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Guest Post: The Fourth American Revolution

Spot onIt boils single biggest factor informing beliefsIn describe situation Winter hitting fan metaphors describe situation currently dealing  suppose predictions Ice Age Remember sunspots correlate corn spots Winter  primary categories posters ZH IMO fourth turning mood catalyzed trigger event events turning clock Winter dealt status quo print money regulation legislation appoint Obamaczars  cases breed stricktly extend pretend hope Pray peace maintained ignorance populace case scout bronzie Militant Dig dope peddler building nation payin dues nigga Youngblood Priest aint givin Ill gun folks doin talkin guns Ill killin whitey marching songs talkin Black Dynamite walks militant groups hideout Black Dynamite Excuse brothers Militant militants startled Howd Black Dynamite walked Militant brothers huh undercover pig federal hitman Black Dynamite cats dead speak charge Militant Sarcastically charge Exchanges hifives militant Black Dynamite charge surrender whitey survival skills aint worth damn Saheed Black Dynamite Walks Saheed brother Black Dynamite Exchanging hifives Saheed Saheed Militant Uncle Tom Black Dynamite Listen sucka blacker ace spades militant damn army chanting rallies browbeating politicians taking moneyfronting sucka humble revolution starts Ill showing SHUT FUCK grown folks Militant Saheed Hip Pocket Black Dynamite personal brother Saheed Personal saved brothers sisters pounds chest fist Saheed Black Dynamite dig Black Dynamite pulls bullet casing pocket Black Dynamite Saheed casing sniffs inside gunpowder licks outer casing Saheed aint Black Dynamite Saheed Militant Whispers gonna fuck Black Dynamite Lady pimpslapped china cabinet excessive Oftentimes ends justifies case betrayed code ethics sugar apologize Patricia Nixon shot tried kill Black Dynamite Black Dynamite connect shot plate connected pimpslapping china cabinet justified crossed accept apology Patricia Nixon Black Dynamite Black Dynamite whenever injustice stands Black Dynamite wrongs Gloria suddenly appears embraces Black Dynamite Gloria Oh Black Dynamite Patricia Nixon Tugging Black Dynamites pants honey Black Dynamite Pulls handgun points whenever injustice wrongs righted Gloria sits holding Black Dynamites leg Black Dynamite innocents defended Black Dynamite delivering asswhuppings hesitate hammer clown Pulls nunchucks Black Dynamite wanna fight Black Dynamite Pat Nixon proceeds approach Black Dynamite leg  critical Black DynamiteSaheed exchange Saheed bullet handed Black Dynamite commenting hadnt caliber  suggest third considers historians history fit theory predictions vague opague unbounded accuracy events turnings turnings specific intervals pick timeframes Timeframes approximations tea party dramatic politics qualify party significance parlimentary system leaders minimalized Reading fairness describes machinations elites Turning banker inspired action created generate power control attempts predictive bandwagon preknowledge event propaganda attempt create environment actions Depression predictable believed government media Civil War predictable believed media Recession predictable believed Bernanke Greenspan Clinton Bush actions Elites Government Corporations hidden view merely obscured rhetoric artifice elites passive working slave action attempts create scenario primary confrontation churns foments action natural reaction acquisition power action strategy created gains cement progress strive maintain power control benefit opposition resists turnings episodes eras Historians capable prediction economists scientists Meaning capable Humans formula explain variability chance gives security ability predict future Life infinitely chaotic gives flavor spice Humans formula explain variability chance gives security ability predict future Agreed meaningful genuine grassroots movement Tea Party meh hope feels oligarchs running shooting Tucson indication Americans psycho social conditions worsened shootings politicians afoot monkey  error TEA Parties result beginning initial definition Indeed aint Tucson forgotten swept imbroglio tragicbizarreviscerally surreal event impatient break unfortunately longterm project Revolution foment slowly someday break glorious Chumbawamba ChumbawUmba  Turd conservative rhetoric tradition screamsThe Turd prescriptive traditionalist virtuecratic mombojombomixed puritanism dash Tipper Gore Bring values honour duty observe decency personal conduct discipline tighter societal standards traditional virtuesWhen historical eras bemoaning everbranching diversity choices lifestyles modern criticizing edginess pop culture theory cycles generations fabled historical parallels dire warning era crisis excuse readers prepare crisis era celebrating importance authority cease unconventional behaviour era demand conformity settling focus onprescribed valuesInstitutions advised strict regimes rules zero tolerance demands conduct dress bethe nextHERO generation conservative bent sticking doubt reflecting attitudes wishes SmokeyQuinn Ahollow diatribe pushing trust institutions government conservative restrictions personal behaviourThe theory generations turnings quotes eventsof historical generationsare onlyfished ofthe AmeriKlanSeaand importantlyignore Onlyto examples generations fit theimaginarypatternWorse portraits painted recurring generational archetypes thewhannabeetheorythe predications incredibly vague andsound createdparodies theories problems Turdis whipped convincing sell authoritarian ideology element truth inThe Turd mankinds recorded experiences cyclical ebb flow anywhere pat characterizations conclusive leaps intended propaganda thebook perfect propaganda contains element probable truth arranged written assumption thesis essentially mode overreaching suspect sloppyThe grading amp categorization isfacile diminishing overly fatalistic oligarchic collectivists dream warning automatons locked endless cycle mass destruction following collectivist predestination fail woe usA stock false choice oneEither guyswere commissioned adequate knack figuring blowing sucking fun profit Best ring ofyour nose quoting itWhere inThe Turd experience Korea Viet Nam Cold War Globalism consumer society TRUTH September dealt pivot TURNING onlytruth finally emergesin semiconsciousnessofwriters SmokeyQuinn  response noticed Far comply authority accept sacrifice myself Huh Red flag theory statist buffoons otherwise variously social theory eagerly await trigger event Chumbawamba Sean favorite posters reduce comment simpler observation predator amp prey amp definition prey party control amp dominance defined amp manifested government predator history biological beings defined relationship species extinct predators amp prey Theories Turning attempt compartmentalize evolutionary neat episodes process unrelenting constant throw hands dismay collective destiny clueless sheep biospheres niches carved afford relative protection case occurring natural forces shaping events possibly ride storm winner ie spots predator offer hope relatively alone  creates humans predator prey unique juxtaposition kingdom hampered seek security social units benefit predator security requires trust positions trust predator Unfortunately scorpion frogthe predator instinctual behavior prey site poorer Hope Oh thanx periodically articlescomments finblogs experiencing sentiment terms reduced views amp reader comments essentially watching waiting ZH forefront disclosure porn revelations elicit baby prepare amp worm hole afford escape route  arguments enlighten minds essential watching waiting preparing ya Ill ya BK reading comments shine nailed tired passe proclaim god damn fuckers horror looping penultimate chapter crescendo delaying inevitable inevitable finally occur meaningless train station Theyll abandoned platform tracks direction ending disrepair scrapped future somewhere thoughts turned continent experiment stick slothful mentally atrophied masses somehow rise challenge rebuilding nation scratch gettins spots elsewhere Pondering Chumbawamba  lived eyes Otherwise startling evidence hearing published awe theory connects dots ultimately theory  revolution televised Hollywood Revolution  history revolted Home Theater Wow flagged comment junk creativeuse wikipedia  fucking original Gil ScottHeron Revolution Televised Lyrics brother plug cop lose skag skip Skip beer commercials revolution televised revolution televised revolution Xerox parts commercial interruptions revolution pictures Nixon blowing bugle leading charge John Mitchell General Abrams Spiro Agnew hog maws confiscated Harlem sanctuary revolution televised revolution Schaefer Award Theatre Natalie Woods Steve McQueen Bullwinkle Julia revolution mouth sex appeal revolution rid nubs revolution pounds thinner revolution televised Brother pictures Willie pushing shopping cart block dead slide television stolen ambulance NBC predict winner report districts revolution televised pictures pigs shooting brothers instant replay pictures pigs shooting brothers instant replay pictures Whitney Young Harlem rail brand process motion Roy Wilkens strolling Watts Red Black Green liberation jumpsuit saving proper occasion Green Acres Beverly Hillbillies Hooterville Junction longer damned relevant women Dick finally Jane Search Tomorrow Black brighter revolution televised highlights eleven oclock news pictures hairy armed women liberationists Jackie Onassis blowing nose theme written Jim Webb Francis Scott Key nor sung Glen Campbell Tom Jones Johnny Cash Englebert Humperdink Rare Earth revolution televised revolution message bbout tornado lightning worry dove bedroom tiger tank giant toilet bowl revolution Coke revolution fight germs bad breath revolution drivers seat revolution televised televised televised televised revolution rerun brothers revolution  badly aged born hardly fucking clue hell none tv shows relevant relevant Whitney Young Harlem rail brand process LOL Johnny Cash  loss IRAK INVASION STYLE BABY reporters soldier  Revolution televised  predicted monetization economic collapse RE govt influence unintended consequences worst   handful folks outside approved media mention finite planet thinks sort solution address allkey poser  hit proverbial nail  excellent Seer constantly exposed pundits future birth rate conversely countries Japan screwed population stable falling MSM providing rapidly expanding populations  problems  funding grid power development  pressing concern Western societies outbred staggering rate Eastern percentage whom submit violent oppressive religion Europe midst quiet invasion Islamists refuse acclimatize clueless somehow violent tendencies cooled acceptance multiculturalism  weakness economic theory Nature builds tremendous redundancy sources systems economically superior survival rate greed arrogance ignorance idiotic Polywell Fusion  unemployment benefits infinity beyond  serious crisis waste  quote lol   settle cage death match Sarah Palin amp Keith Olberman Bowie Knives moneys Sarah send cunt FL hope crazies feed bitch gator knuckle watches Keefums cunt boyfriend detests FYI PS douch bag  insect forever Trig nicer mom yours  bet shed smile gator sick puked rancid Olbie Wow idiot feelings leading Sarah scare glasses nuns beat wear glasses positions Doggie Nah Sarah vs Hillary Ok Throw Barry doubt parasitewracked lanky frame laughs Hill trip Mama Grizzly Obama sinus parasites  general premise turning validity predicting catalysts timeframes revolution useless European powers planned WWI expecting c orner predicted catalyst Serb killing Crown Prince Austria  Lou Reed Street Hassle Lyrics Waltzing matilda whipped wallet sexy smiled dismay She twenties liked figures Everybodys queen Oh babe admire slip Although rarity flirtin Shalalala Oh shalalalala shalalalala baby slip Luscious hunk muscle Call national guard She creamed jeans picked knees formica topped bar cascading slowly lifted boldly despite peoples derision Proved diversion Shalalala shalalalala entered slowly showed shalalalala gently shed shalalalala shalalalala rose shalalalala shalalalala Neither regretted B hassle cunts breathing shes scare whos gotta smart gonna wear heart sleeve emotional rational tv Shalalala slip glad met wish speak hassle explain myself police officer lady herself stiffed turns universal truth bitch fuck bad ought careful girls worst choose aint treat guest grab lady darkened shes hit choice allows bad luck C slipaway lie friends admit herself Beat heart painful Itll truth lasts songs Penny wish wish soldier kiss tramps born Love gone baby Oh baby slip baby slip Love gone rings fingers baby baby baby Oh slip bad babe Please slip Lou Reed member Velvet Underground CS  Lou AIDSsome bad tube steakhepatitis needle  BAC Mountain Meadows Tragedy consensus BAC SHORT HOT BITCHEZ   sort petty piracy entice folks vote business elsewhere disgruntled bank customer threatens business elsewhere elsewhere ftbtf bank repurchase mortgages buyers consent financial voodoo opinion Bank bank loves illegals carried bought BA credit card Mexico  SHTF send tweets IPhone Dancing Stars  extra Ipad   Drater Thu SHTF send tweets IPhone Dancing Stars SHTF sayin bc inevitable Ministry Truth amp Justice commandeered media interwebz becausewelltruth danger amp ignorance strength peaceand forth  commandeered media corporations control television radio law corporate whores law destroyed coinsidence Howard Dean break media monopolies strategic Bandwidth Net Neutrality fight battle split telecoms retail wires sell services  James Quinns seminal article August titled Consumer Crash concluding Attempts shift cost inflation peep  kiddingMission accomplished  silver tankinggo figureI cash bail Spain Gold silver falling cycle lows truck weeks  Turd Ferguson provide sign Busy miners Check blog FYI Turds consistent posts KITCO charts youll upper blog Bookmark  ZH comment threads comments PER ARTICLE lost spam Turd blog comments easier current thoughts PMs GOLD TRADE MEMORIAL Oh turd curtain Musket gt Gatling gt Thermonuke gt tactical nuke thermo soil  ENVIRONMENT somthing eco BIO WEAPONS predators station  technology weakness  sir  imagine outcome Constitutional Convention unwashed assclowns politicians allowed dicatate ammenments document forged greatest statesmen Constitution isits leaders pervert  added amendedin future invite credentials current leader inside beltway governments power swiftly Constitutional changesthru approval process Filter noise music  president ride toilet remains dead sales pitch sheepeople pitch pitch idiots swinging  junked President prove born simplest Constitution  president approval USMC consititution worthless rise gone Prove born pres John McCain born Panama Canal Zone obviously dubious nativeborn bullshit Obamas birthplace Classic Rove claim oppo bigger lta href ideas die nap  hope Piece toilet avatar  CRS Report Congress Received CRS Web Order Code GOV National Emergency Powers constitution CD  excellent summary prior social upheavals  CNBC heads mainstream media pundits clueless Washington politicians corrupt Wall Street shysters nonthinking robotic masses convinced actions Ben Bernanke Barack Obama Tim Geithner Congress averted financial disaster saved butI firmly convinced destruction creating benefit Save laughsave asses hell mouths shut fear singled attacked peers unpatriotic  respectfully disagree conversation someones attention destroy faith average human beings ability events aligning exist friends discussing riots Africa Greek Irish crises youll blank Granted approach ideas thereit expand upon events lands IMO youknowwhats crisis hits smack dab prepare amp Couldnt myself McPants youve described circle Agreed directly affected attention divergence respect generations parents aged aunt cognizant happening siblings  older broadens view difficulty understanding caring media focus deepest darkest Africa film potbellied flyinfested eyes kid generalized million dying starvation rescue commercials individual dogs doomed expressions doggie rompings solicit money media shows hillbilly teeth mobile swept tornado Whats giving bunch statistics destruction epoch Fine paying attention prepares gotten knowing housing bubble popping benefit gotten confused managed profit insiders profit  referring knowledge power truth tons money wield coercive power friends power hisher profit estate collapse caught hype alone  advocate specific preparations plenty emergency supplies risky investments profitrelated actions survival actions caught unawares economic collapse lose asses losing asses ongoing basis Others paid attention saved losing  local discuss Internet friends prefer avoid  folks hit  return liberty individual responsibility vastly reduced Federal government footprint describing hope Sarah Palin  Facebook stream filled Idol football inspiration quotes hopes  Farmville Cityville Farmville  LOVE INSPIRATION QUOTES favorite TODAY SUCKS WAIT UNTILL WAKE TOMORROW  needsmarter friends  blowing facebook Zerohedge Keiser Lew Rockwell YouTube videos zero information bullshit floods facebook Chances blocked friends Fuck Pissing release sucks spray hope population immersed virtual worlds entertainment virtual bliss lacking  forget perennial favorites ate lunch dragging dogcathamster favorites  eventual coup Caesarism future event economic collapse Army effective Academia joke professions hopelessly corrupt vestiges manufacturing economy mostly hope coup led decent interests nation nation version Park Chung HeeLee Kuan Yew sane Caesarism societies apart Spenglerian metahistorian recognize direction headed breach youngest generation future criminalssurrounded chaotic nonfamilies coddled drugged numskulls whose waking moment directed parents totalitarian otherwise adults cowed police Modern nations consist centers power  ass hightech equipment terribly terribly flawed institution program Americas illiterates serious crisis hits entirely apart  ass hightech equipment terribly terribly flawed institution program Americas illiterates serious crisis hits entirely apart  Opium opiate masses handy quiet Preconditions revolution Alarge growing social income inequality followed social andor financial disruption eg financial collapse followed promise leadership existing repair damage caused event followed Obvious evident failure repair damage caused event promised  surprised complacency destruction middle ruling imagine corrupt system present  middle largely shall whites Riot Ponder reaction males tearing apart cities Diversity immigration corporate power society fractured scared confused fails Sam Francis AnarchoTyranny anarchy failure enforce laws tyrannymdashthe enforcement laws oppressive purposes criminalization lawabiding innocent exorbitant taxation bureaucratic regulation invasion privacy engineering social institutions local schools imposition control ldquosensitivity trainingrdquo multiculturalist curricula ldquohate crimerdquo laws guncontrol laws punish disarm otherwise lawabiding citizens impact violent criminals guns illegally labyrinth measures anarchotyranny  forgot drug laws police break Judge smelled pot Ignorance bliss reality smacks upside  dinosaurs became extincttheir journalists issued similar reportsbut extinct becomefor species smaller species surviveself sustaining communities helping otherthe internet role dinosaurs internet case  uprisings revolutionary suggests crises period allowed unfold decade youve Turning horror Second Turning Civil War Boomer generation era compromise send sons daughters deaths power destroyed Hero generation Third Turnings Greatest Generation Millennials outcome stunted divided nation contrast Third Turnings evolved longer period results batten hatches majority Congress Paul Ryan  populace complacent rise print spans FACT video implies dealing polite thieves options whinne junk infinity beyond quote Sigh blame schooling instruct Examples Meg tired tired walked phone booth cab Practice wanted visit Boise c driving Boise  reading proofingmy rants prior posting  recurrent pet peeve Stop whinning whinning  c driving Boise Save fingers  finite planet financial crisis jubilee return standard ounce constitutional amendment overlords following generally  discuss revolution ended Roman empire   entered dictator stage  Eisenhowers speech subsequent developments process  prisonindustrial soes Lack defending ended Western Roman Empire population controls Rom judge bought taxed death flied barbaric countries Decline production spending goals caused decrease economy masked debasement money return Sound similiar managed GMO withoud iPads peak oil ok peak slaves advance Comrads socialist   fucking o police bad  sack junked  tempest leader government control moveback smaller Federal government footprint anda return patriot citizens foreign terrorists fake terror drugs desire control population MIC backs thuggishness overseas fight hope comfort Ben Franklins lived Sir longer convincing proofs truththat God governs affairs pray divine justice crashing heads thorough Nuremberg fascist scum shills MSM devious ways exposed  honesty sounds  evil ways Best luck  zacknick Patriot Act moe nail coffin liberty freedom truely unpatriotic frog pot temperature beyond jump wanted Fourth Turning ohhh sounds horseshit Wanna futurists havepredicated societal upheaval decade century millenium recorded Youdont fucknuts justthe lucky Strauss amp Howe luck predicting upheaval fucking deal Strauss amp Howe Miss Cleo deeper vocabulary Succinct profound rebuttal opinion Sir Origins Overclass murdered exmilitary intelligence Steve Kangas sourced recap evil dcuments honesty reconsider opinion Um yea opinion remains uhmm troll  Fourth Turning terribly prescient OTOH lived UK Canada Australia loom larger historical calendar Gallipoli Somme Aussie Limey notable Gettysburg Americans extent Americans bear relationship Americans  perspective lost Vietnam population million WW Canada lost population million Change Hurry limited offer Act floor revolution opportunities advancement wanted revolurionary Fancy commondante zero modern ghandi Apply Kpricegmailcomthis opportunityok opportunity  deplete allmighty foreign power inevitably individual chance prepare thussurvive thrive meantime SampP Dow forth Jersey Shore keeping masses revolting cancelled  January assassin tries shoot President Jackson miraculously assassins pistols misfired President Jackson claim Rothschilds attempted assassination Following fighting Rothschilds central bank President Andrew Jackson finally succeeds throwing Rothschilds central bank banks charter renewed President Abraham Lincoln approaches commercial banks York obtain loans support ongoing Civil War banks influence Rothschilds offer deal accept monies loaned Lincoln prints money informs debts April worth Lincolns money Greenbacks printed distributed states republic greatest blessing money debts addressing Congress President Abraham Lincoln states enemies Southern Army financial institutions rear rear greatest foe Later April President Lincoln assassinated Civil War President James Garfield President United States lasted states weeks assassinated Whoever controls volume money absolute master industry commerce system easily controlled periods inflation depression originate History ndash Timeline Assassinations  wasting educating jesus freaks  donejust facts effective  timeline omits reference assassination standard promoter President McKinley violent anarchist communist Bolsheviks degrees separation Wall Street banksters helped pave Federal Reserve Act  climate surpised VIX hangin below  Hand Chinas sell lands future growth cities  Vatican Bank scandal precipitating moment  Soviet Union fireworks heroic struggle collapse Technology directional History cyclical sweep history technology advances requirement central management Class populace drifting allegiances Bigger goobermunt vs smaller breakup Socalismfascism vs republicdemocracy Wall st vs st Greed vs thrift Uber banksters entitlement serfsdebt slavesvs former middle classproducers civil turning event burned memory watched TV event nations processes shifted Bad cominghere spend mortgage spend spend spend Collectively slide attrocities mideast supported energy entitlement slide greater deflationary depression nation lash undeserving nationreligion envy survivors  Fourth Turning shortly millennium midway OhOh UhOh decade fixed itsort Question strikethrough showing preview pane  LaRouche LaRouche spelled track wanted percent bogus mortgages ish IMPERIAL MONETARISM crashing FASCIST monetarists Barack Paul LaRouche triple curve yo aggregates Bailouts printing federal reserve KNEW EXACTLY author obviously crash fraud imperialist printing Federal Reserve Keyenes Austrian schools monetary nonthought anywhere following retarded austrian monetarists ideology built keeping debts legitimate Ron Paul shame fraudulent debts austerity sides monetarism bullshit Follow monetarism peril constitution Leaders BOTH sides tea nuts party forget consitution AGAINST Austrian  writer ZH capable ending summary paragraph Reggie Middleton essay format Colorful graph Colorful graph website graphs confuse Uherlook article holistically  glad writers ZH journalism english majors partisan hacks spewingpropaganda  missing rambleon yours CRS Report Congress Received CRS Web Order Code GOV National Emergency Powers constitution  currency return Constitutional principals improve lives Americans elitists financial system collapses  Tea Party movement storm surprising linear thinkers stunning ruling Elites  warned impending stockmarket crash  isaccustomed triggers Pearl Harbor likelynext triggerwill nuclear detonation soil enemy trigger ironically result saving allimports sudden halt future imports taxed security charge item searched entry items security charge politically beforced  tungsten  fellow libertariansconstitionalistpatriots illusions delusions gradeur dollar dies armed citizenry rise authoritarian govt win Wrong govt myself hatred contempt parties hating militias hoping collapse hardcore communist leftist hoped economy collapse communist revolution soil hope collapse insane collapse lives hate hate government violent rebellion gun ban gun confiscationvery unlikely States secedethe divided infightinglocal police listening orders French Revolution style uprising Yugoslaviawith citizens killing Fourth Turning believable misses key History War burning Washington DCand battle Orleans deal War defeat stalemate taught Louisiana Purchase doubled nationwas Mexican War deal completed Manifest Destiny revolution defeat governement case collapse fix fiscal nightmare gloom doom fix scarifices abroad expenses Defense Department budget Treasury borrow trillion roll forget Treasurys obligation Fannie Mae Freddie Mac governmentsponsored enterprises trillion State local totals trillionWashington indirectly stands politically legally Add unfunded municipal pension obligations trillion worse fiscal outlook downright apocalyptic reasons aging population sharp increases health costs Americans retired Second federal expense rise exponentially Treasurys borrowing costs debtSo fix collapse  USAtoday Britain beginning century Troops CorpGov agents diminishing resources whiletrying destiny Middle East recommend Wilsons Victorians unanimous inthat  prior Fourth Turnings history theory sample Strauss Howe identified prior fourth turnings AngloAmerican Saeculum Late Medieval saeculum discuss prehistorical legends dogma turnings seasons terms human  seeamp  ZeroHedge commentary factual newsbreaking material minutae happenings stumble upon article reminds concepts history broader strokes forgotten directions article reading


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