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Inflationary Guerilla Tactics Resume As Comex, Nymex Hike Margins On Gold, Silver, Cracks, Spreads And Other Products

kick bitches  conclusion phyiscal tie silver band PM tighter JPMs balls jpm pig itty bitty piggy precise nicki minaj dedicated buying silver welcome pullback price healthy horizon pullbacks aare  fuck bitch singing squeeze silver silver  posting bottom bigger dickus bottom respectable board circles  amazing scared economic collpaseas foreclose tears stressed subscribe FFT newsletter prepare  kick thatamericandown  doubled goldsilver holding waited bad Kaboom pigmen piss kick onto inflationist Turd Spritzer Bay swine Turd  reveal Deep recesses soul portrayed avatar GOLD BUG INFLATIONISTA  dare Hi Spalding Imagine margins raise crushed today insider tradinginfo Comex fucking joke research Ill posting evening blog extremely confident lows correction sight UPleg officially needed weeks Memorial proven Ill ZH AGAs  Karl Douchingers ticker   brother leaving bigger Turd Commodities blowtorched Uncle Ben China hiking rates slowdown louder amp monkey hammer commodities  Chinese hike rates serious indication inflation serious capital flight Ben lives wonderland offering deal remind buyer Treasuries Bernanke Completely unsustainable  playbook betatested previously Japan crash stocks crash commodities dollar swaps overseas Thus engineer flight safety works till Sustainable till  China built manufacturing profited credit orgy consumer driven economy blow printed fucker propd borrowed trillions yuan rates forex thingy dollar hurting PBoC amp banks consumption China dropping EU USA spending manufacturing builtneeds capacity BRICs capacity Mike Pettis slowdown asked Peking University students sequence steps China address economic imbalances Remember rebalancing Chinese context specific definition raising consumption share GDP consumption growth outpace GDP growth inevitably unable absorb rising Chinese trade surplus ways surge consumption growth allows GDP growth remain bad consumption growth GDP growth rapidly China rebalance Unfortunately obvious students smart optimal sequence nonetheless reasonable prediction sequence subject economic analysis issue economic reasons rebalancing process shortterm pain rise unemployment Postponing problems worse adjustment finally China choose process social factors obviously succession process key variable rebalancing mainly increasing household income share national income household consumption share implicitly redistributing income businesses governments households businesses governments households depend adjustment mechanism ways rebalance implications social policy issue economists leaders address previous pieces discussed ways boosting household income share national income entry sets winners losers policy suggest policies sets policies underlying economy Finally entity dollars renminbi lose obvious PBoC loses revaluation Investors stockpiled significant amounts commodities funded renminbi borrowing lose  Numb nuts NIRP Negative rate policy PMs battle lost ptb steps clue  fuck reposting Read bubble signal economic soft patch confined March David Seiders Chief Economist National Association Home Builders Gee wiz Golds December youve calling bubbles weeks puffy chested  oct miners weeks china slowdowncommodity monkey hammer  ya China slowdown sparse company Commodities specs shortrun visions CAT assuming miners farmers stripes extract profitably Godfather Jim path math CAT vision  privilidged sort walked conversation skool zh fuckersi saybut spaldinguhthinkingya isoh yahey dude drunk toololzbut fuck caresmy ischina moves germany japan skorea iran saudi infrastructure japanese gdp duh temrs bad loan cyclethey bad loans worthless ifratstructure RE farms remeber mac tokyo bucksthe avg framers japan manok china ism aking mistakestheyre human liek uswe differentthank fucking godbut nanometer fucking hope chinese save aliens galactic council siriuspleadis belt enforece mandate doubt tho waiting dr ricky w cap ok hit duh Oh Kamatzu China slowdown Spalding pounding drum  youve insanely idiotic rambling incoherent response considered rational dumber listened award points God mercy soul  job Spalding ton China Pettis source  ballsy prediction Turd luck ZH differing viewpoints Spalding Wanger Redneck opposing views refreshing sign ignorance wayregarding subject views opinions Jeez Johnny Bravo occasionally absolutely raise debate focus attacking arguments authors imo  fun eh Total agreement Ad hominem prevalent logical fallacy encountered interwebs disappointing admit wrongheaded opinions valid attack messengervia personal insults exchanging textbased dialogue evolve beyond keyboard kommando stage exchange information speaking facetoface  jus luv dem hominy grits attacks Dun dem boys wideeyed sayin Whassup Caint feelins ohr tought messin de mans Talk dat der Benjamin Bernank De Man  byjune aint gonna D Smailes China hiking rates slowdown louder amp monkey hammer commodities kiddin Trust commies capitalwhat possibly  monkeys Wall Street Fathers Buick sell business job retiree pensioner prolong sooner pigeons roost empire pillars salt ways dying folly ltdouble postgt  Silver trendline everytime silver correction Abby Stop rolling dice ultimatums Turd contribute BTW   promise  Timing bitch Jim Sinclair  clashes Bangladeshjust BBC Holy afterglow antiPM orgasm Silver blown considerably mostly related running margin hike damage Futures slightly troll retard lol  slamming Bubble quotes ect Dooz guyz william blair zo Jim Rogers Soros Nomura longer Cat Monster numbers printed Oh lurking w schtick somewhat trolling unlike Wanger et al regard silver averaged hedged rolling SLV puts Monster numbers corrected ridiculous speculation basis idiots Please explain unfolding specifics  bunch bet forgot trading blowtorched Lost business ipad mobiletrader Lol Smailes youve lost credibility Cheer leading correction metals shows youaligned bankster thieves asshat remove yahoo blovators jerk colors  trust Rogers Jim godfather Rogers  BS trust Rogers bearish bullish ignore Dollar inflation false profit  Cat Monster numbers printed Worldcom printed monster numbers Howd  Chinese manufacture cats stealth fighter sell decimal  equipment version CAT Polaris quads feebay  Japanese Heh yah French export wines sarc  Hyundai joke Pony steadily improved quality share competing Japanese delivering value money cases bad Koreans Chinese Hyundai gaining share Peru Hyundais reputation worldwide bearings Peru Korean Chinese bearings junk Chinese cars cars Chinese plants brands considered JUNK consolidation Chinese mfg industry quality inches Above reply Cat matches contractor Peru Cat equipment Cat India sends buddy built China stays China mypettis China revalues depegs manufacturing longer subsidy cheap exports Cat expanding USA  cat mid monopoly douche brand chasers overseas comp till china copiesyanever hit cat willsoon  equipment bet Chinese Careful Peoria Pete CYD shitkickers CAT JV CAT rebuit deisels handiwork pissing CYDs trail pe rips CATs forward  hereSpalding Harvey Organ delivery March OI estimated volume today astounding represents million oz silver terms global production represents annual silver production regulators manipulative Bingo sparky Regulatorscan saytheres speculation numbers today support whine legality manipulation Pfft  whining youdouche reporting facts ignoreall Regulators rightFAIL Regulators youchose youcriticize annual production silver consumed thin plenty delivered value losing argumentyou resort toname calling effective parents  calling sparky meant derogatory condescending tactics decry clue Priceless sir troll  annual production silver consumed thin heh MB thin youare suregonna spend helluva locallandfill collectingenough brokenIplods singleCdn Maple Regards  Fuck dumb BTFD Bitchez FTD BTFPM  Cheez wiz Mr LH gotoot fuckin weed Irie  smoking platinum profits Ah effiminate musings soldier lines doomer Today babys coos tonight buried Franklin halves guages peanut butter Definitely doomer beyond fiat lies waiting rocks Listen siren She doom truther worked Conspiracy theorist weird theory JFK blown Italian WW II rifle fired bunch frame Oh lie false hell Oh dollars gasoline doe PS effeminate overused imply Women emotions fists Pathetic Hopefully pulls Vcard animosity usually kills  gotta admit  Opex Desperation treating symptom  stinky cologne   commodities collapse printgold  Jack Daniels Guiness medications Non Sequiter jeezI dunno commod unwind futures overbought delivery taking bubble burst oil copper riskcommodity FX crossess AUD passed mathats signal  copper margins highs volatile  copper margins reduced  copper  reading internets Copper bullion Direxion adding X copper VIXsboth ways JP Morgue somebody  iron ore copper margins decreaseddramaticallyjust screams bitch Blythe analHHHHbackdoor bailout mention MASSIVE dumping SLV metal bind crimex longs longs delivery hell money margins fuck money AGQ tapped options Fight Club VH ZH mythology buffs  meaning  crater bichez hahahahah  hehethat video boomgo lady spare Freaking k mold maker priced k k mortgage bridgethis morningcause birds IQ  CFTC nonruling enuf warning Buying silver dma Hmmm Nah reckon bleeting sell missed moment agonow relying Friday afternoon options expiry dip Cheers  happend fiat price Maplesgood luck soonCanadian mint print wolves Fine Tinkering replenish inventory Tick tock tick tock Dead oncan thatLOL problems realitythe bubble  agreement myself redirecting portions incoming acquisition PMs PM retail dealers cash demand easily handle margin increases Hell intention delivery Eric Sprotts acquiring PSLV fund paperphysical disconnect leaving hope none MATTER FAR DIPS  price PMs gh PM buying opportunity Ill DCA oz  nownice capitulation volume greenspan fox standard dollar himself fiat money devastating inflationary problems silver deflate oil silver money printing resumes  money printing resumes missed Alan Greenspan lie  READ Jan FOFOA  Truly reading FOFOA neatly sums definitions Highly recommended reading interested silver Central Banks placed bets myself supporters FOFOAs views argue case ZHer Shameful FOFOA argue case fofoablogspotcom DCRB FOFOA writer net op pieces Added oz Silver today Hope continues  dip silver  nuclear option raising margin requirements lifespan effect Position limits longs survive Somebodys gotta wiped pile stocks commodity markets mistake Somebody menu insure victims grade finest fattest bunch Meanwhiletwo seenrunning fromthe grassy knoll Dealey Plaza upblamethey Hephaestus  Hephasteus finger discussion hephasteus link weave ideospheres retarded excessive laziness reliance illuminati answers monumental task undertake tune ideosphere prefer remain ensconched walls retardosphere wish reguarding slim hope understanding message disturb tapped skull morse code hammer waking changing scenery wondering boundries retarded rhetorik signs Mfickers Missed crushed hours leak ripe  explains wondering commodities increasing margin guaranteed Tyler pointed oil dollar increase billion dollar subtraction GDP ordered weekend silver dealers running hate feeling govts playing whack mole slowly loosing  WTF likegoing established correction Looky potential upside Whack mole heh holes thumbs thumbs Listening Kudlow swear spooging pants described golds demise today Unfortunately bonner soft guests share sentiment future precious metals stated changed Larry idiot  idiots present company excluded  meds today advocating putting dollar backed system schizo  Fuck margins stocks fuck margins PMs cash Simple  brothers Appalling Smell Robot Tworivers JW FL hit bugs aimingat heart fear doubt hearts bull finished coin shop Robot nudy pics goldbugs breasts porn shop coin shop COIN SHOP costs JAMIE TRUSTwell Man charts expecting Silver tried forget chart break view extreme movements camp coopted agenda practically useless ball calls chance double luck  Deux Rivieres talked dollar index support failed  JonNadler em porn shop coin shop Priceless Aim heart hit em Au Au Au Turds Prediction June  bullion boobs  woulda guessed State Bankruptcy Option Sought Quietly NYTimescom  link newt gingrich fountain wisdom bill clinton remind haig haig scottie westie  implication price dropping increased margin requirements longs shorts CFTC Commissioner Chilton believed silver increased margin  theory biggest nakedshorts anyfiatscos whatsoeverto costs margin hikes decimal moved places accounts whereas lions share longs currency cutting intocapital otherwise forcing selling outright thesurprise margin requirements Eventually supply issue longs remain stoic delivery price thecommodity faster result term buys shorts andat lower price theabove thenthat egregious heinous manipulation interested testingthe theoryyourself Regards Increased margins push commodities limited supply producers longer cost effectively hedge production Yah producers biggest ofthose usingnakedshorts hedge riiiiiiiight PM producers hedge books liketo missed anyso Pt margins Hunh copper commoditysome screw youeffing peonsbankwas pumping effect highly unlikely million ounces bux ounce silver skin peoples noses sayin Disclaimer evenmore allergic silver areto Monstrous Santa tomato diligence Dew Regards Rumors China needing bullion holing exchange currency correction holding toxic ponzi bonds Gold popped lower bollinger band moved lower dma tough support Junior miners moved freak banks flush options expiration date deliveron crooked scam Wall Street playing parabolic standards Bob Hoye Ross Clark August  pleased HUI lower cash lately accumulate juniors Central Committee Cnaked Pshorts buying Crook bastards  orchestrated raid transpiring events slightly kilter opinion Geithner talks Bernank China flying hyperinflation visit deal letting yuan rise dollar hyperinflation calls friends Crimex knock commodities silver obvious Crimex bosses MARGIN CALLS silver commodities raid obvious meantime Bernank calls friends JP counterparts UK HB Crimex bumping margin calls bump positions strongly term bump flush longs hopefully flush uncommitted unsure silver longs members team PR calling shills negative statements analysts negative predictions investors played smart attacks opportunity delivery trusted proxies PSLV letters JP custodial attack silver views mainstream inbedded reporting data supports stronger dollar risk stream informed community buys sells happening buying opportunity dollar euro toast Yuan starts appreciate trend accelerate toastyness UNREPAYABLE default devalue choices Default loss devalue Duffminster  Plan B China dumps Dumps whom Ben  sucker Canada cough prime resources privilege overwhats sovereigntyto Europeans ComexNYMEXCME themare corrupt JP Morgan Goldman Saints  deal pos liquidation blow ETF apart Sept silver margins increased coal oil grain bubbles forming oil spike mix spikes coalgrain spike aussie floods china rate spec prior lunar yr liquidation  dealright lower upper rolling today  markets ya gld SPDR became super bubble Whoops failed toexamine COT charts below proof ah chart  smashed bargain hunting Yippyyaheeee  silver cast  leak dump today futures consider nor metal stocks margin works metal Fuck ghost money money Thomas Jefferson  boost PMs Policy makers working scenes states declare bankruptcy crushing debts pensions promised retired workers  smart money rushing headlong silver Whats smart rolling governments fools selling somehow inflation contained PBoC raising rates somehow money Clueless bet JP Morgan buying hands margin hikes rules exchange explictly margins hiked determination exchange works ways rapidly falling price leads longs squeezed exchange hikes margins exchange covered event default longs commodity price rises rapidly Fuckin hell states review volatility ensure adequate collateral coverage Anybody Don Coxes Midnight MassacreLooks PigMen executing crush CRB speculators quell riots Easy rally bonds solved  fucking rally Ben bernanke couldnt orchestrate plumbing repair park reads zerohedge catfishmouths Sorry delivering suckers bonus Knowing worth yourebest bid  metal v hedged   amazing holding whine correction sets dollars decade FFIV drops minutes insanity planet nonstop printing Ya AMZN CMG PCLN BIDU stick miners shorts perfect lately sold trading positions core Add turns  Trillion Bazillion Trillion CREDIT system mechanics todays fiat financial system credit creation continually exponentially rapid pace Period Ponzi schemeneeds inputs amust alone current reached global saturation credit creation monetizing QE programs credit expand Ponzi scheme exposed Billion merely chicken feed thoughts Trillions unthinkable quadrillion referring derivatives monetary system changed millions commonplace supermarkets bazillions money talked thrown God computers human incapable nor fathoming numbers humorous happening today investors finally catching buying Gold Silver amounts gone possibly Easy sell futures happening worked working untilwell operations knock price underway ultimately ends winding destination destination bottom Gold Silver MONEY money money current fiat ounces counted calculate wealth pieces sharp severe correction ultimately becomes math math logic bastards win false Ponzi propaganda false painted tapes created reality costs create fiat currency definition value period perceived value value today perception working knock metals metal bad freely created breaks supply stands abyss feed population perceptions smashed propagandist lived stomach growling Governments sell rice futures satisfy stomachs nor quell population Rice deemed governments nor create supply governments sell Gold Silver satisfy growing demand price Silver dropped weeks mint sold Silver Eagles weeks sice Huh huh Mr Silver Gensler rice spend Silver therein lies managing perceptions Bills presentations Vancouver weekendis GATA decade GATArsquos critics mainstream working supplydemand numbers result failure account goldsilver price suppression scheme debacle beginning forced increases demand silver exacerbates bigger problems Gold Cartel raging bull markets flying Understanding fundamentals setbacks key money GATA camp brings acquired knowledge lemet Imustbuymore Blythe Gensler JPM  Jacks raging frustration  caught thread Fantastic prepping London  aint selling stash inno panic hoping price stays till payday rid ofmore fiat binary digits  lol Smart money discountI threw ounces onto pile BTFD whenever excess  PM options traders buying SilverGold Eagles Total sales silver bullion Mint hit ounces January buying despite slide price silver takedown Ma Pa kettle buying binge Mas Pas smarter quell fevers arenowusing power internet seek truth Kettles invest Gold Google Mcquires law suits sales crash jp campaign printing pressesand shake FUCK andget Kettles sell sell backfire increase demand China buys follows Chinese building trend thatrsquos  excessive inflation guerilla FLOOD spreaded  correction waiting silver cojones buyingopportunityWe worst economicdisasterthe fiat currency tanking scared silverNothing changed printing europe blown crisis debts quitecomfortablebuying dips lunacy mask absolutely dire whoever thinks government save die  bottom PMs blog bottom Increasing margins adjusting impending inflation inflation energy sector extend throughout causing Stay PMs stocks dump  inflation store today margarine andnoticed Land OLakes butter fucking shitting butters  equities PISSER SampP lower Trillions taxpayer gravy future blood points markets thuspart attempt debase PMs avoid inevitable inflation fiat monetary hijinks PERCEIVE PMs commodities value moving ocean wave tide surf DESPERATE stem tide capital foreign currencies commodities survive Wall Street outside capital EQUITIES buyer SELL rahmbo deadfish emmannuelized fuck fucken copper shittin currency roman fuckers bronze fuck dead likes profanity saving pre pennies Inflation itso raid boys shake longs silver personally silver money investment faith silver money thousands  troll bigger dickus tried save silver ways limit volatility downside volatility bitch Silver speculative investor silver percent portfolio buying lottery tickets overweight excessively selling decision buying decision avoid elevator ride  SPY today Silver Silver today SPY Silver backway retrace  Wait carnage Woohoo silver TREMENDOUS UPSIDE PRESSURE GOLD Fundamentals havnrsquot changed manipulating price silver upsite pressure precious metals Gold doesnrsquot oz Dec reached oz oz wersquore ridiculous oz Reflecting todays fundamentals todays doomed conditions printing money GOLD SILVER Sell Buying opportunity James Turk Gold amp Silver Despite Weakness January Eric King King World News


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