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Food Stamp Usage Hits New High Of 43.2 Million

,    Harry is gonna have  record sales month
Thread over!
Vienna Sausages and SPAM sammiches biznitches!
That Potted Meat Spread starting to  DAMN GOOD!…

This should be good for a few comments:

Same  in Florida, to buy gold at your place of business, you need a secondary metals dealers license, background check and fingerprints of all employees, and a scale certified by the state. I am  waiting for the forms to  in.
In all fairness, the state people were kind of apologetic about the hassle and told me that all of these regs were put into place because of some federal money-laundring laws and the patriot act.
Check the laws.  It is  a uniform, state law.  There are some powerful lobbies in each state that  exempted from the requirements.   of them, here at least, are pawn brokers.  It  actually be easier to  an exempted business “started” than comply with the requirements.
Seeing as the unemployment rate  down this  perfect sense.
Not sure if I could live without the truth that streams from the BLS. It  centers me.
“There is no such  as a free lunch.”  -Milton Friedman
“There is free lunch.”  -hedgeless_horseman
, who ya  to believe?
Paid for my you and me
No doubt the market will rally on this news.
Please shoot me.
don’t  at the labels on the chart, then you will realize that the uptrend is good for stocks.
can you buy ammo with food stamps?
There’s nothing  the daily double
Numbers from oct–better hang  million handle on that .
The Food Stamp (FSUSA) chart    AAPL (except for 5/6/10).
How do you qualify?
Quit your job,  lay on the sofa and watch tv…have a baby or  out of wedlock and complain all day because those that work don’t pay you enough.
I’d  to see a correlation chart of food stamps vs. tramp stamps.
Roughly 100 percent corrolation, including all the kids.
“have a baby or  out of wedlock”
This is the absolute key. We have our PhDs in economics working on the wrong problems. Unemployment, Education, housing, agri-business, commuter pollution, and to a large extent, crime revolve   and only  issue. Enlightened Bureaucratic Pornography.
If you encourage parental situations that match the 18 year maturity duration of a  raised child, <sarc>those types will have too  children.</sarc>   parent, if comfortable in a strong monogamous relationship, is  to forgo playing master of the universe  Murphy Brown. This affects GDP and tax revenues.
If you discourage long term monogamous parental situations, then the partners have less control in the upbringing. If you take away the reward of a  raised child, why pay into the production? Enter FoodStamps, The Department of Education, The Department of Corrections, and the entire academic industrial complex, which the financial collapse has proven, teaches  curriculum, regardless of degree = Psychopathology!
“A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.”
End the Fed, The IRS (tax code), and re-train anybody who has a graduate degree in LAS.
I’m looking forward to your  comment in which you will surely be rambling on about the luxurious life of state prison inmates.
The vast majority of people on food stamps are not there by philosophical choice but rather by desperate need to EAT. If you are looking for a chart correlation, why don’t you  at the unemployment rate  2007 and see if it correlates to the food stamp chart…Do you  the unemployment has  a little  to do with the rise in food stamp  or is that  a fucking coincidence?
There’s a fine line between being a capitalist and being a heartless asshole…if you  in your rear view mirror, I’m sure you’ll see it.
Not sure if you are responding to me or Dr. Engali, but my post applies to poor people with children as  as TPTB with their clepto-captiolistic ponzi (I was hoping to  some takers on the POMO/maturity language)
The correlation is between food stamps usage and the U-6. A lot of people forget that a majority of the people on food stamps are working poor.
The “talent” in a psuedo-intellectual inflationary buerocracy produced adult film.
Do you realize what most people at the SEC  their internet connections for? Continuing education.
You  want to  at the demographics of SNAP before jumping on the Glenn Beck rant:

About 40% of recipients worked 48 or more weeks.
Less than 5% of recipients collect welfare.
About 25% have some college education.
Rather stupid. Guys laying those accusations do not care about that. They want to blame people.
Food stamps is the life.  better than eating in fancy restaurants.
When you want to beat a dog…
Glenn Beck is a fool. Me thinks you probably follow him more closely than I.  I do  people who were employed by me and I  how they would calculate  how  they  could work before it affected their benefits.They wouldn’t work a minute more. They all fit the same demographic.
That only means that you aren’t paying .
In order to collect food stamps you have to be very poor, and own very little.
Considering the  you talk about your employees, you  not have any respect for them at all.
Not a bad looking chart. Maybe I should have put my money to work there.

Don’t give GS any ideas. They’ll  long Food Stamp calls and drive  middle class American onto the rolls.
That’s 43.2 million people contributing to food price inflation. Have we learned nothing in the past 2 years? If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t  it!

depends. In a true free market(fyi, the  we have right is nowhere near free) there should be no food stamps. However in our current Corporatist economy, food stamps are needed as they are the only  keeping the corporations from paying us in a loaf of bread for  40 hours worked.
Logic failure.
Compensation rates are set by market forces, not corporate fiat, even in a corporatist economy.
I’m truly fortunate to be working at the grocery for minimum wage parttime. No layoffs there.
the feds pay farmers not to plant
It is very important to understand that farm subsidies subsidize the consumer, not the producer.
They’re both subsidized and, for the poster above, the government doesn’t pay dick to not farm your land…  that practice is largely over.  , there are numerous programs to take your land out of production, but this is not the same as fallow.  Don’t forget farming via crop insurance.

Dean Foods up 9% on huge volume today.LOL…..

Huge volume. I can’t believe I ate the whole .
That poor dog’s owner should be shot. </hijack>
Apparently the owner was  eaten.
My guess is someone  the “ma’am, you can’t buy dog food with food stamps” speech in the checkout lane.
The response is  the same, “I’ll  git em’ some ground beef instead, he likes it more “.
Actually feeding a dog ground beef would not  it fat  that. What  dogs fat are all the grains they put in the dry dog food. That dog will die(or  has) of a diabetes related illness.
Holy carp! Hairy Armadillo!
I told you to buy Whole Foods a year ago.  You do buy and hold, don’t you?
homeless  graze whole foods all day here. these hippies can’t say a ,  please don’t eat all the samples, they are for our customers. what a fuck sell out that store has become. i   Benjamin’s a couple usually. dumb blond woman hold it  high in the sky to the light. this could be counterfeit,  what is plastic. i let them have it and tell them how insulting this procedure is to me. i  can’t stand corporations pass along a procedure of quilt when using large bills. pisses me off to no end. but i put them thtrough hell  time. love it. insult right back. you  what your looking for. hell at staples i  the light test and the pen test.
what do you do with the change??  besides pad your ego with it..
I remember a presentation by James “the amazing” Randi (former magician turned “critical thinker”).  He said he loved to fuck with people who check for counterfeit bills because the tests they used were not accurate and the practitioners had no idea what they were testing.  Case in point, he  washed/sprayed bills with starch.  He’d then  places and pay with the starch bills and the counterfeit pens would show a false positive.  He’d then argue with them about the accuracy of their testing.
I  he  frustrated with that approach and instead  to the bank and started getting thousands of dollars of 50’s and 100’s and spraying them all with starch and then  back, dumping them on the bank, and letting the bank circulate them through the general currency.
Some other suggestions I’ve seen would be to  carry a cotton paper bill you made yourself…  you could put ben’s money shooting ass on it and tell them to run the pen on it…  what do you , it passes!
Flush with C-notes?  Sounds  you are back in business again, Kathy.  Congratulations!  Is he someone I  ?
There are   places in Canada that won’t take $100 or even $50 dollar bills. I shudder when I  ,  where can I  rid of this ? The funny  is that  of the coffee shops that won’t take $100 or $50 has handed me at least  $5 fakes. I  have  as a conversation piece. The other I  rid of in a change machine!   for the fancy holograms on the bill, this fake didn’t even have them.
Protip: Never admit to passing counterfeit bills in public, especially in writing.
, I’ll give you a 15 minute head-start before I alert the Mounties. 😉
It is referred to as “filling the gap”…maybe that is taught at IBD Level 23.
Food related ETFs  be a  to play this.
DBA (various foods)
CORN (corn)
There  be other newer ones as .  Hard to  up with all the ETFs.
ETFs are crapola.
, yes, especially gold & silver ETFs.
I mention the above  as ways to speculate (on paper of course) on food…
Disclosure: I have some DBA
DBA had nice upside

i bought some DBA a while back, when jimmy rogers was a little more prominent. i saw that he started his own ETF.
Try POOP … it  to be a great mover in the weeks ahead … GS  revised guidance from hold to buy
Great minds  a .
be that trickle down wealth affect from rising share prices… see how  the chart is  up  a great result…
ZimBen and the Genocidal InkJets… give yourself a pat on the back for a great achievement
I  the chart is showing weakness and should be rolling over soon …
Pick your nose and eat it.
A booger a day keeps the bird flu away.
America’s foundation continues to crumble even as they party hearty at the top.
“Recession? What recession? I’m doing  fine. ,  I  some people are having a tough time lately. But  are getting better. I see it everyday in my gated community.”
And under my bridge too
Ah yes the socio-class disconnect.  Nordstoms is Vahalla in todays age.    your popcorn and watch Suzie shop till the world drops.
Question. Do the numbers tell the whole story? What about state assistance, such as the WIC program in FLorida. WIC is not the federal foodstamp program, but pays for certain food items for women and dependant children. (peanut butter, cereal, eggs, milk, bread etc.
Sounds  state-sponsored age and sex discrimination.
Bums unite and fight!
I don’t  WIC is included there.
Want to watch a catfight online?   to any of the Mommy Forums and start a thread about whether or not WIC is welfare.  The rationales offered by those on the teat will blow your mind.
Speaking of which, how is the no-longer-new off spring.  be crawling all over the place by , right?
Not quite, but she is laughing and “talking” up a storm.  There is nothing  a happy baby!
The beautiful babble is  practice for the real  coming round the corner. Even at this stage of development, your baby’s brain is more powerful than a supercomputer. Truly amazing watching them grow and learn. Puts everything  made by (wo)man to shame.
“Share the wealth” = give more food stamps….

Is there a derivative on food stamps? Or a triple leveraged ETF?  If , I’m all in.
Of course the number is rising.
It won’t  down, ever. Unless the program is replaced with  .
Try to ween people from free goodies and you have riots, revolution and civil war.
Did the community organizers of this program understand this concept???? You bet!
PIMCO’s M. El-Erian implicitly compares the country of the future (the former banana republic known as Brazil) versus the failing empire of the past (the up-and-coming banana republic known as the USA):–to–man-commentary-by-mohamed-a-el-erian.html
“…First, and from his first day in office, Lula recognized that there were no inherent contradictions among financial stability, economic growth and improved social conditions…
Second, he understood the imperative of clear and timely communication. He was open about the serious challenges facing Brazil and the sacrifices required…
Third, after clearly setting the strategic economic vision, he delegated implementation to a carefully chosen set of technocrats. He intentionally didn’t rely on experienced policy makers…
Finally, he understood the importance of institutional integrity and clear accountability…”
(No wonder Volcker left…)

While Lula did a great job as President of Brazil, I am less optimistic re the new lady doing as a good a job, she sounds   lefty…  Even she is  average for Brazil, the average has been pretty bad.
Yes, Brazil has lots of industry and resources.  But, Brazil is infamous for  being the country of the future.  It is easier to mess up a country than to move it forward.
When Uranus and Venus converge, Brazil will be the  galactic super power.
The entire country is completely fucking nuts.
beware of brazil and venus merging in ur anus
After 3 caiparinhas Brazil  perfect sense.
Brazilians  seem nuts to Americans because they are happy.
Brazil is the perfect capitalist economy, maybe only 2nd to Russia.
Money buys you happiness in Brazil.

especially those droves of feral children, they’re full of glee.  BTW, what does an out of state license cost to hunt them?
Uhh…actually, Lula was ” lefty”, too. Except the paradigm was meaningless.
I agree, though, Lula is a tough act to follow.
Wish the gringos could say the same about ‘ rightie’: GWB, paragon of religious-right rectitude and tool of the NeoCon elite, God’s choice to bankrupt America thru optional wars and the ‘ownership society.’
As ZH should teach us all, right-left, GOP-Dem, Fox-MSNBC is  fodder to occupy and amuse the unthinking proletariat masses. Results matter. Lula and Brazil produced, while the USA is sadly failing (in a bipartisan ).
Agree that Lula was a lefty…, until he became President.   agree he will be a tough act to follow.   agree that GWB done us wrong, big time.
Results (and elections) matter, agree again.

I do not   country medium term (USA vs. Brazil).
I don’t even  China, they (history teaches us)  find a  to screw up  as they approach becoming great.  The Communist Dynasty will be no different IMHO.
US Population = ~310 million
US Foodstamps = ~44 million (Est. January Numbers)

That’s 1 out of  7.1 people you see are on Food Stamps
I see them  day at my Starbucks
The USSR had no unemployment and no poverty.
Everybody had a job and everybody  paid equal …  in theory.
the US is doing its best to copy that.. food stamps, currency and all.
“Food stamps” is misleading term. The government issues cash cards that can be used for any purchase at any grocery store. There are some limitations but the cards  reloaded automatically right after  month’s POMO (LOL) .
How the fuck this country is  keeping it together is beyond me.
wondering what a  0.1 person
Anybody who  less then 250.000$ a year.
Here you  my little parasites, see what freebees you can leech

OMG … I thought you were kidding … it  exists!
Subscribe to email updates for up to date information on the newest sugar from the teat:
1   What type of benefits are you looking for?
Career Development Assistance
Child Care/Child Support
Disability Assistance
Disaster Relief
Energy Assistance
Living Assistance
Loan/Loan Repayment
Social Security
Tax Assistance
Veterans – Active Duty
Volunteer Opportunities

All of the above and more, bitchezzzz!!!!!

Frankly, disgusting.
I   through the entire questionnaire. Sadly I do not qualify for . My dog on the other hand…….
only sense.
After all, your dog probably voted too! And your deceased great grand mother.. and  on..
Hey, it’s America! Your dog should have a voice too!
My understanding is that there is a secret password protected Fed web site with  questionnaire for Ponzi members.
How can I help you steal profit today?
I hear you.  Basically, if you pull more than 50k a year, they’re not done milking you dry and you regrettably don’t qual for shit.  You  pay for it all.
it up motherfuckers.  Wrath capacitor is charging.
No wonder we don’t see Mathew Lesko(the free government money guy that wears ? question marks) informercials anymore, put him out of business!

I  looked him up and he has a site that charges 19.95 for government benefits info.  Brilliant!  makin affiliate money
A country filled by people who cannot even afford food.
Banana Republics are even more capitalist than this, overthere people who cannot afford food, simply die.
And here … people who can afford food, simply pay.
NO! You  it wrong!
In a classic Banana Republic the people that cannot afford food  angry and chase  politician out of the country!
The problem is that the American people who cannot afford food are buying useless junk including junk food, sit on their ass and waiting for Mr. Government to bring them a job offer or the very least find their remote control in their fat blubber bodies or between the junk food remnants in their couches.
Americans are fat and fucked.

With the 1.73 multiplier we will be out of the recession sooner than expected!
Food Stamp  will continue to increase as food costs  rise. This puts the double bite on the governments which are  broke. The USDA does not hold the huge reserves of grain, canned meat, butter, etc that it did in past years. Crop production in the past 2 years World Wide has had problems.
Yesterday it was reported that the military will reduce numbers. The  safety valve left for the young unemployed is gone. The older unemployed are without any prospect of jobs. America has the most educated, unemployed job force in history.
Food control  be the key to population control. Jobs would be a better solution.

By the , I was in WalMart last night and there was a screen at the check out with the Homeland Security chief warning the public to be aware. It would be handy to tie food stamps into that system. Have the applicants fill out a form periodically to report suspicious .   1933, tryin to be helpful.

Ah Rome!
The Quaestor has said the treasury is bursting, and free bead will flow to all.  I hear the Emperor will stage a new set of games  month, the Aediles work feverishly to prepare to ensure they will be remember for generations to .  Truly the gods have smiled on our Empire!
Hungry people are dangerous people.  When the mass man is fed and entertained he is compliant.  Food is made available and entertainment has never been more abundant or cheap.  It cannot stop the rot of the decay, but it can  the masses from noticing till the decay has destroyed all the wealth in the empire.   except the wealth of the oligarchy of course, they are the ones handing out bread and circus.
Even the oligarchy’s power was diminished from the reckless spending.  Although,   headed to Constantinople to be its new parasite on the surrounding territories.
By the time anyone   to sacking Rome, there was  nothing left.
Where will the current oligarchy retreat to, China?
I have been meaning to read
In short I expect a system of feudalism to reestablish itself,   after Rome.  There  will be city/nation states but  of the power will be held directly by the oligarchy and control via the corporate system.  More direct control and a purging of the less efficient middle management.
I expect the oligarchy to own the land, and perhaps even the new empty cities and move their servants into them while leaving the masses to rot  the decaying boundaries of the old.  Quite nice that global food production is being consolidated.  A major city misses a few food shipments and what happens?
Remember certain groups have talked about getting down to say .5-2 billion people at centuries end.  How can this happen without a mass die off?  With modern tech the oligarchy does not need the mass of humanity to provide manual labor.  In their mind the mass man is becoming obsolete,  why leave him live and consume their resources?  Is their power reduced if they stand astride a smaller mankind with even greater control of the resources?
What we are in  is   phase of history, neither beginning nor end.  The Century of Change is here and change there will be for good or ill.  On the plus side for us, what these writers often propose is a revolt against the laws of economics  ultimately that would fail, but we to would bear the pain.  The Soviet Union failed, but the toll on life was a deep tragedy.
mine today.  Food Stamps FTW.
I have a good story for you.
Six months ago I was at a check out counter and here is this  coiffed blue hair with a real Rolex passing food stamps to the check out girl. I was incensed. I inquired, ” Aren’t you ashamed of yourself. ” She looked at me and said they belonged to her mother.

I looked at the clerk and said, ” Would you please  the manager, it is a felony to cash in food stamps that are not yours.”  The woman picked them up, left her food and ran out of the store.
I do not  if it is a felony, but obvious to me neither did she. How  scumbags are beating the system by signing up for stamps without need.

Dear HHS….You suck!

It’s possible you  committed a crime against the state — willful prevention of a consumption transaction.
If you ask Pelosi she’ll tell you unemployment and food stamps  stimulate the economy!
I salute you
How are we supposed to buy the food stamp participation dip when there never is ?
on man! It’s Cramerica… buy high, sell higher!
Onward to join the USSR in Communism.
work under the table, let the government put the food on the table. Win/Win and  for a bonus speed up the day this whole  crumbles.
Party on Wayne, Party on garth…..
How  of these numbers are  working part time at Walmart?


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