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Guest Post: Why Everyone Hates You A Guide For Politicians

Cynically speaking, it’s quite possible their predecessors lost their jobs  to do the right .
Indeed…seeing as how law is not enforced (at least at the higher levels) there’s not  point in creating new ones.
I have long felt all we  need in positions of leadership is people who are at least as smart and incorruptible as the ordinary poster here at ZH.
Failing the intelligence test, I would settle for  the incorruptible part 😉
Bring back medieval punishments for politicians who practice corruption (stocks, the walk of shame, a few years in a real prison ect), but pay them a lot more. That  only honest capable people will even bother to run.
If a doctor was intentionally killing their patients in order to  some money they would  to jail, when politicians kill their constituants through their corruption and incompitence nobody blames them.
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that baking soda article was actually quite an interesting read.
But as Jack Welch says in his management books: given a smart, capable employee who doesn’t “” or clashes with the corporate culture vs. a not  smart or capable employee who does “” the corporate culture….you  with the later,  time.
Same criteria applies to those who are effective in D.C….to our detriment of course but to the glory of the state.
“Same criteria applies to those who are effective in D.C….to our detriment of course but to the glory of the state.”
Exactly Merc.
Lord Acton’s quote about power and corruptibility does not mention personal corruptibility…I  that was intentional.
The Republic is in free fall.  Everyone is looking at their watch asking when is Elvis  to leave the building.  Anyone lucky enough to  elected is saying; ‘OK.  I   years to  as  money for myself, my family, my friends and whoever owns me back in my state/district.’  There is no statecraft  on. They are working on the Mayan 2012 end of time calendar.  Its a kleptocracy.  Are any banks  being punished?  Are derivatives being regulated?  As commodities being manipulated?  Is the whole fraud-closure mess  to covered up?  What is getting better?  Watch the debt ceiling vote.  That is all you need to .
Correlation between campaign funding levels and voting for the will of the people = zero.
72% are saying ‘eat the rich’ – fuk It’s over
I guess no1  the memo thave even if we taxed Everybody at 100% the budget  would not be balanced
And what happens when you run out of the ‘rich’ or the rich run out on you ? No1 though of that huh, as if the rich where growing on trees
Certain pols say 250k is rich…LOL.
In a few years they will have to say 100k is rich…then 50k…then 20k…no  stops to wonder why this is.
A parasite does not  of the health of the host but you would  a higher form of parasite would 😉
Actually, most parasites are smart enough not to kill the host.   it up.
Actually, parasites, if they don’t kill the host outright,  the host deathly ill through different diseases…kinda  our economy (the host)…and you don’t have to  it up…   😉
And if welfare checks  up with inflation, the unemployed will be getting 100k a year. Damn those rich welfare check collectors! They  be taxed! Oh wait…
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Those poll numbers  show that “We the People” are  not recognizing the magnitude of the problem. We could tax the rich at 100%, and it wouldn’t begin to cover the deficits. Until we deal with entitlement spending, we’re  hacking at branches instead of getting to the root of the problem.
As long as those polls show that Americans want to redistribute the wealth, we haven’t awakened  to reality and the awfulness of our situation. Redistribution of wealth is  an society-wide violation of the commandments, “Thou shalt not covet” and “Thou shalt not steal”.
“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If `Thou shalt not covet’ and `Thou shalt not steal’ were not commandments of Heaven, they  be made inviolable precepts in  society before it can be civilized or made free.” — John Adams (A Defense of the American Constitutions, 1787)
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He is WAY safe from all the websploits that whack IE 8,7,6,5!
Hackers will have to  dig up sanscrit tablets at the sunsite archive to code a sploit for that dino…
I don’t  you  the concept…you can’t tax the rich to balance the budget.  You tax the rich to the point that they begin to feel  the non-rich.  Then they begin to  twice about giving money to re-elect these assholes.  Of course, this is why it won’t happen.  Although stupid, the pols are not suicidal.  They remember the reaction to Jimmy Carter.
You  pay 50% income tax in England.
My Dad left England in 1979 because he was paying 88% income tax (not a typo).
He left in 79 and the UK has not earned a penny from him . Additionally, neither me nor my brother have ever paid taxes in the UK as we are  ex-pats earning and paying elsewhere.
Lose ….lose them all…
High taxes are the worst  for any economy.
I very  would  to see Lloyd Blankfein be faced with a similiar choice.  And good riddance if he leaves.
You can spend your life running to places that run deficits for the benefit of the rich, as America has done for thirty years if you want, but at some point you  pay up or leave.  Good luck in your quest for a new fallback country.
The ability of governments to run deficits is, of course, the issue here.
Let me give you  example:  General Electric – American Dinosaur.  Half a Trillion in debt (some of which is guaranteed by taxpayers), pays 0$ (not a typo) US tax, while collecting tens of billions a year in government contracts (without which, they are instantly bankcrupt).  Sucking up resources, and impeding the survival of the fittest mechanism that  capitalism work.
They employ  high-priced scientists who  hate paying taxes.  My question is at what point do we stop seeing them as scientists and start seeing them as welfare cases?  And if they left, would we notice?
GE is a welfare recipient who happens to dress in nice suits — which we pay for.  Google has pretty   that pesky income tax problem beat as .
These are a particularly virulent form of parasite.
IE4?  I guess you’d be  ahead of me if I touted sealing wax and buggy whips as good investments.
…and because underneath you’re all the same.
The job is a setup. Federal spending is designed to overspend, because treasuries are the basis of our monetary system. They don’t budget. They put together these enormous spending bills, then add whatever it takes to  enough legislators to vote for it and then the president can only sign or veto it. That’s not budgeting, that’s negotiating with a fat kid over how  candy bars he can have, if he eats the Happy Meal.
To budget is to list your priorities and spend what you can afford.
If they wanted to actually budget, they could break these  bills down to their individual items and then have  legislators assign a percentage value to each . Then reassemble the bill in order of preference and have the president draw the line at what could be afforded. There would be little incentive to overspend because those paying for the few items on the line would be  greater than those benefiting from them.
Of course this would crash our entire monetary system, because the laws of supply and demand  apply to capital and without sufficient demand for it, ie. borrowing, there would be no  to create this illusion of enormous wealth.
Of course, we could  to a system of local public banking, in which wealth generated by the community is invested back into the community, by those who  the community and the profits used to fund local public spending, not  line the pockets of bankers.
Money is a form of communal contract and when there is more money than value being producted by the community, then its value goes down, unless we create those bubbles of surplus borrowing and then wars break out when the bubble pops and the creditors demand blood from the debtors.
Money is a tool.  it wisely, or it will cut your hand off. It’s not some god you can pray to and it will ignore you.
The financial system is the circulatory system of the economy. When it is in private hands, then the rest of the economy works for those who own this system. Once upon a time, the political system was privately run. It was called monarchy and those who thought democracy could never work railed against mob rule,  we have managed to  political power a public trust. It’s time to do the same with the monetary system.
good post but i disagree with your conclusion.  a public trust is a weak vehicle at best.  better to  put the monetary system back into the hands of the market.  actually if you  about it, the market, as long as its sanctity remains unviolated (e.i. no gov’t intervention), is the ultimate public trust.  let the market decide what it wants to be money and let the bankers sink or swim on their own… they will  real honest real fast.
The problem is that a currency needs a guarantee. It provides the foundation for a market,  if you  the entity guaranteeing that currency a private corporate entity, then the rest of the market effectively works for that party and that’s what we have .
If we put it in biological terms, the political system is analogous to the central nervous system, while the financial system is analogous to the circulatory system. Plants do not need a central nervous system because they have no need to navigate, but to the extent they function as a singular multi celled organism, they need a circulatory system. If you  at basic tribal cultures, they tend to have a more developed trading process than they have a developed political process.  finance is as or more fundamental than politics
of money as being similar to a road system. It’s the mutual interchangeability which  it function. That the dollar in your pocket has the same value as any other is what  it function and it means these units are all part of a larger economic entity. When you  that institution some form of private structure, then that money  belongs to that private party, not you.  as the money  belongs to the Federal government/Federal Reserve.  try printing some, if you doubt who owns the copyrights.
The fact is that society and the economy is  a house. There are private rooms and there are family/public rooms. Roads, parks, government buildings, etc. are the public areas. If people understood that money was actually a form of public commons, they would be far more careful what value they take from social connections and private resources to convert into money. This would result in stronger communities, less waste of resources and a more stable money and economy, while reducing the power of government and banking.
Money has no value other than as a contract, by everyone using it, with everyone using it. If there is widespread cheating and coercion, then the contract looses value. If you have a situation where such basic contracts cannot be maintained, you will not have a very viable economy. It is similar to disease in a body.
You would  by  that those who take the time to even consider the thicket we have landed in  would have gleaned that the existing paradigms DO NOT FUCKING WORK! Taxes, employment, culture, society, redistribution, rich vs poor, man vs woman, old vs. young, black vs othe colors, china vs US—the entire adversarial paradigm has ceased being useful—these are all being derived from base 10 when the demands of 6.9  billion people are at base 100.
An entirely NEW  of  about the seemingly insoluble problem of 6.9 billion people needs original thought leaders and actors who will, if not immediately, then gradually, take our country, our people in a plodding, meandering, danger filled journey to the promised land.
The newbies are the only ones who can even begin this quest.  Without that, we are doomed to a meager existence if not born bright and talented.  It was  , but a confluence of events that will never be repeated at the turn of the last century when manual labor could employ the average issue of average parents and grandparents is gone. There are simply 4 billion too  average or far below average breeders in this world that need  to do or otherwise be sustained if they are not wiped out in some pandemic.
The established interests need overthrown if they are not  to adapt. If they can’t be overthrown then they need to be assassinated.

Oh , I forgot, competition is the root of all of our problems… </sarcasm>
Hello, I’m from the government. I’m here to help.
Then let me be the first  to offer you a big warm fuzzy ZH Fuck You!
Tell you what.  I’ll  you a deal.  I’ll agree to tax the wealthy if you agree to tax the SUPER wealthy.  We’ll start with the Vatican, and all their ill-gotten gains.   we’ll  after all the foundations, where the Soros, Buffets, and Gates of the world squirrel away their wealth from the taxman.  And third, we’ll  after all the shareholders of the FED.  For  year the US Budget is not balanced, taxes on these folks  up 10%.

+ 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.
of the revenues for municipalities, counties, and States if they taxed the non-profits and “church properties” which include apartment and office buildings.
Tyler, did a politician took your reserved parking space?
Damn  said, Mr. McHugh.  Short, sweet, visual, and directly on target.
The question  forward is…how does Average Joe reach those Tea Party members sitting in urine soaked seats?  Communicating with them will become important, as more and more of them will be elected.
Don’t have an answer…mostly  wanted to tip my hat, sir.
Thanks Cdad,
I wanted to write more ( do), but there’s no sense in beating up a point to people who can connect the dots themselves.
I   there’s a lot of people who don’t understand which  the “wealth transfer” actually flows.  The public debt ends up in the pockets of the very rich because of their parasitic nature, not because these people drive the economy.
I very  enjoy this video that George Washington linked to the other day of Michael Hudson:

there is fundamentally no  that higher taxes on the top 1% or on any group you want to pick can lead to “higher productivity”.  taxes are consumption, period.  there is no effective reinvestment in the economy through taxes; what reinvestment there is is virtually guaranteed to be malinvestment.  lower taxes on anyone and everyone lead to higher productivity — end of story.
And what parallel universe did these conclusions  from….
You want higher productivity?  Repeal child labor laws.
Our deficit is running at a 500 dollars per person per month clip.   what’s the “productivity” factor of a family of four   grand further in the hole month after month after month?
Way to completely misframe the discussion!  Maybe you should be on CNBS.
It’s because we don’t have democracy in this country, we choose between  parties whose  up is determined by the same people. this eliminates choice.
we have a kleptocracy oligarchy, which is why they are hated. they  this  are rapidly expanding th domestic security apparatus  they son’t ever loose control

A Representative republic could enshrine any particular philosophy in its constitution.  Said constitution can be as authoritarian or as freedom protecting as its writers want.
The weak link with any form of representative government is if those electing the officials ignore / disassociated the philosophy the constitutional document (and by inference, the government) is intended to protect.
In the U.S., individual liberty and the rights to the fruits thereof was the philosophy the primary author of the document was intending to protect.  Where it erred was by not extending such / full protections to slaves and women.
Democracy should not be confused with freedom.     are   illiterate or completely maleducated by government schools to the point where both groups assume you can  the words interchangeably.  Complete and utter dipshittery.
Democracy can be entirely authoritarian and can terrorize minorities left and right.  The ignorance of the masses can be manipulated to no end by those very adept at working the levers of power.  (Good God, the best argument against Democracy is a 5 minute converation with the average voter…)
A republic with an political body willing to protec individual liberty is  .  What we have is a republic breaking down to partial populist democracy mixed with rapacious corporatism, with the banking-polical nexus at the top.
Forsake individual liberty as voters, and that is what you . Period.
How do you solve it?  Add a Consensualism Clause to the constitution, which protects each and  citizens right to consent or not to intrusions on his/her body and the fruits obtained thereof.  End of discussion.
we are slaves or we are not.  The War Against Slavery is not over.  An early battle freed the southern slaves while slipping by a big  on the American population: The Civil War was  the war to enshrine big business in government affairs, and implicit in the victory of the North was the first step in the enslavement of all citizens of America.  Over the ensuing 150 years, we’ve become ever less free as citizens, citizenship implied that you give up  of your liberties, far more lost today than were discussed in the Declaration of Independence.
The question for today is, how big does a plantation have to be before you call it a country?
said, but no matter how strongly and how  you word the intent of your Constitution, the lawyers will find a  to twist and bend the words to their purposes and you will be right back where we are .
True enough.  Which is why it should be three sentences, and that’s it.

Let’s add what your point is to the list of stuff I don’t .
We vote? What does that mean?  It means that we choose between  bodies of real though not avowed, autocrats.  We choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. ~ Helen Keller.
Heavy graduated tax being asked for by the people.
Hail the new soviet!
Fiftybagger’s half right although mutual plunder even of the super rich will only lead to the same . A new super rich and a Proletariat.

I don’t  it. Everyone complains how the financial elites are raping the treasury with the help of the politicians and making themselves obscenely wealthy while leaving onerous debt to be paid back by future generations.
, suggest that maybe these financial elites should be taxed onerously to pay back the debt that they are creating – and everyone gets all “socialist” in your face.

What is wrong with getting those who are indirectly causing / benefitting from the accelerating deficits / taxpayer-owed debt to pay that money back?
What’s wrong with that? Kind easy to tell once you remember the US mindset. Classical double bind.
In the US, the propaganda has sold rich people as a disconnected part from the rest. There is nothing wrong with being rich,  it is said. Rich is no longer a condition that could bring wrong and/or good but a condition there’s nothing wrong in.  nothing being done by the rich can be characterized as wrong.
That’s where you failed. You assume that  wrong can be brought by the rich, which is opposite to the US american postulate.
Stop distracting from the core point.   The crux of it all is  question:  “How did those who are rich  to their riches? “
rich  to be  by simply providing exceptional value to other in exchange for some of the purchasers produced “value”.   Let’s take Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.  I exchange my labor to my employer for $$s.  Those dollars represent my labor.  In the old world I  have exchanged my labor for apples from a farmer in exchange for working on his farm and picking apples, etc.  I then could  some apples for myself and family and exchange the extra with a tailor for a shirt, baker for some bread, etc.  Money entered the marketplace as a medium of exchange, and  here I  dollars and buy an iPod from Steve Jobs from his and his employees labor.   Mutual exchange for benefit of both parties.  Steve has my and millions of other Apple product buyers $$ to pay his employees and acquire the tools of capital to invest and produce the latest fanboy gadgets.  I have my iPod.  The dollars we both have  from / are actually backed by hard work and production.
I have no problem with Steve Jobs being  rich bastard for what all he and his company does.   The fact that he sold his company and bought it back and saved it goes to prove only a handful of people are sufficiently adept at being stewards of   capital, and as such there importance is not to be discounted to a healthy economy.    In a healthy economy, we all exchange value for value, and prices reflect the rational interpretation of value via prices at  given moment as best can be discerned.
Enter the other rich: Those who  their wealth by F’ing over other people in the , forcing them  directly or through lobbying efforts via the government to purchase product from them or through them.  Take bankers, who long ago received the political privilege of legally counterfeiting via fractional reserve banking, to today with the modern counterparts – the  guised money shufflers on Wall Street, Investment banks to hedge funders, etc., all of whom depend on the Fed to print money to enable them to leverage out the wazoo and earn a fat $50 mil bonus a .000x basis point move on $XXXXXX billion assets acquired through leverage enabled by the Fed inventing credit right out of thin air.
Shit.  Give the  of us a $$ printing press, and pretty quickly we could both have $50 million bonuses by running a few $billion dollar deals financed from our little operation. (Hey?!? We’re  stimulating the economy, right?)  You’d have to be a real fucking moron not to be in a position to own a 100 ft Ferretti docked at the MYC  a few years.
Of course, you have all other sorts of neo-fascist behavior  on by corporatists of all stripes.  Their lobbyists funnel $ mega millions in their directions by regulating this  and that.  Add to that special interest of all sorts, and a government that has been allowed to co-opt untold amounts of wealth from its population both directly via taxation and indirectly via monetization of its debt (directly via the Fed or indirectly via normal UST purchases by those benefitting from the money printing spigot previously noted above)…  And co-opt untold amounts of freedoms and rights, thus forcing average Joe’s and Mary’s to funnel their consumerism to the direct benefit of this group or that, which of course includes Wall Street, etc.
But we don’t want to forget the silent parasites which produce nothing of real value other than that which is required to be in compliance with the authorities:  consultants who are experts in artificial govt created technocracy.  Thin tax experts, estate planners, lawyers, experts in this or that archaic area of government rules or regulations.  It’s shit piled high upon shit piles comprised of shit piles.
how do you earn your wealth?  Do you actually produce  someone would actually buy if they weren’t forced to buy it?  Do you benefit from drinking from the trough overflowing with $$$’s flooding out of the Federal Reserve via the financial system?  Are you  of those who profit from finance that enables the market to most efficiently allocate scarce resources among actors, or are you   parasite who is in the business of finances purely for the sake of finance, hacking your own pound of flesh as a toll against those who are  producing product and service people genuinely want?
That’s the crux of it. I don’t care if your rich or poor.  Are you a parasite or not?   That’s the relevant question.  We have to eliminate parasites, especially the worst first. But none should be exempt.
Wll stated RH.  The justness of a society is measured by the degree to which value-added is returned in compensation.  We are unjust.
Good stuff, Ron.
I  ,  Americans  recognize exactly what you are saying.  That’s why   want to see the rich taxed higher.  If over 70% of us  agree on that, why doesn’t it happen?
What pisses me off is people  David Tepper  to pretend they’re existence is   as important as Steve Jobs.  Which is as retarded as saying I’m as good as Lebron James….
, that’s the dilemma: “taxing the rich” doesn’t discern between wealth creators and wealth parasites.  Taxing the rich no doubt will redistribute some of the loot pilfered by the latter group, but then what?  Stick it into the black hole of Congress?
It’d be   if it was guaranteed to retire outstanding debt, but that’ll be the day I invent a time machine and an invisibility serum  I can take  into my own hands.  Worse , the wealth producers — the very people you need to help pull this economy out of its nosedive, they’re getting pounds of flesh hacked away from their efforts.
Taxing works  long as your productive base isn’t narrower than your parasitic class.  Unfortunately that pyramid inverted long ago, and we’re only compounding the problem by effectively monetarily hacking away at the productive class whose hard work backs all the dollars spent by the money printing redistributionistas.
in that, 70% of Americans are horribly misguided if they want to take down the good with the bad. A better  out of this would be to end the Fed and start treating fractional reserve banking as the Ponzi fraud it truly is.  Then,  you’d  have to cut back tremendously on all the parasitism in govt.
The simplest and, frankly, quickest / only  out pronto is to add a Consensualist Amendment  to the constitution.   , our constitution should have three core pillars:
1. Nobody can force you to do  without your consent.
2.  Recognition that individuals are the sole owners of their own body and mind, and that they are forever entitled to the byproducts of their creation / fruits of their efforts derived thereof, and that any other system is a form of slavery.  (e.g. taxing is in the end, claiming higher ownership to your labor   slavery, only after the fact by striking at the fruits of your efforts.)
3.  The government’s only job is to protect individuals from others encroachment / violations against number 1 (and not preemptively).
Thanks gmak, that’s exactly the discussion we need to have.
You are not alone.  In fact, the majority of people  recognize it.  The point I wanted to  is that most of us  accept the rich as parasites.  I’m sick of hearing that “But, but if you tax the rich, it will ruin everything….”  and the mush-minded, bullshit reasoning that follows.
Considering the massive fail the theories of those in charge have been, you  have to show me that taxing the rich will  ruin everything.
I suspect it will only ruin  for the unproductive rich.  Those who are rich on merit will be  fine I .
wrongs don’t  a right. Try again.
“Ashamed of the  frailties they feel , all men endeavor to hide themselves, their ugly nakedness, from each other, and wrapping up the true motives of their hearts in the specious cloak of sociableness, and their concern for the public good, they are in hopes of concealing their filthy appetites and the deformity of their desires.” –
Bernard Mandeville
“Trees outstrip most people in the extent and depth of their work for the public good. “ ~Sara Ebenreck
i’ve  to say that i am against any tax increase as the money has been stolen and i wish not to give them any more to steal.  why reinforce a bad system?
however, at least a tax increase would represent the will of the people for once. unfortunately, i believe it will  represent the will of the shadow government and ruling elites, too.
had these monkeys listened to any poll during the crisis, we would be further from disaster. they didn’t. they moved in the direction wished by our shadow government.
push back, my friends. push back.
RonnieHonduras has it exactly right – do you produce  of value or are you a parasite. Those who produce deserve whatever rewards the market is willing to offer them and should be taxed only moderately as part of paying for a civil society. Those who simply scam others to obtain wealth should have that wealth confiscated through taxation. How do you accomplish this? Through writing a tax code that rewards productivity and penalized parasitism. How do you do that? By putting a government in place that works for the good of the whole society rather than for special interests. How do you do that?  far in history it hasn’t ever seemed to work except maybe for the first few years of the United States when we actually had a constitution and the states ruled themselves and there was  no such  as a Federal government. Is there any realistic hope of abolishing the Federal system? Not , unless of course a decapitation strike on DC by a Jihadi nuke somehow miraculously happens while Congress is in session. Even that  not do it, but it sure would open a window of opportunity for the states to re-assert their primary status.
As I recall the British considered the Continental Army nothing more than a bunch of terrorists. Not only would they not stand and fight, and instead hid behind stone walls and trees and picked off redcoats marching along in their indominable formations. And even more incredibly, those savages even   far as to shoot British officers!  the occupiers drive black suburbans instead of wearing red coats, and they dare to call themselves Americans, but the they  have exactly the same agenda as the British Empire – enslave the natives and drain the economy. And  far it seems to be working  fine,  nobody is shooting the privates  less the officers. And of course the bankers behind the Empire remain invulnerable, as .
Your points are -taken.  What I was  to  at in this article is a whole lot of people  agree on this point,  we are being treated as a minority.  WTF?
I don’t  Americans want “circuses and cake” for themselves, they  don’t want to  stuck with the bill for the record bonuses being paid out on Wall Street.
I wanted to point out that there’s  more people who feel this  than CNBS would have you believe.
Mark, i very  liked your editorial.  i posted it for others to see.
It is debt-based money, however, which creates our perpetual indebtedness; this is the primary challenge we face as it allows a ruling class to hold (and front-run) our bonds as eternal debt-slavemasters.   of these slavemasters are not even U.S. citizens,  they cannot be taxed on the income.  Further, when you read the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, you will learn that, not only does this ruling class have a private monopoly, but they have written into law that all of this interest income to the private Federal Reserve Banking cartel is TAX-FREE.  Its all right there in black and white print.
How rich people allocate their capital is up to them.  If they place it with the wrong individuals, via the bond market or stock market, then they risk losing.  Even after a few generations, a fool and their money will soon part.  EXCEPT when they can play by a different set of rules.
these very same ruling elite populate our government, and steer the very tax dollars you wish to collect from them right back into their own coffers.  Further, you are hurting the florist down the street who is making $250,000 per year.  The small-time millionaires (with a little ‘m’) of America are the ‘middle class’ in comparison to these ruling elites who are worth tens and hundreds of millions and billions.  Further, small-time American millionaires are the only individuals who have the extra time to better understand how the rest of the once-free people in America are getting shafted by the ruling elites.  In essence, the small business person is the threat to the ruling elite who would rather he or she work for a corporation and fall into line.   it is no wonder that the true middle class, the little millionaires, are being aggressively targeted in class warfare that NEVER touches the parasitical criminals at the top of the food chain.
you and I have paid a line-item tax on our pay, called the Social Security Tax, for quite some time.  , this money is gone.  Why?  It was raided by the ruling elites by front-running the bond market and giving government contracts to their crony friends.  Of course, virtually none of these individuals even pay taxes, but rather harbor their monies in offshore accounts in far off places as they govern our country from unelected seats, and who view us quite correctly as their livestock.
For this reason, I respectfully disagree with ‘raising taxes’ as solution to our deficit dilemma. We require, instead, a revolution.  Starve the beast.  End the income tax (if favor of a consumption tax at the point-of-sale?).  End the private Federal Reserve Banking monopoly.  End debt-based money of any kind.  Return to the U.S. Constitutional Republic which made our country once-great.

“RonnieHonduras has it exactly right – do you produce  of value or are you a parasite. Those who produce deserve whatever rewards the market is willing to offer them and should be taxed only moderately as part of paying for a civil society.”
As I recall (I was  a wee lad back then), his message was mainly interpretted as free license to scorn welfare moms and other layabouts.  Those drains on the system are pennies compared to the wealth-without-contribution that comprises an enormous swath of the financial “services” sector.  Surely you’re not talking about taxing those poor, hard-working big-time, swindlers.  Weren’t they some of Ronnie’s biggest fans at the time?  Oh, the irony!
Politicians do listen to their paying customers: the lobbyists of the rich.
the ruling elite populate our government. they are not hurt by taxes. in fact, quite the opposite, as raiding government coffers is their primary business. its a rigged game, and has been  the creation of the private Federal Reserve Banking cartel and the Income Tax in 1913. It grew even worse upon removal from the gold standard in 1971. The federal government bond market exists for our enslavement and nothing more. The promises were lies. Only decades after they were made are some folks waking up to the heist. others are  in a slumber and kept from revolting with a little  of bread and some circuses.
anyone who believes that the wealthy parasites are  to allow themselves to be taxed is deluded.
All the polls show is that Americans love government as long as someone  pays for it, and they’re in complete denial about how  “someone elses” are out there.  The problem is that the American people want three contradictory :
1.  They want lots of government services.
2.  They don’t want to pay for it in taxes.
3.  They don’t want their currency destroyed.
Sorry, America, you have to drop  of those three.  This post reminds me of the cartoon posted recently where the guy  his home foreclosed by the bank.  I don’t remember anyone forcing the guy to borrow a skillion dollars at a variable interest rate.  No   you borrow from the banks and live outside your means.   add that to  Americans want:
1.  They want to borrow skillions of dollars to buy shit they can’t afford.
2.  They don’t want to pay their debts.
3.  They don’t want  a recession or inflation.
Again, gotta drop  of the three.
Nothing I disagree with there, Fearsome.
We shouldn’t be ordering more drinks until we figure out who’s paying for them.
But again, what I was  to illustrate here is how the will of the people is being ignored.  Shouldn’t the citizens have some say in our path to destruction?
How  Americans are cool with Trillion + dollar annual deficits?  How  were cool with TARP?  How  were cool with Bernanke?
What I’m learning is Americans are both smarter and more responsible as a group than  people give them credit for.  I  most of us want to hash out who’s gonna pay for what sooner rather than later.  Deficit spending impedes the painful learning process that we need to  through, agreed.  But ignoring the will of 70% of the people is contemptible under any circumstances.
What you have described is actually the Government itself.  Those attributes are the model that has been built and set forth as a  of civil life in these United States.  The citizenry cannot be blamed for following the predatory, greedy example set by its governors… not completely .
I can tell you   for certainty.  The people they voted in, don’t realize they are unamerican.  They will be pissed on soon enough,  Queen of England, nuts on your face, fascist, unamerican sophistry filled, monetarist Tea Partier, as  as any democrat who toes Nero’s fascist right wing line.  Sound unrealistic?  You  haven’t been paying attention recently, not to mention back in school.  These people tend to form into dipshits swayed by sophistry.
Here’s a clue incoming freshman.
If you do  a Keynesian wants, the American People will roll you
If you do  an Austrian wants,  Ron Paul, the American People will not  hate you, they’ll string you up.  *because the austrian’s bring the actual death by wishing to save the system (which cannot be saved….dumbshits) by cutting everything people need to live and not  apeshit*
the main  is, act  an American.  Not a monetarist.  Not a corporatist.  Not a person filled with sophistry as facts.
Too bad the vast majority of our elected officials are at least  of the above.  Including the clueless unamerican nuts on your face Queen of england’s East India corporate tea party.
Americans don’t  it, even tea partiers don’t.  They’re  too stupid to see they are backing what they hate.  (gee sort of  bush..but they only admitted to it when? oh …AFTER he left…fucktards)
the tea party can lie to itself.  The democratic party can lie to itself.  But in the end, they can’t lie to the American people and expect to  away with it.  Or espouse lies because they are fucktard imbocile who doesn’t  otherwise, see again, Ron Paul, Michelle Bachman, and any democrat who  the other  as they turn more republican fascist batshit crazy.   Barack ‘the limp chicken cock’ NerO-bummer.
We  have a no-intelligence committee with Bachman on there.
The speaker of the house passes bribery checks on the house floor
Yes, this is the new normal, it’s worse than the old normal, but somehow  a clean slate.  Why?  Someone bought into a bowl of sophistry and didn’t notice it tasted  shit.  PeaPartiers anyone?  Fucking idiots.  Tea Party, welcome to 2000, and here’s some remedial stuff from even last week  it escaped you.
The tea party is  out of touch with real american values it’s unreal.  It’s  saying Forrest Gump is the smartest person in the world.  Or Bill Clinton, the most faithful.  Yes if Clinton was a tea partier, they would claim he was faithful.  No?   I haven’t seen them    more correct than that.  Not a fucking .
Right wing centrists
Right wing republicans
Right wing tea partiers
Right wing corporations
Right wing monetarists
Right wing democrats
Right wing banksters
can we actually   other than right wing?
..and no, not some Bullshit Green (brown) sophistry.  If you  nature, pass NAWAPA.
But instead we have the right wing, bitching about the right wing, saying that right wing will solve our problems.  I  I  defined insanity.
These fucktards elected along all aisles needs to realize that they are completely and utterly surrounded by sophistry…aka bullshit.
Their republican party, their tea party, their democratic party, will all ask them to do unamerican .  Will they?  You bet’cha.
Because these morons don’t   about governing, they  want the perks of being called ‘guvner’.
All of what they base their judgments on, complete bullshit.
I don’t  they’re  fare ANY better than the last congress.  They’re  as stupid, out of touch, and poorly informed as the last congress.  ( actually MORE stupid, MORE out of touch, and even MORE POORLY informed)…those are the facts.  But it doesn’t matter if it’s more/less, is it the same relative ? Sure is.
wake up and smell the coffee.  They will, when they’re thrown out.  You see we’re  mostly at a 2014 election cycle, even 2016.
I said it a year ago.  2010 was  fucked, because everyone running, was status quo or clueless.  You need people that actually  what’s  on, which is about 0 of them.  The ones most clueless, the tea party unamerican scumbags have no clue whats  on, and no clue how badly they are about to screw up the U.S.
People want sanity, not austerity.
They want Gov’t to do good, not  be afraid of them doing bad.
They wan fair rules, along with current rules enforced, not deregulation.
They want an end of monetarism, not the continuation (or  the tea party, be beholden to it)
Oh yes, I can  out at that fucktard filled new congress, and see that we  have 100 percent of the job ahead to do.  Because the candidates who won, don’t  the issues.   Especially the tea party and republicans.  Crazy gave them an extra  helpings.
years from being voted out, the fucktards should be enjoying these days while they can.  Reality is  to boot them in their fascist unamerican faces soon enough.  You can’t be a monetarist AND an patriot.  Ron and the Tea, you’re simply monetarists, which preclude you from being patriots.  You can change, I   you’re too stupid to.  Espcially  you   you won, because you  better.  You don’t, and that’s how far the land of truth and liberty has fallen.  People are such dumbasses they don’t even  it.
It’s  Jerry Springer.  (besides the fake )(Do these people realize how stupid they are???)
Neither does the tea party especially, but same goes for republicans, democrats, centrists, and Nero.
When the dust settles on this  everything will be different.
Patriots are for Glass-Steagall
Non-patriots aren’t.
There is no other deliniation.  Glass-Steagall yes = patriot tendancies
Glass-Steagall no = monetarist anti-american tendancies.
American’s don’t   American’s anymore, and they don’t even realize it.  We   British monetarists,  wake up.
Then realize where you  your ideas from, are they British monetarists?  Yes.
do they want to stay in power? They want to stay in congress?  They want to help America?
Quit voting  a British Monetarist.  Because THAT’S how BOTH SIDES + cum in your mouth and face party .
It runs very deep, to the core of  about everything .
Until that is gone,  by electing your local LaRouche candidates, and/or smart candidates (which I don’t see very  others,  0, but they are out there and will eventually show up).
We currently have a bunch of no-nothings.  We   remember, you can’t govern, if your belief is that there should be no governement.
Isn’t that  making the person who doesn’t  how to cook, be the main chef, before a big family dinner?
, we  a congress full of these dipshits.  Unamerican to the core, because that’s what they’ve been taught.  That unamerican , somehow, are  american.  They aren’t.  You aren’t. It was all a lie.
the candidates haven’t gotten the memo, or the clue , 2012, 2014, 2016???  It sure in the HELL DID NOT HAPPEN, this past november.  We  backwards, not forwards.  If we let fascist unamerican pauls in, we’ll  even further back.  But our destiny even without him is back because Nero is in charge.  But as bad as Nero is, Paul would be worse.  Plus the Barack Paul presidency of sophistry induced austerity to save our  unamerican british monetary system    sense.
Congress is clueless, and   more .  We have a backwoods fucktard as our head of science, we have the dumbest bitch (and oldest) on the planet heading our education (and this lady is twice as stupid as palin), again Michelle Bachman on the no-intelligence committee, we   anti-science Eric Holder by Obama.  We have Susan ‘QoE’ Rice and her South Sudan flag waving. The idiocy we have in charge is worse than under Bush.
At least  I  where I can find an idiot, should I ever need .    to congress, pick any member.  They’ll do fine.  That’s a fact, even if people are too stupid to realize it.  Doesn’t  it not real.  It’s VERY REAL.  The dunce in the corner, who believes in anti-american monetarism is  in charge, and the opposition?????? they believe the same bullshit sophistry.
Good luck.  Somehow I   this won’t end .  Because kids and knives usually don’t.    Children and matches.

The fact is that capital is subject to the law of supply and demand. The problem is that we all want enormous supplies of capital and are willing to begrudge it to anyone , on the assumption that when we  our own, nobody will begrudge us.
The problem is that it requires debt, ie. demand for capital, to maintain its value.
Until we  to understand the economy can only support as  stored wealth as can be effectively invested in those able to maintain or increase the value implied by it and that investing it unproductively, whether excess riches for the wealthy, excess populations of the unproductive, excess security for the state, etc, all decrease the overall wealth of society. Then there is the issue of how  growth the environment and resources will sustain and how to  it at a level which doesn’t overwhelm those limits.
Blaming the rich alone for these problems is  blaming the eye of the hurricane for the damage done by the hurricane. They are more the lucky recipients of the system then the creators of it. They are as  a function of the environment, as the poor. Lions no more control biology than wildebeests. When the ecosystem collapses, the top predators are often the more vulnerable species.


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