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The Opera Begins: House Starts Debate On Healthcare Repeal Today

Hey everybody!  We’re all goin’  laid!

Not sure I  your argument – did you  any?
Republicans used estimations of the Congressional Budget Office to argue against health care reform.
the CBO estimates that the health care act reduces the deficit significantly, how can the Grand Old Party  argue with a straight face that it should be repealed? Do they want the deficit to  up?
I.e. the Republican leadership are hypocrites to the core.
They should act  men and submit their version of health care  reform, not this faux “repeal first, then fix it (maybe, sometime …)”  brouhaha. You  it, I  it that it wont be accepted by the Senate or the President,  all they want to do is a political grandstanding, without  risking of having to do  constructive for America.
Judging by their actions the GOP is the “party of no”, they are skilled saboteurs and hypocrites, not  .
Not to mention the fact that ‘repealing’ this law will put millions of americans at health risk again after the health care act goes into full effect in 2014.
other modern economy in the world provides health security to its citizens as a birthright: Canada, Germany, you name it.
It’s a simple concept:  citizen gets universal coverage and you dont ever again have to worry about not getting proper care (doctors tell which treatment you will , not health care insurance administrators), and health care costs wont bankrupt you ever again.
Why is that such a difficult concept to understand? Why should the USA not strive to provide essential personal security to its citizens,  it provides military protection, a working judiciary system, police protection, etc.?
Health is not some fancy, optional social benefit, it is a basic human right, and an attribute of basic, essential personal security. Experience in other countries is that people  of it as insurance, not as free benefits: freeloaders are emphatically not flocking to have extra heart transplants  because it’s “free” … 🙂

you want to take care of national security as , and of the judicial system as ?
You anarchists are idiots 🙂

you want to take care of national security as , and of the judicial system as ?.

Hell yes!, that  we  the REAL Law of the land will be followed,and we are more than capable of our own Natl Security.

the private security men at bars who dont bother about people taking drugs, right? Fantastic vision of selective law enforcement 🙂
Let those who can bribe best win, right?

And they  that having the Post Office run a major chunk of the economy will  it more efficient, which is why they  that adding tens of millions of people to  a major new entitlement will reduce spending–all that “efficiency” that gov’t brings to the equation.
While I agree with TD that this is theater because with a majority of Dems in the senate and Obama in the white house they cannot repeal Obamacare, I don’t   to repeal a multitrillion dollar new entitlement program is fiddling while Rome burns.

I take it you consistently stand behind the everyday consequences of your ideology? There should be no public roads, no public education, no police force, no military, no Coast Guard? All those are  inefficient ‘benefits’ in your view?
, how do you explain that the ‘free market’ health care system in the US is the most expensive  in the developed world and  manages to not cover tens of millions of citizens?
Not to mention the tens of thousands of recissions – I mean, the absolutely best moment to lose coverage is when you are  ill and when you need a  severe operation, right?
You need to answer all these issues for your opinion to be logically consistent. But when I ask such inconvenient questions it’s usually  the cricket chirp …

We don’t have  that even vaguely resembles a free-market in health care.  What we do have is run by 3rd parties who effectively own CONgress, cumbersome rules and regulations,  of which are designed to  out competition, the very  that would SIGNIFICANTLY reduce health care costs.  Throw in the tort system for icing on the cake.
I’ve discussed this with my doc extensively; she says, and I agree that we need to  back to more freedom and less controls.  She suggests an inexpensive catastrophic care policy and pay out of pocket for the rest; remove the 3rd party altogether.
In short, if we did have a free market, health care would be affordable.

Apparently you did not read my point.
The situation the health-care industry is  in is the natural consequence of unfettered, unregulated free markets. Monopolies are the end game of free markets: the big fish have eaten all the small fish and they have divided up the market geographically.
But I could mention other examples as : big oil, big pharma, TBTF banks or energy companies?
If you have idiots  Ron Paul who does not want there to be any regulation over market participants, this is the end result.
It starts out as a free market, but then once the (naturally increasing) size of participants gets comparable to the size of the market, it breaks down and does not work anymore. You  Enron faking electricity shortages artificially, to  californians to pay for more expensive emergency sources of electricity.
Ideal free markets do not work over a certain size, they never did. Even historically a good number of governments/countries formed out of big corporation-alike merchant family structures in essence. Monopolies are the ultimate end game of free markets.
And the other  is, insuring for a common good  personal safety and healthcare benefits is better done by a non-profit, by a nation-state financed insurance entity. It’s rarely more expensive: while buerocrats certainly have overhead, greedy executives have even more overhead, as the sky-high per capital medical costs of the US are showing it.

Monopolies are the ultimate end game of free markets
Absolutely, 100%, spot-on.
All these survival-of-the-fittest, anti-Fed, pseudo anarcho-capitalists have never reasoned their ideology to its natural conclusion.  It  sounds cool.  It sounds tough.  It sounds educated.  And all it  is is a smokescreen to hide their us verses them bigotry.

Bingo, Dude, SHOW me where in the Constitution where it says this.I  fuckin utterly despise libtards,they are nothing but socialistas,communists.
They love to spend OPM,as long as its not their own.
far this Health Scam, is  to cost anyone who sells their homes a 4% sale tax(in a year or ).
Sell a $400k home, pay $16k in extra tax.( What the hell does this have to do with Health Care???)
Its cost ALL of us, at least a NET 10% out of pocket increase as of 2011,I was paying 15%, Corporation balance,  I am nailed with 25%.
it matters not we are screwed.
The Bernank, has 2 choices, and both END it for us.
Hold interest rates artificially low and destroy the US dollar in a hyperinflation.
Allow the markets to achieve its natural interest rate and bankrupt the US Government, destroying the dollar.
of the  Bernanks options end up in the destruction of the US dollar.

Erm,  if it’s not in the Constitution it does not exist?
I guess public roads  out the window then too, in your world, right?
You  want to check out the “absolutely zero taxes, sir!” land for free people  of these days (Somalia).

No,if you KNEW the Const you  the power to levy taxes, and provide for the common good clauses colud be used for that.

Oh,  using the power to levy taxes, and to  them to “pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States” does not cover general Welfare items  .. not dying due to a treatable but expensive to treat illness?
Had the founding fathers known how  medical sciences would advance in the 200 years to , they’d have listed it explicitly as an essential and required item of personal safety I’m sure.
, I suspect you are not making the argument that because medical sciences were sub-par 200+ years ago we should never consider them in a modern society?

obummer care has nothing to do with efficient health care.

the “surplus” comes from collecting unconstitutional full mandatory taxes upfront for a few years before the real costs hit in 2014.     DUH to reducing the deficit.  Nothing to do with efficient health care.
Tax increases in the bill.  DUH.   Nothing to do with efficent health care.

Cutting medicare $500b?  Where the fuck do you  they can cut $500 BILLION out of medicare?     If there is that  waste in medicare why aren’t they doing it ?    nothing to do with efficient health care.
$200 billion doc fix was pulled OUT of the obummer care bill and put elsewhere.  nothing to do with efficient health care.

There is nothing in this bill that pursues cheaper more efficient health care delivery.  Nothing to drive out real costs.

Our discussion should be how do we provide efficient health care to Americans, via private/public means.    Not a federal takeover of a huge chunk of our economy.

The fundamental question is, do you support what  other developed nation on the planet implements, that health is a basic human right, attached to free citizens by birthright?
it’s a birthright that citizens  protected by the military from other involuntary forms of bodily harm,  it’s a birthright that citizens  protected by the police and that contracts  interpreted and enforced by the judicial system.
Do you support that view, or do you aim for an “absolutely no taxes” solution  Somalia?

Dude all that  out the window…………we are targets .
Where do you  Health is a right?,where do you  life is a right?, your  breath could be your last(who’s fault would that fall on, after all, you had a right to Health!)
My problem with Obumma Care is 2000+ pages of TAKEOVERS,and exclusions for special groups,and taxation on shit, and control over us NEVER allowed under the Constitution.
Can the System be better?, yep………….But not at the expense of FASCISM.
70% of Americans said NO to this shitball………….we never  a chance to vett it, read it, neither did ANYONE who signed it.
Why is that?, we’re finding out, and the best is  to (as in bend over baby!!!).
A bunch of fascists slammed down our throats, against our WILL,that’s Tyranny,

Nice straw man.  Support this BS obummer care or be  Somalia?   We are working on becoming somalia with ripoffs  obummercare.

Of course the goal is to provide health care  privately or via govt but in an efficient manner.   This bill did nothing to drive out cost of health care, but rather add cost and spread out the cost.  It will balloon to costs you’ve never imagined.    at all the past programs some began as temporary, but became eternal entitlements.

how does obummer care drive out cost and provide efficient health care?

dailykos  be a better forum for you.  And i  Ed Schultz show is coming up on MSNBC.

Per capita (and even GDP proportional) health care costs are noticeably lower in other, “as a citizen I have the right to not die due to a treatable illness” universal health care countries.
The US   cheaper health care once the private company, rent-seeking health care parasites are replaced with a single general insurance agency.
I’d expect that once US citizens see that it’s actually …  productive to have health care insurance that actually insures against the extreme case of falling chronically ill, more progressive changes will follow.
, were you personally ever worried about health care costs, and about the possibility of your policy being rescinded? Have you ever wondered whether an insurer will insure you fairly, no questions asked, even if  turn bad, very bad for you or for any member of your family?

LOL that you  this is some benevolent “right” bestowed upon us by all those who care  very  about all us useless eaters.  While I thoroughly despise what we have, this is nothing but more control, more taxes, and less actual health care for all.  I am surprised you are unable to see the down-the-road (un)intended consequences of this.
By the , LOL too that you  we are protected my the military, the police and the judicial system.

In addition to counting 10 years taxes for a 6 year window, the Democrats stripped out most of the high spending portions and passed those separately later  as not to reflect the true cost in CBO scoring (not to mention double counting on Medicare transfers which the partisan CBO  along with).
other nationalized health care the cost will bankrupt itself and eventually lead to less health care. That’s why they all   to the US for serious medical care.

Nice fantasy world you live in. The german and canadian health care systems are  fine and give the right to health to  citizen, thank you very .
The right to be as healthy as modern science allows is  as important in a developed country as the right to not be inflicted other forms of bodily harms – this is self-evident. If you want some radical form of no-taxes, pay-as-you- society you can certainly emigrate to Somalia.

The german and canadian health care systems are  fine and give the right to health to  citizen, thank you very .

Yep, and how long do you wait for serious treatment, and scans?
Women w/ Breast cancer stats are off the wall, as is all other cancer deaths.
The city of Philadelphia has more MRI/CT/Pet scan machines, than the entire nation of Canada.
in line, if you die….fuck you.

Oh, you fell for the canadian health care myths propagated by the republican anti-healthcare propaganda machine, right?
Check this :
That article answers these myths:

Myth: Taxes in Canada are extremely high, mostly because of national health care
Myth: Canada’s health care system is a cumbersome bureaucracy
Myth: The Canadian system is significantly more expensive than that of the US
Myth: Canada’s government decides who gets health care and when they  it
Myth: There are long waits for care, which compromise access to care
Myth: Canadians are paying out of pocket to  to the US
Myth: Canada is a socialized health care system in which the government runs hospitals and where doctors work for the government
Myth: There aren’t enough doctors in Canada

, as I mentioned it in  post, I have used four separate public health care systems in the past, and I was never rationed nor did I face excessive wait times. (And emergency care is  wait-free.)
In such a system the doctors prescribed the treatments and patients  it – no health insurance administrator has veto power over the doctor’s decision.
The old US health care system is both the most expensive  in the developed world (due to ‘free market’ overhead), and is  the least human  (due to lack of guaranteed insurance). A special achievement I have to say …

No, I watched interviews on the Boob Tube, of the victims, from their own mouths.
As for the old US system, WHY is it everyone in world(including Canada) with a serious,life threatening,or complicated disease comes here?.
Or a Hip replacement or knee thats debilitaing them to the point or suicide, or the inability to work, because they have to wait for 6mos to 2yrs?.
Cause we are the shitz?
Service wid a smile man.
All answered in the “Debunking canadian health care myths” link I gave. Such as:

Then there’s this  of Kos lunacy;
”  the CBO estimates that the health care act reduces the deficit significantly,…”
The CBO is asked to grade out and  projections on what it is given by Congress.
If Congress says they expect five hundred quadrillion dollars to  via revenue vs.  dollar in outlay that is what it’s judged on…assumptions.
And we  Congress cannot tell a lie right?…and we  the left are accomplished liars right?
This   as a surprise, but I’m not a fan of the Republicans . They’re hypocritical bastards.  But I’ve  a fairly big beef with Obama and this gutless, more-of-the-same health care bullshit that was marketed to the American people as a win against oppressive corporations, , in reality, it was drafted by them.
What do you  of Liz Fowler, former VP bitch of Wellpoint, being cast as  of the chief architects of the healthcare reform? Isn’t that a   having a former Goldman CEO as Treasury secretary, or Big Bird in charge of Federal Agency for Migratory Birds?
By the , here’s a link to the bird website. I figured if I suggested there was a government agency specific to bird watching, you’d  I was a liar.

I  that once americans experience what universal coverage  means, the health care insurance fat will be cut down.
The problem Obama had was that he had to fight  the idiot Republicans or the greedy health care industry – he could not realistically fight both. He choose to fight the idiots, and I  cannot blame him for that.

I am discovering, and paying out the ass, and this shit is not over by a LONG SHOT.
Stealing 500 Billion from Medicare guarantees the early death of millions.That wont affect you, until your in that age group.
Remember the movie Trust No  Over 30?,  it was  cool, until the leaders  close and to 30.(Uh oh, its my ass !!)

LOL @ your birdwatcher agency.
, did you  that tracking migratory birds serves an important scientific role? For example IIRC the N1H1 virus was first detected by the equivalent agency in Europe, in migratory swans.
Those are important research programs that no greedy corporation sees fit to finance.
(If you believe in scientific progress and if you believe in not dying dumb, that is.)

the N1H1 virus was first detected by the equivalent agency in Europe, in migratory swans.

you’re quite familiar with Democrat policies and you bring up the N1H1 virus, please allow me a question:
Was swine flu caused by Democrats?
While the right side of Michele Bachmann’s mouth says Obama didn’t start swine flu, the left side of her mouth suggests he did.
Furthermore,  John Boehner  assigned Bachmann as overseer of the CIA and National Security Agency, I would  that her opinion on these matters is important.

Fantastic, this should be a HELL of a ride………….Michelle will  Pelosi   a lightweight.
I can see assholes cutting O’Rings .

done Critical T.  But unnecessary.  We’ve all heard the liberal talking points  times before.  Judging from your avatar, you’re spending too  time at the gym.
No. Actually, I  it is necessary to pick up the Republicans and body slam them.
Republican hypocrisy runs  deep, thick and rich that when I  at miserable fucks  Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Bachmann, Graham, Boehner, Bush et al, I feel  I’m living a menacing Kafkaesque nightmare where,  day, we all will turn on CSPAN and see nothing but cocoons hanging from the Senate.
Too bad I can’t remove any of those junks.  It’s the crazies running the Republican Party.  If , lone, sane person steps forward they  have a chance.  The RNC panel for prospective Chairman was the funniest goddam  I’ve ever seen.  They should have been in grease paint, rainbow wigs, and rubber noses.
Better than your corpse.
Hey Dos…
I’m all ears….
If you (or anyone  here) want to defend the Republican party,  for it. I’ll listen. I’ve been listening for a fair defense  I finally woke up a few years back.  Please don’t reference archaic Republican ideologies which only exist in front of microphones and on soapboxes – I want a real defense of the modern Republican party that we’ve seen over the past 10, 20, 30 years.
Anyone can say that a smaller, less intrusive government is better. Anyone can say that less taxes are better.  But rhetoric means nothing. The modern Republican party that we’ve witnessed for a decade or more is nothing but a plutocratic-controlled, bought-and-paid-for pathetic shadow of its former self.
at the fucking idiots that represent your party. You’ve  John Boehner with a face full of tears and boogers.  You’ve  newly elected CIA overseer Michele Bachmann, who thinks the Democrats started swine flu and that Obama wants to replace the US dollar with a new world currency.  You’ve  Sarah Palin, a snarky moose-hunting dingbat, plucked out of the Alaskan wilderness who thinks Alaska’s proximity to Russia is a notable qualification for foreign relations. And Bush.  Do I need to talk about Bush?  On, and on.. A true Republican should be ashamed and embarrasses with them.
Any Republican that has the balls to actually defend their party with all the old ideologies that formerly defined them is perhaps only slightly less hypocritical than Ted Haggard in a male whorehouse.
By the same token, I’m not defending Democrats. They’re gutless against all the powers that surround them, and I have fundamental problems with their ideologies.  But, truly….  stand in awe of the hypocrisy that regularly spews from the Republicans, especially when considering all the information that you gather from this site daily.
The majority here are classic liberals, libertarians, or independents who do not subscribe to a ‘party’. We do not need others to do our  for us.
The point is both ruling parties are corrupted by the bankers. If you subscribe to  you are lost.
Ha ha ha. It’s True. “Republicans, ARE the party of rich liars and hypocrats.” And they pretty  admit it.
true that “Dems, ARE the party of rich liars and hypocrats.” Although in the Dems case, they  maintain an elaborate illusion that they are on the side of the working class. Thus when they throw a bankquet for the rich, they leave the garbage dumpster unlocked  that the working class can forage.
This govt is probably THE most corrupt in the world. USA, USA, We’re number .  We’re number .

I absolutely agree that the democrats arent  better.
But for the specific issue of health as a human right they did  that was a lot closer to the right  than pretty   the Republican Party has done in the last 20 years.
With health care democrats showed they have a spine after all, for a few short months. Then the barrage of GOP zombie lies continued uncontested.
It was  a giveaway to the health care insurance ogilopoly.
But it’s not  republicans or libertarians can complain about that, they should bloody   that a natural, inevitable outcome of dergulated free markets are corporations that  bigger and bigger with time, which cluster/percolate into cartels and monopolies.
A ‘, duh’ moment if you  through the statistical model of such a market.
Not that Ron Paul would ever notice that simple fact. Some people live dumb and die dumb.

Do your homework bro, the DEMS that are filty ass rich are  ahead of the GOP.
I am an Independent ,but after living thru Obamas first couple of years, under 100% Dem control, I have to side with the GOP.
At least their ALL not fking nuts.

Do  they not realize that the health care act actually reduces the  deficit  down the line, and rather significantly ,  “repealing” it  would  increase the deficit?
…gives insurance to the middle class.
This is gonna be fun.  First, it was  my contention that the real purpose of the health care takeover act was to support the Treasury Market by gaining control over 8% of the economy, then doling out “benefits” while keeping some margin for fed dot gov.  This is the  modern bankster goverment operates: attach yourself  a vampire to a cash flow stream, sucking out as  as you can  away with without killing the host too quickly.   it was to be with health care.  This is the essence of the tax/regulatory arm of the welfare/warfare state.
for the  fun part.  How were the dems to provide health care for MORE people while SAVING money?  Only  : reduce the quality and quantity of care.  Ask the Brits, Canadians, etc.  Rationed care, bitches. Or unavailable care.…

“Government is not, as some people  to say, a necessary evil; it is  not an evil, but a means, the only means available to  peaceful  human coexistence possible. But it is the opposite of liberty. It is  beating, imprisoning, hanging. Whatever a government does it is  ultimately supported by the actions of armed constables. If the  government operates a school or a hospital, the funds required are  collected by taxes, i.e., by payments exacted from the citizens.”

No, I provided an example where someone could not  the care he needed because the system had simply chosen not to provide it.  We could waste a lot of time quibbling about whether or not that is “rationing.”  Would you  a few more thousand such examples?  Do you doubt I could provide them given enough time to do ?
You have a right to health care,   you have a right to eat, drink, be merry, and screw.  “Rights” are not  that are furnished by others.  You have a right to obtain health care, obtain food, drink and merriment, and the right to find someone to screw.  The state does not furnish you with these , or at least it shouldn’t.  Any material  the state furnishes you with, it first robs from someone .  Robbery, for you, is a vital government program.  You reduce my liberty to a bidding war between the rich banker dependency class who wants to steal my savings through inflation and my lifeblood through taxation to pay interest on the national debt, and the dependency class who  wants to steal everything I have ever produced or will produce because they feel they “deserve” it and haven’t  stolen it.

Erm, the rich and influential will  flock to special clinics, often in foreign countries, to  luxorious care and to front-run mere mortals.
Nothing’s new about that.

This is more of the same bullshit that gets shoveled out to the public via the MSM.
I  read an article saying how the repukes were   to have a hard time repealing this garbage because it would add 231 Billion to the deficit by 2021.
Anyone want to guess WHY that is??? Anyone???
The fucking obamacare legislation has 11 tax increases that are unrelated to healthcare in the bill.
There is a capital gains tax increase for house sales  for instance.
I’m not 100% positive but I  the 1099’s for doing more than $600 with anyone/business is in this bill as  (it  be  bill, I forget).
because taxes won’t be  up it will generate a deficit by killing it. Unfucking real.  the kind of cover both parties need to  this piece of shit legislation from being repealed.
I can’t  disagree with you.  It’s the sop to the Tea Party (who should be pissed at the slight hand wave in their direction) and the monumental waste of time that bothers me.  Smoke and mirrors to obscure the real problems that the country has.  I’m not saying the health care crap is worth repealing or not — it won’t be and everyone  it.  The issue is moot other than the headlines, sound bites, and soap box speeches it will generate.
RR,I am for fixing health care, and covering all.
But, when you do a 2000+ page slam, and add  to it, that have ZERO to do with health care, you have a crew of lying sonsabitches, and thieves.
When you have most ALL the Unions not subject to it, and all of Congress,and anopther roughly 200+ left off the tally, this shit is not right.
Its PAYBACK, and reeks of a Caste system.
Everyone is in the system, my ass.And, its soley Health Care Centered…no, its CONTROL centered.
More Fascist shit.
Do they not realize that the health care act actually reduces the deficit down the line, and rather significantly ,  “repealing” it would increase the deficit?

LOL indeed.  The current bill does not raise the deficit because the CBO scoring considers 10 years worth of taxes but only 7 years worth of actual spending/coverage.  Looking beyond the inital 10 year CBO scoring period shows   a $2 trillion increase to the deficit over the  10 years.  , if you  the CBO scored this  correctly (that is, didn’t understimate the cost by 15%) if  a bridge in Alaska to sell you.  Your argument is weak.
I’m no fan of  party, but this bill is an absolute steaming piece of shit.  However, it won’t be repealed  numbnuts has veto power and the GOP’s little tantrum about this whole  is a waste of time and effort.
Not a complete waste as a  to  people on the record.

Not a waste of time as it exposes republican hypocrisy once more.
Nor do I agree with the CBO score arguments. The biggest win in the CBO score was not out of taxes or time delays, it was increased efficiency due to a less fragmented market.
Efficiency could be increased even more: public health systems in Europe are significantly cheaper than the (incomplete!)  in the US, on absolute and on GDP relative terms as .
Part of the reason is that a big, nation-wide health care system have  bigger bargaining powers with medicament makers and other suppliers, and they win various economy of scale benefits, etc.
But obviously achieving that would be   impossible with Boehner controlling the House. Remember he wants Obama to fail – the methods to achieve that are immaterial.  republicans will lie, spin, obstruct and sabotage everything they can. They are practicing an unprecedented level of sabotage in american politics.

I hope it isn’t by that ‘fat lady’ that  attends operas….
+100 right on†
laid, beautiful word, wonder about the action.
Sounds  a sensual middle-class raping.

“all the while Rome burns”
Let it burn…it’s cold out.
If they’re doing this they can’t screw   up.
they  even accidentally catch themselves on fire!
There’s  that hope.
very wrong: if they’re accomplishing nothing with this tilting at windmill act (and let’s be honest, that is the case  they’re  senate and  veto from doing squat), then they could fail in quite epic fashion at other vastly more important tasks  managing the debt ceiling.

LOL…they’ve raised it at will  1949(?)…it means nothing to them.
Whats left for them to SCREW UP?.
Sure I understand why the Bee_be birds’ Arkasad died  specially
Hey howdy Cheers Yung sing Salud À votre santé Zum Wohl

The vote to repeal “Obamacare” is important for the following reasons;
1) Simple, it is fulfilling a major campaign promise.
2)Creates a record of votes for a 2012 campaign, it should be continually brought to the floor and submitted to Obama,  him eat and own this “spirit of ipecac”
3) Creates a template of Constitutional questioning & accountability  regarding the process and statements such as “Are you kidding me?”. No,  Sen. Pelosi, the joke is on you.
4)  Senator’s hiding under their desks, Hmmm Sen Robert Casey, enter the sunshine and vote on the Law he pushed.
5) Brings phony CBO submissions & sandbagging numbers for funny accounting out in open. Fits into a broader theme of accounting shenanigans which will exposed by Ron Paul and Darrell Issa.
Repealing Obamacare is essential as the first shot at runaway entitlement spending, not to mention maintaining any semblance of the liberty we were guaranteed by the Constitution.
No repealing it, is imperative  that a bunch of fascist burecrats do not  an itemized list of your health records, and  DNA samples.
Ultimately its MAIN task is to destroy the Private system PERIOD.
Ever taken an Anti depressant?,screw you, no 2nd Amendment rights for you.
Regardless if it was for a short time?.
Thats the end game.
Do you  NO  can build a NEW hospital, renovate, or add to any hospital, without prior approval?.
Yep,thats in the SOB too.
Why would that be?,hospitals are by and large privately funded.
Thats anti Capitalism.

Healthcare will be free for all!!

define “sick” and “injured”
they could   it simple and bring it down to:
Let them hash it out, there will  be life after economic death and this is  step closer to hitting the restart button on better footing.
I’m gonna die when I’m ready to die  I can write a bunch of bad checks, and not when a beaurocrat says I’ve outlived my usefulness.

Tyler, maybe a update on the dying birds and fish:

there are thousands of doves and crabs that are dying:

Doves: with H1N1 bird flu: amazes me it that  time a major economic event  this current explosive recovery happens,  ecological takes the spotlight.
It unconstitutional to force people to buy insurance from for profit companies.   Obamacare should be nullified, then start from scratch.
Bingo…………BOTH sides sit down, and hash it out.
This passage was  of the most egrious and blatant power grabs in the US Congressional history.
And they call the GOP the party of NO?.
it paid off in the elections didn’t it.This country is supposed to be run for and by the people, and their best interests.
The party of No, could not have changed  whit of any of it, they were asked (for MSM reasons only), and basically were told to sit down and shut up., why not vote NO.
We are in control, and we will do what we want……..and the WORST part, is WE will  whats in it, after its passed!!!.
Repeal will increase the deficit, but Republicans could care less they are responsible for 90% of it . They  blocked attempts by Democrats to  them  on record for using “socialist” healthcare provided to congress.
This is a very straightforward amendment that we offered, that, if you’re  to take government-sponsored health care and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, simply disclose. Let your constituents  that you are taking that government health care.  single Republican voted to hide their health care while  of them are pledging to repeal it for their constituents.
Hypocritical indeed, but there are more important fish to fry at the moment.
Huffpo?…good lord,join the Nationaist Socialist  Party today.
Can anyone read beyond the headlines?

The nonsense about obamacare reducing deficit depends on the $500billion cut in medicare and the doc fix.    Plus the voodoo obamacare numbers depend on collecting premiums for the first few years before more costly programs kick in a couple years down the road.

It’s smoke and mirrors.
Nothing to do with efficient health care at all.

Karuthammer  jack shit.  The day that guys leaves the business, the business improves.
But again, this isn’t real healthcare, and it’s not what democrats wanted.
We  what the fascist monetarist section of the democratic party wanted for healthcare.
Democrats want, deserve, and will  Single Payer under the hill-burton standard, and no amount of monetairst bullshit, usually from fascist->krauthammer should ever convince  american otherwise.
Only fucking idiots   republicans fiscally.
It’s not about the deficit dipshits.  It’s about monetarism.
The answer isn’t less gov’t for bad gov’t.  The answer is GOOD gov’t.  But you have to understand what  gov’t good or bad.  Corporate influence? Monetarist influence?  Are these good or bad?
What do the republicans fascists foolishly believe?   Krauthammer
What do the democrat fascists foolishly believe?  Nero.
It’s  different ways, but both under the same banner, and both are  wrong and anti-american.
Most of the savings don’t   from fudgy numbers, they  include tons of people passing up care.  Because if you ask 100 people if they’d throw themselves off a cliff for 1000 dollars, somebody takes it.
With 310 million americans, when that cliff jumper population, numbering in the millions decides to sign  (or coerced), or even worse sign it young…don’t  what you are doing…forget about it for 40 years….suddenly you’re dead, because you signed  at 20 years old about how you don’t want to be on life support.
…… with millions of people pushed into these fascist monetarists lines, guess what will happen.  In pure T-4 Hitler fashion (which is why Nero deserves the mustache), there will be savings on the blood of others.
We  haven’t even talked about the actual death panels, but don’t worry, you see them at  HMO.  (but you pay for that service… can change it)
But the gov’t having it’s own deathpanel, and you can’t change it,  that is unconstitutional.
We need to spend time on healthcare.  Single Payer, under hill-burton standard.
But of course, we need to spend time on the economy.
As long as congress/executive doesn’t pass Glass-Steagall, or NAWAPA, or any of the other rebuilding, retooling, reloading aspects of real physical economy and technological advancement, then we won’t have changed , and will continue to spiral down.
Barack/centrist dems aren’t  to do it.
Tea Party sure and the hell won’t do it.
Republicans were never  to do it.
Again, we do all these  because the current propoganda has instilled that the most important  is the deficit.
Nope. The most important  is remembering, and putting into practice, your American ideals.  Glass-Steagall and all the  I’ve espoused do that.
Everything  is  jerking off.

Here is your Republican Healthcare at work. They don’t care they  it free from the government.
Health insurance costs for hundreds of thousands of individual policy holders with Blue Shield of California could  up as  59 percent this year, according to the Los Angeles Times.
The California health insurer has announced it is seeking to raise rates an average of 30% to 35% for 193,000 policy holders due to rising health care costs, the fact that healthier people are dropping coverage during a bad economy, and other factors.
Roughly  in four of Blue Shield of California customers are expected to see increases of more than 50% over five months. Most of those who hold individual policies are self-employed, aren’t covered by their employer or have been laid off
Not the Repubs bro, thank Obama for that………
They see the writing on the wall.Plus, its Commiefornia, only a state with a 35 Billion shortfall could be  assine to pass 770+ more laws.
The state will be given back to Mexico voluntarily, or not.
plenty of hypocrites to  .

Dems want to raise taxes on the rich.   Why don’t they lead by example and write a check to the treasury?    Nobody is FORCING them to pay the LEAST amount of taxes?   At least they would walk their talk and it would be voluntary.
Obamacare will decrease the deficit?  What a joke!  And why is it that the has anbusiness being involved in health care/insurance?
The (mostly CONgress), along with their partners in crime, the AMA and Big Insurance, created the mess we have today.  Wage controls began tying health insurance to employment (absurd!!), the HMO act perpetuated these ginormous insurance companies.  Stupid controls and regulations have done nothing more but  prices for J6P soar while care has deteriorated.
Try getting a reasonably priced insurance policy if you’re self-employed.  I have, and my mortgage is less expensive  I negotiate cash for care if I need it.  I doubt I’ll be able to afford it when the individual mandate kicks in  I’ll be fined or wind up in some form of subsidized insurance.  I  doubt anyone has accounted for those potential costs.
In case you’re not paying attention, some businesses are  asking for exemptions from obamacare and insurance premiums are   up, WAY up, in anticipation of the impending disaster.
How anyone thinks that health care is somehow exempt from economic law is beyond me.  The net result of obamacare will be rationing and costs  through the roof, not to mention all the other indirect effects.
The best  for all of us is to  the out of health care altogether,  rid of the 3rd parties (insurers) except for catastrophic care policies and turn the free market and competition loose in the health care field.

And why is it that the has anbusiness being involved in health care/insurance?

FASCISM,pure and simple.
Obama’s “healthcare” needs to be repealed in any scenario for recovery.
??? We’re not talking about British Monetarism.
That won’t ever recover, which is sadly the only scenario you’re realizing.
Your  will never recover.
But that’s ok, because your , isn’t American.
We need Single Payer healthcare, not Nero’s deathcare.
But I won’t lie to the American people  you, HMO’s are  deathcare, and  HAVE BEEN.
There you .  A little dose of reality.   Don’t drink the whole bottle,  absorb this little piece , we’ll work on the rest later.

TD, I  your prose.
Paul is right, we are broke.  But he’s  the anti-solution.
That’s what’s  important.
To realize he’s  right   hand, and  completely wrong on the other.
He’s right Keynes was wrong.
But  are the Austrian’s Ron Paul follows.
Neither are American ideals, and what Ron Paul wants to do as soon as everyone realizes we’re up shit creek, is to wade in it.
Of course REAL AMERICANS, not Ron/Rand Paul, realize the monetarist games we play, and wish to end them.  (not ron paul though)
yes,   Nero could of signed his name and ended Don’t ask, Don’t tell, while we have all these issues to deal with, he instead punted it to congress and let that clusterfuck we  witness, emerge.
, signature by obama that takes five to ten seconds, or  months bickering and holding other legislation hostage?  Obama  with the latter.
it’s the ever more clueless republicans and their ‘we can’t repeal it’ but we’re  to tie up gov’t for a few months .
Oh yes, this is the part where the tea partiers didn’t  your message, because they don’t speak your message.  They’re  clueless hacks who thought they knew what america was.  They don’t.  They  what British Imperialism is, and sadly they mistake that for American patriotism.  Gee I wonder how they could  it wrong, they  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO smart whenever you see them.
Enjoy them, I sure won’t, and America will definitely suffer for having to endure the grand lie that is the British Tea Party.

this email from my company:
Due to recent legislation, tied to the Health Care Reform Act, any monies paid to individuals or Company’s over $600  receive a 1099 tax form at the end of the year.

In order to meet this directive the Accounting Department will need  a social security number or federal id number prior to disbursing funds.  Therefore when agents are dealing with rebates to customers they  receive and provide the tax id numbers to  to the Relocation Department or the Accounting Department.  No funds will be disbursed without this information.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated as this is a directive from the Federal government.

what in the hell does this have to do with health care?  And why would the criminals in DC want to add any further burdens to business?
Sheesh, I am  angry right …
And why would the criminals in DC want to add any further burdens to business?.

To kill it, and tax you on the amount you  from your company as income.
(not effective ,but if we last long enough it will be, take it to the bank).
, I  DZ, my question is sort of rhetorical for those who  the new crop of republitards are  to save us.
I would disagree that it’s not effective ; it’s killing me and I’m NOT taking  of  to the bank.  I started a tiny little business about a year ago and at  turn, it’s some other form of extorsion or regulatory mountain to climb.  Piles of paperwork for compliance on top of the basic stuff.  If I had to pass the true costs of these extras to my customers, I would be priced  far out of the market, it wouldn’t be funny.  I have  about had enough but don’t  the answer.
I did call my senator to bitch loudly.  Of course, the staffer couldn’t give a shit.

They can’t discriminate politically until they have all your transaction info.  Secondly, to tax any benefits.   third, to set up VAT Value Added Tax ON TOP of income taxes.


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