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Watch Bernanke’s Testimony To The Senate Budget Committee Live

Where is The American Dream cartoon, please?
It is being animated in China the moment we’re watching Ben ‘Bernank’ testimony.
how is it possible that bernanke – especially in that pose – didn’t  it on the sexy geek list that you were on yesterday, TD?
couldn’t stand the competition?
I do love that picture of The Ben Bernank with $ hanging out his ass.
The Bernank: “The labor market won’t ‘normalize’ for 4-5 years”.
LIESman: “Justification for continued QE”.
Then there’s this headline:

News Headline SummaryWhite House Economic Adviser Goolsbee says economy headed in right direction after December jobs report

CNBC (or the Onion?) “Bernanke: recovery on track but not enough to create jobs”
Turd , I wish you’d  out with it and  tell us if their lying
He! He said that jobmarket will recover in 5 years!
, only 5 more years  we had in 2010 and all will be !
Oke, the DOW will be up to 50 trillion and the deficit will  be at 50 trillion, but everything will be fine by then!
and otherwise it will be up to his successor to fix  and start all over.

My personal take:
I  remember the 2006/2007 days when we had the discussions here in Europe  (we where at a economic all time high, remember that) that in   we would be able to guarantee that we would be able to pay for the pensions in the  10 years. Social security was  a mayor problem then. Drastic cuts needed to be made.
Tax Revenue was at a all time high and we would not be able to pay for it anymore.
, then we had this  called the “banking crisis” (for the people who are  tuning in, they where flat broke and lost it all X100 on the dogtracks) and whatever money  that was left was used to save and guarantee the bankers pensions to say it mild.
tax revenue is down 37% last year. The ageing continued and the crisis even made sure that people at the age of 50 where put in retirement because that was the trick to “save jobs”.
, it doesn’t only need to recover (it:economy), IT NEEDS TO DOUBLE! NOT TOMORROW, BUT !!
And this week, I was amazed by the bullish sentiment. People actually thought all the problems where gone  that!
It’s not 1 problem that needs to be fixed. THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF PROBLEMS.
And more debt  it even more hard to meet the obligations. Let alone that those obligations are   RISING. We can not recover with the current system. The system needs to change and not only show “improvements”.

Let me run the unemployment surveys, I will have 100% employment in no time.
“Do you work?” “No”
“How do you eat?” “I dumpster dive and  to food shelves”
“That  be hard work” “Yes, it is”
” you are employed. Thank you for your participation”
Hey Turd,
Blythe taking the moring off, where is the premarket raid, I wanted a little more discount before getting back in….

Bitch never cooperates!
I  I’m answering a rhetorical question but that animated video was recently moved with no forwarding address.  Here it is:
For my Fiction fix, I prefer the zany antics of Snooki and her buds from Jew Nersey.
At least there I  a money shot or .

I heard Bernanke gives them a list of questions congressmen are allowed to ask. They  along with his rehearsed responses. Should be worth “NOT” watching. I would rather watch little Chinese midgets play Ping-Pong.

Yup.  The only  I’m interested in is whether or not he is quivering  a nervous chihuaha  he did on the 60 Minutes interview.  It’s not worth my time.  I’ll wait for T.D.’s analysis later.
that’s how everything works .
the other  branches forgot there’s three.
Hey everyone,  at that painting – Bernanke is wiping his ass with the dollar,   in real life!
more  … money coming out the wazoo

wait till the diarrhea kicks in
Yes it does. However, the after-effects will be the monetary equivalent of cholera, upon the U.S. economy.
FRN’s shooting out of his ass.
That is the more disgusting picture of 2011, no more photoshop for you
Tyler, do  about that picture of Bernanke. I  threw-up on myself. I will not be back until it’s gone. Thanx
Sympathy hurl.
are you  of the three blonds the TSA found?
Bernank is  merely a puppet,  no mistake about it.
Propaganda chief.
His job is to “inspire confidence”, regardless of whether it means lying through his teeth.
“Inspire confidence”? The convoluted greenspan-speak did a better job at that. Remember when Ben first started this gig? He would sit in congressional hearings and smirk at Ron Paul.  he has been reduced to a shifty-eyed, stammering, nervous train wreck.

A perfect example of how it is sometimes better to baffle them with bullshit, than ..dazzle them with bullshit
Viva’ Ben. Dollar denominated debt bitchez’
Jeff Sessions didn’t do  hot in “reading aloud” in 4th grade
Yea these puppets apparently cant even read the scripts that are handed to them…pathetic.
is this picture necessary  early in the morning?
Bernank   shit…has he slept in a week?…he’s been drinking cheap malt liquor and doing blow off a skank’s ass for four straight days…
The lame ass senators are all daydreaming about food and hookers.
opm food and hookers – the best kind
And  we definitively  why Bernanke doesn’t even feel the need to prep for these jokes called ‘hearings.’
He could literally sleep through and sleep talk through these inane, rambling questions from these  clueless, incompetent, esteemed senators.
they do steam me
Arg! The pain! Picture hurts eyes!  gouge eyes out with grapefruit spoon!
I  caves.  I  shadow puppets.  I  the incidental music my chains  when I squirm.
Pure poetry.
inflation has been declining over the past 3 years, right.
See no inflation…it will be subdued for some time.  And it will only take 4-5 years for jobs to return to normal.  No worries at all.  Recovery in full bloom.
Great news, a 4-5 year recovery for jobs should take care of the obesity problem in the US.
Benny B : “Whose touching my ass?, You want to touch my ass?”

inflation…his comments on inflation. ?????????????

does he live on the same planet as the rest of us?
we are concerned with low inflation?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

You didn’t  the memo?
Ben Bernanke: Inflation Levels Too low

According to CNBS, Bernanke said, “consumer inflation continues it’s downward trend”
different planet for sure
definitely pluto. not even sure if it’s a planet

Is that a Rhetorical question?
The obvious answer is no.
He’s  talking about deflation in real estate and wages. There will  be wage deflation for the middle class as long as corporations can send the jobs overseas at the drop of a hat. And he  be the only person in America who considers a bubble bursting “deflation”.
The Bernank has  psychopathic qualities. I  he gets off on having the power to create  out of nothing, consequences be damned.

I thought Benny had more hair.
dang …  I have to wash my eyes with bleach …
How  do you want to bet that those “politicians” in the room have NO IDEA what The Bernank is saying?! To them it’s all “Bla….Bla…Bla…”. As long as they  their money, they don’t care about the lingo.

Ta-bernake! If you  what I mean…
The Bernank: “Smooth withdrawal of money from banks when conditions warrant it.”
, right!
Why is he reading out loud? Why don’t US congress men *first* study those documents and then  up with relevant questions?
Because that would:
1) Take away time Bernanke can effectively kill;
2) Require senators to do any real work;
3) Require dead-weight staffers of senators to do any real work;
4)  sense, and be efficient & rational;
5)  for an entirely constructive hearing, and expose pernicious truths to the sheeple (assuming they’re not playing Call of Duty);
6) Expect entirely  too  of our American Process.
don’t worry, “at the appropriate time we will sell these asset backed securities back into the open market”.

I’m sure they’ll be lining up to buy all the goodies the fed has accumulated recently
, he is actually stating the current debt & deficits are unsustainable. Talks about ‘fragile recovery’. Does not seem to be a positive scenario he is currently stating.
no inflation…lol….and 185% debt to GDP in the will never  there…we will be broke or have 10,000% inflation first….

you have to wonder if Bernanke understands that HE and his policies are the major threat this country faces…..
gold  to break the JPM chokehold ……CTFC should step in here and stop it…..maybe they could outlaw ownership among the peasantry

, you’re saying Bernanke & The Federal Reserve constitute a ‘clear & present danger’ to the United States of America???!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree.

Stevie Liesman is getting owned on CNBC right  by Mark Haines no less on the unemployment rate calculation.  Very amusing…
Heard Obama and Ben would join A tribe called quest to be doing a new version of can i kick it.
“stabilize the debt”, “lowering would be a bonus” (Bernanke)
how can a guy who has printed all the money warn us about our massive debt?  and are we having this meeting because the recover is complete and Q3 isn’t necessary?
if banana ben is talking does that mean gold is  to surge?
senate commission states the FED is not taking into account the current world we live in.
Apparently , tough to tell with paper setting the price.
Oh My god Tyler,
That picture is  wrong on   levels…
buffed out dude, the bernank is. robo’s type, i suppose†
seems to be Bernanke has all the time in the world…..No worries
Mr Sessions: “bonds are a bad investment”. LOL
Banana: “inflation  very stable”
“If congress can’t  the deficit down and I raise rates, there  be inflation.”
these questions are embarrassing!!!!!
I’m watching this shit and people are popping in to steal candy off my desk and looking at me  I’m some kind of whacko – I guess because I’m watching this shit.
And then…it dawns on me…Jeff Sessions is functionally retarded.

I would give   to be able to interview Ben S. Bernanke, live, uncensored.
On the question: “where is your masterplan to save the US”, Banana simply does not answer, instead goes on about QE.
Sessions: Do you or the administration have a plan? Is it written? Can we see it?
DaBernank: We do have a plan. We pull it out of my ass  morning. Actually we pull several plans out of my and TurboTaxBoy’s ass and then we throw darts at them to figure out what we can try.

what assholes. we are in an economic crises, bernanke has a stock market that will crater a heartbeat after he stops buying…..
and these jerks are making jokes about football teams and ties.
what assholes. and you’re right, sessions is retarded.

what assholes. we are in an economic crises, bernanke has a stock market that will crater a heartbeat after he stops buying…..
and these jerks are making jokes about football teams and ties.
what assholes. and you’re right, sessions is retarded.
The pawns that control the proles probably should be a  retarded, and completely without consience and spine.  At least if you have an interest in controlling a “democratically elected” government for the purpose of supporting globalism and banking.
Nice to see Ragnarok’s avatar in a larger format.

Mr. Wyden: ” It would be bad if we were to raise the corporate tax rate.”
Me: They  pay taxes?  I though that  out of fashion in the eighty’s, with loop holes and being legislatively favored and such!
Mr. Wyden: That’s correct, but I don’t want the tax rates for my fascist masters raised from zero, that would be bad.
Me: Obviously bad.
” the labor market won’t normalize for 4 – 5 years.”  ……… why do the AMERICAN PEOPLE accept this !!!   throw these sob’s out /  rid of them !  ……… we’re all  slaves to the Federal Reserve Bank .    They reap money off our labor via income taxes.
What the hell?!  Can only take this nonsense in small doses, you’d figure a tolerance would increase after hearing this for this long.
Bernanke pulling the “Federal Reserve is independent from the Administration” card.
Government officials talking about college football teams.
Asking Ben “Ghetto Fab” Bernanke about what’s good for the economy.
The Fed Res is independent of all government and is controlled by private banking through regional fed private banking control.  Money supply is under the direct control of private big banking.
Bernanke:  The whole  will  down if people  a  at the men behind the curtain!  ?v=AidBugvVqpw
“Take the power back” -RATM ?v=rqkMsXcHQYg

Ben Schlomo Bernanke: “debt will increase to heaven if we don’t do  about it.”
Finally he is honest, but at the same time doesnt give a shit about the future

Bernanke  said inflation is 1%, which includes everything that people buy.
banging my calculator on my desk…  be wrong with it, rise in gas from 2.54 to 3.12, it is showing more than 1%….what kind of calculator do you guys ?
The kind that includes rent.  Did yours  up this year?
He’s quoting CPI, which excludes food and energy; which is of course where the increases are occuring. I’m sure he  that, but he’s in a corner and has to lie.
BSB: “the dollar was quite stable last year”
and I thought he would finaly become an honorable and honest man.
Lies, lies and more lies.
He’s a fucking joke
The dollar has only lost 35% against the yen.
with inflation,  under 100% is insignificant.
That picture arghhhh my eyes.
There are some  even a shark won’t touch.

…and… cue…LIE –
“QE is not fueling oil/gasoline price inflation, demand from emerging markets is.”

No investors are leaping into commodities  oil because QE has driven fixed income yields to near all time lows…

Will Sen. Ron Paul be asking questions today?
Rand is in the Senate, while his father, Ron, is in the House of Reps.
Do you have a picture of Ben wipping his ass with usd? Would have been less disturbing than that photo …
Maybe we should all be quite a  more disturbed in general.
Inflation at 1% INCLUDING food & fuel?  Did he mean this morning?
At this point he can say  he wants. After all no  is questioning him, they’re only there for political theatre.  sad.
What a sad display. These people are our representatives, no wonder we’re in such deep shit.
Did The Bernank  say that “inflation including food and fuel are only 1%?” In what universe is this fucking asshole living? The fucking senator who asked the last question  accepted this answer with a smile on his face! The ministry of truth is in rare form this morning, especially after the NFP bullshit numbers this morning! What a bunch of shitsucking, motherfucking assholes!
+1 revolution
Yes he did.  Doesn’t it amaze you that no  challenged his answer.  It’s amazing!
Mark Warner appears to be a goof ball.  This entire group is about as clueless as Obama himself.   far all I can tell is nothing is  to change except that our taxes are definately  up.
Total kangaroo court, completely scripted and apparently not rehearsed at all as the senators cant even read the scripts that were handed to them without stuttering and sounding out words per syllable. This is pathetic.
Stuttering, ignorance, lack of soul, pasty complexion could be from all the inbreeding up there.  Sitting up there drooling on themselves.  Seems historically accurate to assume.  Besides if it   a duck…
What is wrong with you people?
What % of your monthly budget is rent?  40%?  Probably.  Did it  up this year?
Probably no.
That’s 0% on 40% of your budget.  Tack on the price of cars not  up (20% of budget amortized) and you have 60% of your budget not  up.  Or declining.
Yes, food is up sharply and  is fuel and  is healthcare.  But they are not 60% of your monthly budget.  The low or no rising items are.
He’s not lying.

Rent is 0% of my monthly budget. Mortgage is 0% of my monthly budget. Car payments are 0% of my monthly budget.
Education (my kids are in college), taxes, food, insurance, medical and fuel  up the largest part of my monthly budget, in that order. All of these costs are skyrocketing.
He is  lying or making assumption as you are and using improperly weighted data.
Note that when housing costs doubled over the last decade (up until the crash), inflation was  3% ish. Can’t have it both ways.
Lies, lies and damn lies.
…if 40% of your budget has gone up 15% your net increase is not 1% it is 6% or 600% higher that what he indicated…. yes, he’s  lying, shrewd or stupid…but his answer is not accurate
Your comments are  flat not accurate.  Everything is up except the cost of  electronic.  You mentioned cars.  Have you looked at the cars that are supposedly economical?  They are pieces of crap, stripped down, tiny, cheaply built pieces of crap.  Price any mid sized vehicle and especially  classified as luxury and you will find that prices have skyrocketed.  Even used vehicles are  up.  I  first hand because we are currently searching for a used vehicle.
I build homes and I  bid a new project and prices across the board are up sharply from  last year, which were up sharply from 2009 and this is in an industry that is broken beyond repair right .
I  a little heated about this.  You, Bernanke and anyone who thinks inflation is low are flat ass wrong and probably don’t buy .
Guys, rents are not rising.  I don’t have a mortgage  and thumbs up to the guy above, but I’m not normal and neither is he.  Housing costs in various forms of rent are indeed 40% of budgets and they are flat or declining.
Cars are not rising.  A Toyota Camry base model in 2000 cost 10% less than today’s base Camry.  That’s 1% per year in a vehicle for which the base model has  more features  than then.  You can’t ignore feature addition with no costs.  They are real manifestations of what you  conclude is a price cut.  If you tried to buy some of those base features (I’ll guess, not sure, anti lock brakes and all passenger airbags?  Not sure) in 2000 they would have cost you $10,000 more as custom additions.   they are part of the base car.
That can’t be ignored.  YOU  not care about it, but it’s there because some people do care.  I  not care about rent because I paid off my declining house price home, but I have to accept that those paying rent aren’t seeing increases.
at the CPI methodology.  Those people don’t  up  morning and  to work to lie.  They try to be accurate.  They have done good measurements.
Inflation is low.

Sorry Virginia. Mark Warner is a lemming looking to   nice and soft for the Bernank.
You can take 10 minutes of this hearing, unedited, put it in a documentary about how/why empires fall, and case closed.
The end.
had to stop listening!  me sick to  and listen to these incompetent sleeze balls.

They will.
Agreed, in video game parlance: “I am become death incarnate” populace vs. “epic fail” Bernanke.
All your base are belong to us
, what are the options tor TPTB?
1. Hang on long enough to collapse China before the West collapses, and then be the only game left in town.
2. Do an alternating restart. China  its restart,   it would be time for the West to restart and  into power as China once again collapses (several hundred year cycles).
3. Globalize and share power
4. Destroy the world
I am not sure it is evident that TPTB have a f’n clue what they want to accomplish in the long term.
“Nobody doubts the US has the ability to pay it’s bills” – The Bernank

What a complete asshat!
They can print it away…. that is technically true. The consequences would be world-shaking though… his statement is very misleading.
The Bernank to Mark Warner: “I had an excellent time meeting with you and your collegues recently!” This means I had an excellent time while you were blowing me and all of your other friends were giving me a rim job while I came up with current monetary policy! Geeze you assholes are easy to read and dumb as hell. Let me put out more finance-speak and chart porn and you will have no idea that you and everyone in your states is getting fucked in the ass with no lube! Have a good  everybody!
Hey!  Lets not demean perfectly reasonable sex acts by associating them with our disgusting fascist/corporatist/sell out/globalist overlords.  🙂
“Where Fed Audit is code for Congressional intervention in monetary policy issues. That’s where I would have a concern” – paraphrase of the Bernank, in response to a question on openness to an Independent Audit.
The power of the purse lies with Congress, not the Federal Reserve; Mr. Bernanke.
“is the Fed considering any policy that will hurt the long-term vaibility of community banks?” … The bernank “No! blah. blah, blah Basil III, blah, blah, blah, Bullshit, blah, blah blah, FUCK YOU!!!! These questions are ridiculous!
Thanks for the picture of the new Miss Liberty on the home page.   as hilarious as the BLS numbers.
BS flexing his puny muscles!  He is pathetic.  Printing monie to increase the ponzi does not stimulate growth.  There is no mechanism to trigger growth in his policy.
BS Bernanke is  looking into the future today.  His outlook is bleak and threatening.  He notes the massive debt, and the fact that ‘America has future liabilities that America  choose not to pay.’
He patronizes Congress with his used rhetoric.  There is Bernanke’s , or the highway.  He has a mean  to him this time.   he is determined to twist Congress into a big fat pretzel.
And a trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities on the States balance sheets, uh oh.  Will the Fed bail them out too?  Bernanke doesn’t say.
Bernanke:  If you stand in the  of the Fed’s planned “recovery” I will shit on the US government, and please remember, I am not a part of your failed government.
And could someone please take Ms Stabenow out back.
Don’t forget that when he takes that shit on the US it will be with a diarrhea pile of USD, as per the earlier photo.
And could someone please take Ms Stabenow out back.
All the questioners are pretty unimpressive if you ask me. Where is the urgency? Where is the understanding that the economy is F—–? These are not people looking for answers…these are people in sleepy mode playing the usual political ass-kisser game.
“It’s the first duty of  taxpayer to lie to central banks.”
Rainman tax code. About a 100 dollars.


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