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Bank Of America: Major Miss On Both Top And Bottom Line

Julian  evil beast wounded deliver fatal blow Julian reeks havok poor sheeple Stock news  Hell tub hookers Youll info  isMiss Bank  mudder fukkers running rabbits ass numbers Brian outta dust resume Raymond James Muni bond salesmen Pretty bad license lie hit numbers QE keeping lights banks stock performance Tepper induced cards  Bash Muni spin feeling silver pump BTFD Q nonperforming loans leases foreclosed properties USD bln losses bank permission cook books  alive FASB changes money  BAC nowiexcliexclits cheapiexcliexcliexcliexcl  Dick Bove suicide myhookers bucks trades ole snaps loop feb opexwill bac myhookers bucks trades ole snaps loop feb opexwill bac  topic european banks busting gut upwards Wheres Harry Wanger bullish  idiots Cook numbers  farce Double formed shoulder com bubble Head Second shoulder Dow value  appears JPMs lie whopper quarter Ok FNM alowing settle repurchase claims revision deal anyhow crippled specialy pending foreclosures mortgages sink Stock price climing prior settle WTF Dick Bove Jim Cramer lifting  pre Fuck assholes address pomo featured article buyer  Q provision credit losses USD bln Brian Julian rip jacuzzi NYU pomo  nothin Corrupted attention  waiting perfect knockout punchnow couldthrowa punch  speculatorshys control markets termites require thrive savings margin money trading markets destroy speculatorshys money exchanges reduced gambling dens whereby traders pockets markets maximize profits expense remaining players boys enormous money power markets direction results maximum profits themselvesshy effectivelshyy media lure players position incur maximum loss similar rounding maximum sheep shutting doors slaughter trader money factor luck talent investors realised markets rigged favour banksters precise withdrawal USD billion weeks equity mutual funds Hence speculatorshys running whom cheat rob exchanges resulting trading revenues profits BAC income stock dammit overlooking cent quarterly dividends Bernank protect favorite son Oh Brian tummy ache Heres POMO playmoney Bernank taking DJIA K Alice Watch BAC midweek  issue Heads State CEOs Wall Street win swaps

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