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David Tepper Presents The Core Tenets Of Bailoutism

bank loved Joe inteview  minutes Tepper fund bank alone fund raising CNBC  holding video forced refresh video screen  sounds CNBSs Joe profanity laced tirade  Joe Rogan  UFC fame Capitalism exist  socialism bail Margaret Thatcher
fund raising beginning interview  segment video money referring  feeding  poor paying attention slipped posted  video
Tepper knob
Kleptocrat job fool ya ya
wealth  continues  rob
bailing  corporate entities  infuse  globalist stockholders  wealth  thoroughly un
gov  China  boot leg Boeing z Once  Obama picks winner

MSM  touting obamas accomplishments  china  boeing contract BA announces  layoff workers  MSM  missing  action

Wonder  Mr Schmidt  selfsustaining cycle politicians everywhere enrich friends bailout cycle exception  bailing  states pensions  municipalities trimmed
asshole billioner paid corp hoz millioners laughing  giggling tshirts w BANK  POOR mln stamps eventualy Loughner justice hands

Sad yep
recommend Atlantics  Rise Global Elite guilty article explained Davos  lives alternative universe created wealth complains slacker opener TraderMark ATLANTIC article RISE GLOBAL ELITE reading  comments  TraderMarkit opens  eyesbut source bitch  wrote bullshit
DB critique  rigged system shifts capital concentrated parade  philanthropy masses  philanthropists fight  integrity financial economic systems honest system distributes capital evenly purchasing ounce silver philanthropy gentleman pretends  Federal Reserve store freshly created dollars shall remain  fragrant  crisp sheets Bureau  Engraving  Printing Tepperware AAPL finerman bot stealth sell
excellent lighten longs
GOOG fading AAPL tv control
Feudal Capitalism Concentrate wealth preservation allowed  lobby  exemptions law  effects  bottom
Love  Avatar fan  XTC Drums  Wires ThxIt English Settlement band
XTC band favorites  Dear God  vid below

Feudal Capitalism Concentrate wealth preservation allowed  lobby  exemptions law effects  bottom Orwells Animal Farm Muriel Fourth Commandment sleeping difficulty Muriel spelt shall sheets announced finally Curiously  Clover remembered Fourth Commandment mentioned sheets wall Squealer passing moment attended dogs proper perspective comrades pigs beds farmhouse suppose surely ruling  beds merely pile  straw stall regarded sheets human invention removed  sheets farmhouse beds blankets comfortable beds comfortable ell  comrades brainwork nowadays rob repose comrades tired duties Surely none wishes Jones animals reassured immediately pigs sleeping farmhouse beds afterwards announced pigs mornings animals complaint  Excellent Example  Excruciating Exceptionalism rereading Adam Smith strayed Democracy hijacked  Le Classe Sterile monarchy  feudal lordnow selfappointed economic  Ultimately  middle limits  economic tolerancethat tv Somewhat  Teppers defense presented outcome pushing respect upfront  unweasley corporations fight impressive profitability marketplace benefits thereof flow mostly toptier corporatefinancier covers government  government extends welfare bottom society  mention plans  crate  smallbusiness  environment bread  circus soooooo Tepper captain  industry position soup kitchens humming None letscreateasmallbusinessfriendlyenvironment crapjust bread  circus masses
shut soup kitchen soup kitchens soup mornings gotta salvation army  avatar SOUP Ooops Pardon  double text paste job Tepper particular aware system rigged pitchforks  torches  hell Boxing  Tepper admits  unlike taxes Teppers trickle Wow
swept B carpet
disagree  David Tepper
violence supporting bailouts local government opposing  measures Imagine county hiked property taxes hiked sales taxes business taxes personal property taxes gasoline taxes sin taxes cigarrette alcohol gambling income taxes servicepermitlicense fees toll  fees equivalent amounts
imagine  obliterated businesses homes emptier money flees poor disabled storm  supporters  austerity members  society  support  rational viewpoint pining  bailouts  government interventionism taxation  hiking taxes  fees  servicespermitslicenses crush consumers  businesses continuation sector unions  strength  members retiring pension COLA adjustments  salaries  bennies spouse  businesses decline dramatic save businesses  consumers former fails anyways businesses  residents  financial support  government taxesfees
Caviar Emptor woe states  local units  government banks  bailed  via states  local units Pick  poison Bailouts consequences  damned Caviar pot TARP destructive led creation metastatic cancerous mindset bear  fiscal responsibility expectation besides businesses  residents difference fiscally government insane luck Camden  Detroit  kill remaining business activity  bear cock sucker crowing idiots fucking smart smack  smirk general principles
nd minutes talks  economics  investing  sucking monthyear

implied fight club

TV amazing medium
medium message  messenger message
message Masterful social engineering tool

Wowalthough  paragraph summed interview Namely implied  strangely involved interview  paused continued economic theft  terrorism  continuemeaning gone cosmic bunny hole cosmic arrived folk knowwhen  blind broadcast contrary  happenas ugly ugly sooner rallies driven ETFcomputerized buyingrotationit nowhere oligarchs dollar destroyedor capital Neither solutions present timeunder  current circumstances
Tepper feels intellectually honest enoughor evenintelligent shitstorm  brewing balls branot wall
subject  D Tepper intelligent fellow suit profession criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers  fund managers  dumb  rocks Intelligence required skill banker skill dealer skill Put eithera liaror  dumbass neither becoming characteristic running money
pick Babe bailoutist
return  investors pts worse Au bullion economy appeared  surge peak bubble oil SPY Dow K X loaves  bread  PMsoil Nice lebowski reference
Okay moneycredit  zero push PDs  willmake money job loss  hardship bastards  caused  donates portion  thegains local  bankand BTW aint profitable slave labor overseas Feudal system   Tepper national TV swans gathering flocks aboutnascent problems investors scrape tbills needed  stock money wish balls walls  March
insider information  favored status   Tepper Krugman former GS shill fighting appointment Politburo microcosm economic success personal vaulted success  la Pittsburgh demise TepperPennsylvania sums coowns  Steelers pun
blog  Kernan referring saysthat blogs  joke
cares Kernan clown

CNBS job effots bailoutist DC  ensure continuity admins economic policies
infinity landed shoulder waswasnt program  TARP buying hundreds  billions  distressed assets announced
brilliant investor Tepper Aapollasa  general positions friggin nanosecond HFTs chumps pummeled Gold  Silver calls ZHs heartbeatsorry ya
Heres playing  keeps regulators contacts sideby keeps rolodex  keeping spin positive cueing unwind  raise rates annualized returns forever appetitie empathy  bailoutism playing watched Aapollasa  positions degree turns overnight prediction raising rates theywillput evertyhingbuy themHe steak heart growth junkies tremendous strain national budget deficits idiot  understands increase funds rate extra  billion payments trillion cuts crap accordinglyif  GOP trillion proposed package implemented  wipe credit killing annualized returns warning ZH equity bash money printing   knowledge Martingale system  appreciate  nuance Martingale double  system losing bet  double doubling win money lost collect  winnings original bet revert betting lose Martingale limit remain irrational longer remain solvent personage unlimited funds choose  extend credit unlimited funds busting bet risk  minimal  law  averages  prevent drawdown toe  toe friends endless credit raise  limit player casino constitutional government Hope markets irrational secretive thumb friends  playing  unlimited credit punter  player provide incremental profits double hedges  Europe odds player  somewhat reasons trees sky casinos fail  Martingale system  Central Banking putting  casino church bedroom escape suck  quarters tourists  Iowa tourists notThe tourists tourists business suffers double double gambling unborn unborn attention Eventually turns struggle appears casino process begins anew
Pretty straighforward gonna bad inflation


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