell       Ceiling battle  consume             recess     primary maneuvering   underway
pending     magnitude     divided govt        election  Hard
timing   bastards  DC       via executive orders foreign investors  court rulings Whatever    sector unions   smiling
Obama   exhibited  propensity  pee   constitution  birth cert Tarp rickrolled  GM bondholder wipeout Uncontrolled spending ObamaSocialistCare legislated thru gimickry  lawsuit vs Arizona ampc ampc ampc    Whos
surely  report    error    economic recovery   shoots cum  forrest  generate excessive tax revenues
states     federal government
fuck newt gingrich
widespread muni default       affect insurance companies
swapped    ANDDDD      swaps extend overseas
Illinois   TBTF  Germany    ante
premiumsquintupleovernight  claims denied  insurance bailout fundrecapitalizestheir balance sheet count
Insurance companies      taxpayers   GS  Buffett  invested   AIG deju vu
Annuities   obliterated   singleinvestment vehicle  skated thru       ooooo soooo      Whoa

GMed verb   receive nonconsentual sex  banksters  judges    kiss



Theyll create McMoney                representation  money  boardmasters   create  representation  wealth         dice rolling   simulacra  illusionary  dependant   foolish desires      masses
ends           bad        worth    slaves
credit system works     credit      relatively sanctioned  sez     standard   return    wealth

fools  docile cow massesso patheticgamed  exploitedand   seek  suckle   teat   corporate owners

offence intended   admire    nihilism  mirrors

banks fail    bail   immediately             labeled  populist  terrorist Taxpayer money       bondholders  despite  lousy business judgement    bankers     salaries bonuses golden parachutes  expense accounts intact     gentlemen
states fail       choice    money  bail          terrorism    discussed  mentioned  Muni bondholders    punished  bad business judgement    taxpayers     twice Taxes  remain    higher    favorite muni services     Cops  houses  happening  NYC ambulance workers sanitation health inspectors municipal ER  hospital workers  nurses  doctors judges health clinics  board  health licensing offices DMV staff  repair crews  inspectors  restaurant inspectors   employees      defaults   promised    unlike  bankers    gentlemen
accident    postbankruptcy   chance  survival    measurably  acceptably
favorite muni services     Cops   houses  happening  NYC ambulance workers sanitation health  inspectors judges health clinics  board  health licensing  offices  repair crews  inspectors  restaurant inspectors
favoritebut  grinning ear  ear      parasites wallowing  filth
wow         Foreign journalists        crime scene pics  horror stories Enjoy
government thugs thered  blood   streets
grade civics  fairy tales
govt union workers pensions    moreresidents  vote        areas  tax    implode   Detroit andCamden NJ
Feds   print  money     states

bankruptcy states  include CA NY IL  TX  em
fks  Californicators   locust spreading    Ditto NYers  NJers whoare destroying NC SC TN FL Massholes destroying NH
Inner  Detroit    model   theory
Realtorcom Homes Detroit

states  cities
epidemics      honoring  lines
Detroit  operating   bankruptcy provisions  aware    modelyour model eg higher taxes  services ampc leads  emigration   enterprise  population creating economic   dead zones    speculate   ranch homessomeplace likeRiverside Countylike Jim Cramer   Adelanto   weeks
CE   double standard  throw  spotlight   Bernanke
spark        absolute scam    Federal Reserve ablaze
speaking  myself  wrongs             farce  riskless risk assets  bonds     bailouts       insanely parties  government entities acted
speaking  myself  wrongs             farce  riskless risk assets  bonds     bailouts       insanely parties  government entities acted

Definitely            bailouts       ongoing       QE   balance sheet banks   enjoy legalized cheating   alter  accounting  fit  farce         Nobility  cast     laws  beyond  questioning      collusion     members   government   allowed  operate       practical  money   present  future taxpayers   disbursed  favor      expense         decisions     King  England      supposedly revolted      influential Lords counseling  King           veterans     coffin
Key   checks  balances system  veering   control     circuited     insane  bailout        challenged  risk  TB epidemics   lack  board  health monitoring  reporting       Republican  officials    Tea Party oriented     elitists
CE  raise  excellent argument         bailing      bankers  states Second howver   crossed  sort  barrier  TARP GM AIG GE    sector bailouts Third   created      immediate  deficits        T  guarantees  bailouts affored   financial sector
argue         bail   municipal sector   created bailout nation         foreign creditors   Bernanke leverage   balance sheet ad infinitum

citizens  states   prudent  Texas   Californias profligacy


CE    raise legitimate points
setting       riskless   asset holders   bond holders        taxpayers     reckless states  ability    crushed    amount  Weimarlike reparations via insane taxes amp fees   crush  incomes   sector business activity
states defaulting   debts        higher rates  obtain financing  forward  closer    forces  riskreward premiums  guide pricing   issuances
return  markets   failure   reward risk    monotone   saved bailout culture  asset holders      stoking  diligence     investors
return  markets   failure   reward risk    monotone   saved bailout culture  asset holders      stoking  diligence     investors

Ahh    rub    revoke  contract   Devil Once rules  subject  exceptions   proliferate    tax law loopholes   junkies
exellent         repeated
BANKERS  bailed     bailed   BANKERS  bailed
business     TARP program         adjustment     destroyed  currency       effect
muni        severe financial hardship

Exactly    changes entirely    sector   rescue  capitalism            enterprise       chapter   history           ear   King
Moreover   funds   bailouts         contributing   decline     funds   purposes  selfdefeating   root           nation   prosper     afford  pave  pothole    fires  stave  epidemics     nation  laws      process     judges
crimes   greatest wealth transfer   larceny   taxpayers    sector   history
scale   bailouts  monetarily  smaller  TARPTALFQEPOMO    reinforce  riskless risk asset mindset  brewing  crisis  epic proportions   playing    values  lack thereof     markets
insincere     disclose   believed  government  larded    redundant unnecessary  inefficient services  compensationbenefits   employees   absolute travesty   crime upon  businesses  taxpayers            opinion    affects  views    paying     taxes   primary residence granted  money     local   government           return      paying     lives   trailer  amount  fixed   statute
youve       policies  decisions  handed   ultimately unhealthy   future prosperity  wellbeing   USA
drifting rapidly    capitalism  government  allowed  pic winners  losers  precludes competition   entrants      sign   ideas  welcome Exactly      healthy vital economy Favoring rot  inefficiency  creativity  innovation Yuk
ignoring   sectors vitality    peril  disputes   Interstate Highway Act   crucial government project  enabled      commerce   generations Today   label   project Pork
official corruption   valid excuse  neglecting progress        corruption  government    corporate headquarters       ways   societies deal           founding fathers   worked     nation    fear  pork   inevitability  corruption
reexamining  issue regardless       preconceived opinion
youve   excellent points
parting       bankinstitution  access  TARP  TALF  receiving commissions via POMO Treasury sales bail   pensions   additional kicker    forbidden    costs    customers
POMO commissions  gravy   unnecessary  ZH   eloquently explained  Treasury Bond sales   billion     money   Primary Dealers alone
lives   trailer  trade places    fuck
Meredith Witney official Annunciator   Bond Apocalypse bless  mathematically proficient truth speaking heart  retire      timely prediction   lifetime         classmate  mine   god            smart       spend      giving  hints  resting upon  wellearned laurels
Sorry Jasper Meredith Witney       meat   bones  deserves  praise   pointing   undeniable             accurately predict
became Manifest     pause    nay sayers  shoot  mouths   consign    flames  eternal irrelevancy
Thus    remembered          BondPocalypses  heroes
realised  badSorryI   paid  attention   shes             guessher MSM confrontation
holding   asset denominated   currency    longer fullfill  promise    hair
holders  DOLLARS cash  cash equivalents    accept         NEWLY created currency UNDER  GUIDANCE  IMF
savings account    worth AE  overnight
Convert cash  cash equivalents    silver   REFORM  youll   original value    currency
anytime anywhere  nation couldnt meet  financial obligations    default    Process  restructure
COMEX board shows  spot   FANTASY   September         greatest nation  Earth  exposed   bankrupt  corrupt       crash   bankers  central bankers   colluded    FANTASY   fake wealth fake money  fake financial markets
Paper wealth created   thin   manipulate commodity contracts     create  margin benefit   players  control
forever          million  dollars   Americans bank account electronically  charge  income tax    creating   million  dollars revenue  citizen  obvious     practise creating  money        obvious
peak oil peak   peak silver Commodities   value   value  producers  miners   accept   paid   money     deplete  inventories
former  societies    bondage Government assumes control  privately owned companies  assets  ensure  production  mining       accept  government printed  money
Whereever  whenever   tried     typically cost   million lives  ended  blood  tears
rid    money  convert       value

shitcan  pensions   munis  owned   plutocracy  banks
Bad news   dad   paid  hispension       overtime games     salary       lump sum payout   parent  listens
site  dad   communist traitor  deserves   executed        pension  busting  ass         employees         benefits  forward    blame  single peasant worker   aware   moving towards  european system   vie  lifelong    benefits   employment   detrimental       blame   planned     pension regardless   pissing          pensions       hyperinflation
pensioners  Russia   USSR imploded    failure   USA       USSR   worse  voted
worry   screw  creative destruction    bs
lack  imagination   implications  monetizing trillions     broader   bunch       federal workers      swag  swindled          suggest      thinks           dollar system         benefit  buying  guns   groceries            miserable retirement
tonight       beginning
C XLF   hoot  City   mid   payback   loading   biggest losers   biggest gainers
States gotta  bust Theyres  mo money Prioritize    lawyers pick  bones
Declare emergency   Majeur    unions  breaking     emergency
Sorry Govs Brown Quinn Cut  cuts

nuclear option    unions     core    negotiate realistically
fruits  nuts  Cali  insolvency issues     concervative         Reduce taxes  control  border

Oh  simplify business  ups
Open borders illegals unions Hollywood liberals  brain dead pot smokers destroyed Cali     fing paradise
CA     Stayed  santa monica pier   laguna beach   mission beach san diego    gonna     pot shops lol
complicated         immigration   issue     addressed
haircut  Greece  suddenly
e billion            couldntmanage itin practice   blowback  central Europe
Oh jeez

Silver   slapd  tonight
Wait    moving average  trade smalls   commodity   currency    tempting  patient
commodities     pissed    blowtorched
whatHave  thrown        Smailes      repeat Cheers
Mr ss hedge  trade    torch  flammed
Fast forward    Goldman   PIMCO Lynch Jefferies Stanley Tabak BlackRock Morgan  Citibank  Rangoon  win  mandate  IPO  governments  billion stake   bankrupt   California preceded       melt     single  share     recalled  State Street   official spin   Palin administration     stamp  approval  confidence   communist capital markets   capability  Brian Sacks solitary Bloomberg terminal  manipulate    asset price  levels   Jim Cramer

Oh ho ho hiyoed mcmahon  Scary
Palin administration     stamp  approval  confidence   communist  capital markets   capability  Brian Sacks solitary Bloomberg  terminal  manipulate    asset price  levels   Jim  Cramer
Tyler   Soooo UnrealisticThat         complicated  structures   uttered  pun intended    mouth  babes fools  Palin McMILFs
hope theseharbingersof  broken system  finally bitchslap        government entities  hyperleverage   investments     scope  reality
wish   prosperous trade Risk  Friday  current dxy chart    break     yields    basis points usdjpy  holding    trendline   parabolic     bounce   eurusd trade    gpyjpy       cable      AUSTARITY


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